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Video: Learning to Blow Bubbles

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but bubbles can never hurt me. So I put all the meannies–or at least their words–in bubbles, where they can’t bother me. Of course, I’m so sensitive that I went out and got myself a gazillion bubbles. You’ll see.To view my YouTube video click here.

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  • Cynthia

    Thank-you very much .I do have alot of family that are like this. Im so glad for help of an outsider that sees things in the same way. I also start a pray THANK-YOU for this idea .

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this! What a great idea. Where did you get that awesome bubble blower? I think my dogs and I would love to blow bubbles with that.
    Love and hugs, Judy

  • Wendy Aron

    Loved the video, but I’d like to envision my mother-in-law in steel trap rather than a bubble.
    Wendy Aron, author of Hide & Seek: How I Laughed at Depression, Conquered My Fears and Found Happiness

  • Anonymous

    I just want to say THANK YOU from my heart for now I can see the bubbles and certain people will no longer hurt me and I can continue in the faith of the LORD!!

  • marilyn

    what a great way to release all of the negative people and comments from are life and have fun doing must have an awsome therypist.

  • Carolyn

    This is where MY neat-freak mother-in-law would carp “Don’t blow bubbles in the house! It makes a mess!”

  • Bev Y

    I guess I have been doing it the wrong way for a long time. I put myself in a bubble to insulate me from “those criticial poeple.” The hurt is still there, so I’ll try it your way. It may take time to remember to do it Therese’s way.
    Thanks, for this new approach to “sticks & stones.”
    Bev Y.

  • Larry Parker

    It’s taken me a long time to put my cruel stepfather in his proverbial bubble.
    What I didn’t expect, which threw me off today on BB, was my inability to put into a bubble a commenter who repeatedly criticized me … for putting my stepfather into a bubble.
    Some days you just can’t win (sigh).

  • Frank

    Hi Larry, Hi Therese – Hi Gang
    Larry, I think it is great that you could finally build and provide occupancy for the proverbial bubble. It sounds as if to ‘win’, you’re going to need to build an addition and provide free occupancy to the criticizer! :) Good luck with that.
    Have a great day and keep smiling. Reminds me of an old song (revealing my age) . . . I’m forever blowing bubbles…

  • John Marino

    I have been blowing bubbles since 1966, no one can blow more bubbles than me in 60 seconds.

  • sue

    Im going outside right now to blow my bubbles. Im really irritable today, not only is it a good therauputic release to blow those negative bubble people away, its always good practice for someone like me who doesnt know how to have fun.

  • sue

    Im going outside right now to blow my bubbles. Im really irritable today, not only is it a good therauputic release to blow those negative bubble people away, its always good practice for someone like me who doesnt know how to have fun.

  • cathy

    I am going to go out today and buy me some bubbles. I have problems with my family always saying the wrong thing or just being extremely rude to me for no reason at all. They won’t forget the past where I did make alot of bad choices, but I have paid for all of those and the past is the past you can’t change that you have to move on and live in the present and just make the future better. I have changed so much over the last years and they see that but still they hang onto what I did a lond time ago. Thank you for this, I will share it with my therapist and I know she will love it. GOD BLESS; Cathy

  • Cathy Bollinger

    I am going to go out and but me some BUBBLES today. I have been having a problem with my family always bring up the past or being extremely rude to me. I made some bad choices a long time ago but I have paid for them. You can’t do anything about the past, the past is the past and you have to move on into the present and make the future better. But they will not let go of the past which always keeps me real upset at times. But my life has changed so much in the last years. I am extremely active in my church and know I turn to GOD in times of strife. I will share this with my therapist and I know she will love it. Thank you and GOD BLESS; Cathy

  • Randy B.

    I woder if I could rig my windshield wiper system up with a tube inside my car? Then I could srive down the road and blow bubbles all day long! :) Thanks Therese, you’re the greatest! Peace, Randy

  • Heather

    I LOVE you – I absolutely LOVE you -THANK YOU! I am leaving work for lunch now, and will be coming back to work, with a bottle of bubbles….My boss will think I’m NUTS when I blow bubbles at him 8 times a day(and certainly won’t “GET IT”), but it might just lighten our load…..You could not have posted this, at a more necessary time! A thousand thank you’s – keep on doin’ what you do – you help me through…

  • Anne

    This is an awesome, therapeutic exercise! I’m going go blow some bubbles myself! I just so happen to have bought some for my 6 year old grand daughter, so I have some on hand! How awesome is that! Next time she comes over, I’m going to include her with me. She has been having some issues as well. Her and I will talk about it, make it a game. Six year olds are never too young to learn how to vent their frustrations as well! What better way then blowing bubbles! Its fun, its easy and, its inexpensive to boot! Thanks for the suggestion! God bless you all!

  • Heather

    AND from one “sista” to another; without makeup, and your hair up – you’re gorgeous – thru and thru! We need to say these things more often to each other……I wish you a minimum bubble day!

  • Frank A Cornstalk Jr

    I have been involved with some one who until recently was consuming to much of my spirit. This was a love /hate relationship, and I alllowed it for too long because I couldn’t get past the idea of soomehow being responsible for her demise. What I discovered recently is that she has a toxic personality and I am not the one who is crazy. I still care about her and have decided to move far away from her as being too close physically would keep me drawn to her drama. We share a dog(from our relationship) and this has been the catalyst which ahs kept me a prisoner to her and ultimately unhappy. I was playing GOd and cannot do it anymore. As hard as it is I have to set boundaries and in my mind put her in a bubble. Too bad because she’lll never realize the freind she had in me unti I am no longer in her life. I know I’m tired of trying to get five yards and gaining some semblance of respectful recognition for who I am and my needs. She might move beyond self centeredness and narcssism and maybe not. I want to breathe again!

