Beyond Blue

The following meditation is by Monsignor Giussani, who was the founder of the ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation.

I wanted to remind you of the word “hope,” showing you or calling you to realize that hope is an energy, the energy of vigilance, an energy that continually pierces through, penetrates, continually tries to penetrate through the shadows. This is indicated in the expression “be vigilant” because, as everyone knows, it is the verb of the night watchmen.

The energy of hope breaks, perforates the hard walls of the tomb in which distraction, intemperance, and worries enclose us. It’s not the disappearance of distraction, intemperance, or worries; it’s that in the midst of distraction, worries, and intemperance, unconquerable hope continually breaks the walls that continually form. This is the living heart, the sign of God living within the land of the dead.

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