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Last month, I dedicated a day to the topic of women’s issues and depression: how our hormonal fluctuations contribute to depression and bipolar disorder. Some readers questioned whether or not the figures were accurate–that twice as many women than men […]

I have had 14 days without any “I wish I were dead” thoughts. Two full weeks. It’s exhilarating but–and I know you can appreciate this–scary. Because I am so nervous for the thoughts to come back. It’s like finding your […]

The following guest blog is by Mark, a Beyond Blue reader who wants works in the mental health field. If you are very depressed, you believe one thing – that things are going to be the same forever, and that […]

Many people find that music lifts their spirits. Now new research shows that music therapy — either listening to or creating music with a specially trained therapist — can be a useful treatment for depression.

Music gives me the words I can’t find, and it gives me a rhythm to dance or slowly rock to.

You all may remember the quality video that producers made of Eric and I. They have published another dynamite testimony on surviving sexual abuse. I know that many of you are sexual abuse survivors and need to be validated […]

“Memories of sexual abuse and rape suddenly began flooding my consciousness.”

Because I’m not healed completely and still very paranoid, I was alarmed when I found a video on YouTube entitled “On MLK Day: I, Too, Have a Dream.” I thought, “Oh dear, now I get to hear someone’s venom in […]