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We will all encounter dissapointment in this life, but we aren’t always equipped to handle it. Here are some practical tips for handling dissapointment. My personal favorites: Throw Away the Evidence, Allow Cracks, Write About It and Hold Onto Hope…

I thought this was an appropriate post because many people ask me how far they should go in hiding their depression from their kids.

A book that argues why laid-back parents raise healthier and happier kids.

“Our country is overmedicated.” I get that a lot, usually right after I tell someone that I write a mental-health blog. Not as a hobby. As my job. Part of me agrees, the part that doesn’t want to get into […]

Happy pills don’t work, the story quickly became, even though, boiled down to that headline, it was neither startling nor particularly true.

If anything keeps us alive, it is, indeed, hope. And faith can provide that hope.

Fellow blogger Elisha Goldstein always has great insight over at his blog on PsychCentral, called “Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.”  I especially liked his 7 ways to boost self-esteem using mindfulness. Here they are: Write it down – In working with erroneous […]

One of the chapters in “The Pocket Therapist” is “Build a Guesthouse for Your Feelings.” Ironically, a talented artist I know, Anya Getter, titled her piece, “A Guesthouse,” and sent a photo of it to me. Here is the entry […]