  • jessica

    I carry a bottle of bubbles in my car. When things get tough in
    traffic I blow bubbles out the window……..some people smile.

  • brewster flats

    You have totally BLOWN me away! And I mean that with all sincerity and in a very good and positive way…….you are a great facilitator of peace….

  • Christie

    Come On Now….Don’t mean to get vicious here by why did you not suggest popping those bubbles/people/thoughts/words? Popping them would symbolically get rid of them and make me feel much better.

  • joanna

    Therese, this one cracked me up. I love it. I love bubbles, my dogs do too. Never thought puttung hurting words in the bubbles. awesome. A new too to use.

  • Lynne

    Ah yes, but it would be too tempting to burst mine.

  • Dianne

    That is one excellent idea, Therese! I would have never thought of it, but it is creative, and frees up your emotions to deal with more positive things. A great solution to negativity and a great video!

  • Susan

    You are an amazing woman that came into my life at just the right moment.

  • Karima

    Loved it! Easier said then done though…it’s not easy all the time. Nonetheless…point taken and I love the thought.

  • B

    Great concept. Will try it.

  • Pastor Terryzane Mack

    I enjoyed your video and a your right.never allow others to hurt me in any way. my father taught me, Never waist my words over nothing.They are not worth it.

  • Tara

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  • maryrose

    You are an amazing woman. Thank you.

  • cindy

    What a great way to handle this. I like the words they say put in the
    bubbles rather then the person themselves. People who say mean things
    are hurting themselves inside and could really benefit from some
    good therapy themselves.

  • Lilly

    I like it, thanks for sharing that with me. I may not buy the bubbles but I can certainley envision it.

  • catherine

    This is a great idea ‘ cuz i have let people bring me down I will remember this trick:)

  • Happy Forever

    In addition to this, I would suggest that we all pray for this people, because they need God’s help. Ask god to have merci and touch them, so that they can be changed, by His power. They are the ones who have a problem. This has been my experience, since I have been practicing the word of God.I’ve used to let people hurt my a lot, before I became a christian. They can’t any longer, because Jesus has been my strenght. When they say or do something to hurt me, I understand, now that I’ve found the piece, only Jesus can bring in ones heart, that they need help, because, noboby who is really in piece and happy would do such a thing. They lack Jesus’ love. Everyone should try it, it is 100%guaranteed.

  • mary

    I love the idea of the bubbles because I can imagine hurtful words floating off into space, not landing on me. Bubbles cannot injure me. Soap can only make me sick if I swallow it. Words make me sick if I accept them as truth or choose to examine them. The only words worth examining are the Words of truth found in the bible. Thank you for the bubbles idea, it will help me see things more objectively and stop feeling so hurt by the emotional words of others, especially those who are close to my heart.
    I cannot think of the person in the bubble because it suggests the person is bad and, as a Christian, it is imperative for me to remember that all people are precious to God and His love is not based on a person’s performance or words. Christ died for everyone.
    My friend suggested that when someone offends me I should pray for that person 7 days in a row and ask God to bless that person with everything I would want in my own life. I think that is a great idea and will help me to forgive those that have hurt me. Forgiveness heals us.
    May God bless you richly for your willingness to share yourself with others so that they can be encouraged and strengthened. Your idea has helped me through a rough time. Thanks!

  • Jean

    Thank you, I’m planning on getting some bubbles, I always liked bubbles when I was a kid, and I buy the for my nieces. I like the therapy suggestion. I will try it.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is ok to put a persons actions and or behaviours in a bubble, but only in the short term. Because at some stage that bubble will burst and you are left with having to deal with the emotions from the person/s that you took offence too, to start with. What do you do when the bubble bursts surpress it back down or deal with it?

  • Jill

    I LOVED that video Therese! Sometimes I wish I could put my Dad in a bubble! *POP!* >:)

  • Kevin

    I’m thinking some of us might need to buy a squirt gun or a “balloon nuker system” so we get to “pop all those bubble heads. Maybe that is a guy thing. I think we can have bad feeling toward balloons without it being considered a sin or something that would worsen symptoms. I’m hyperthymic right now just thinking of blowing away those bubbles !

  • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Nice! I love the illustration here! What’s interesting is if you’re like me, bubbles remind me of a time when I was a child and therefore brings somewhat of a smile or a smirk on my face. And to the other person the smile/laughter translates to me not taking them “seriously” which is exactly the case. So when imagining the bubbles, don’t hold back the laughter, because that’s essentially what were doing, is not. taking. them. seriously!!
    How wonderful is this, Therese, thanks for sharing!!

  • christine

    I can associate with this video. I read somewhere many years ago to think of closing yourself inside a bubble to feel protected. Only this makes me feel safe instead of learning how to deal with others words directed toward me. I love the idea of putting them in bubbles because then they can float away from me. I can control the thought of me placing them inside of the bubble instead of me. And, if they do touch me and pop they can’t hurt me. I just realized recently that I can walk away from the person and leave the negative environment. If in-laws or over and making judgemental comments about me I just walk away and go to where I can feel safe. On a few occassions I’ve even went to lye down and read a book just relaxing. And, I don’t feel guilty. I’m protecting myself. Thank you for reminding me of the love I have for bubbles. They are so peaceful to watch. Thank you again.

  • janetBrooklynWh

    Terrific post, I will be sure to come back and visit!

  • MikeZFromHouston

    Great post, I will be sure to recommend to friends!

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