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On Memorial Day: Thank You, Veterans


I was going to write my own thank you note to all of the men and women who have served to protect this country, but I think John Grohol does such a beautiful job on his site. He writes:

This Memorial Day in the U.S. — like every Memorial Day — we commemorate and remember those who’ve given their lives for our freedoms and our nation. “Given their lives” is really not accurate, though, as Andy Rooney noted — these soldiers died, plain and simple. They died so that in the future, our country might be safer or democracy might be nurtured in an otherwise hostile environment. They died so that great evils could be done away with in WWII (and WWI). They died so that politicians could wage endless, unwinnable wars for political ideals (Vietnam, Korea, and now Iraq). They died, quite simply, so that we could enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted in our country. 


For every veteran and every active duty soldier and individual in military uniform — thank you. Thank you for the sacrifice you continue to make every day on our behalf. And for every family who’s lost a soldier due to service to their country — thank you. Thank you for your family member who’s made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. No words can ever express the debt we owe these brave men and women.

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  • Karen S


  • barb quester

    maybe i am being oversensitive (being an HSP it is possible), but being a veteran of the Gulf War i am beginning to think, or realize, that that war is becoming the forgotten war. let us not forget that if it wasn’t for Desert Storm, Kuwait would now be part of Iraq. i think that more people need to remember that our soldiers, and soldiers of other countries died in that war too.
    and a lot of us came back disabled. but that’s a Veteran’s Day saga.

  • Chuck

    I am offended greatly by Karen’s “yadayada”. I see these type of comments and I am struck that such a person has never stood in harm’s way for another, has had things given to them without sacrifice on their part, and has no concept of what living in this country outside of our form of government will be like. And I express that deliberately as a future tense. Although I too am angry at what the government has become, be patient, because many like me think you may win, though there will be little opportunity for us to say I told you so. Though there are still those who stand for the country and stand for a cause, that number grows smaller as the end grows nearer.
    Barb, your point is well made and let me say both thank you and I’m sorry. I sometimes think the reason the Gulf War was so quickly forgotten was because the troops were successful so quickly, and yet Korea was not a short conflict and it too gets left behind. Know that every time that flag passes by me and I stand, I stand in respect for you too. Thank you for what you did.

  • Ginger

    I, too, am totally offended by the “yadayada” comment. Nothing hits as close to my heart as issues involving the country that is my home. No topic but my homeland has the ability to stir my soul and cause me to both swell with pride and, at other times, fume with anger. I am 25 years old and I have loved the United States for as long as I have a memory of. My parents were both police officers, but they each came from a long generational line of men who served this country in many capacities. I am directly blessed each and every day – as is every other person, here legally and here illegally, that daily partakes of the advantages and benefits the U.S. uniquely provides people – by the great services they performed and the unimaginable sacrifices they and their loved ones made. Freedom comes with a price, regardless of who you are and what you do. Patriotism comes in many forms and many disguises; it isn’t only the burden, and the blessing, of those who willingly stand up to protect the rights that those men and women of our proud history fought to gain. Teaching children and caring for the sick are just two of the countless ways we all fulfill our duty to this great country. But perhaps the greatest duty we all have – every single solitary soul that ever sets foot on United States soil – is to support the men and women (and their great families) that so freely sacrifice so much for us. They are the only hope we have for tomorrow, and they are the proudest piece of United States history. How dare someone fail to uphold that small and simple duty. My advice to the person responsible for that remark: look around and realize what you have. If you have a problem with the way this country is going, as many of us do currently, then make your voice heard through voting. Start with something small that you can do to bring about a mighty change. But never, ever – even if you truly feel that way about this issue – never, ever take the issue of those men and women who have fought and those that still fight today to stand up for all that this country has created and all that it stands for. You may not understand enough to see the many, many reasons that you should feel gratitude for these people, but one day you will. If you have nothing more than callous disregard for all that our military and their families sacrifice to be a part of our defenders, then say nothing at all. Silence would be the most appropriate thing in that case.

  • http://Yadayada.......What? Sam

    As a Veteran, the son of a Veteran, the grandson of a Veteran, and the father of a Soldier, I’m appalled. I agree that everyone has the right to their own opinion and I fought to make sure that you have those rights. However, you should at the very least, have enough common courtesy and respect to not be so offensive with your “public” comments. Along with rights come responsibilities. As a responsible adult, you should always bear in mind that your actions, intentional or not, could cause harm or displeasure to others. Think before you speak (or int this case type).

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Susan

    I am appalled by Karen’s yadayadayada. SHe isn’t the mother of a soldier that’s been deployed to Iraq 4 times. SHe isn’t the mother, wife, sister, cousin, or nearly related to a Soldier that had died, no matter where. Our soldiers – no matter what branch of the military they are in, are brave and Noble men and women. Some of their sacrifce comes in being away from family and loved ones, being away from their children, wives, husbands, Mom’s, Dad’s ETC… I SPPLAUDE ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SERVED no matter what war or anyother military exercise and TO THOSE who have lost someone, for all those that were lost – my hugs and prayers go out to you. I SALUTE you ALL. Hope you ALL had a wonderful Memorial DAY! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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