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Shania Twain: Emerging from a “Very Deep, Dark Slump”


Shania Twain talked openly on Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network about her depression following the collapse of her marriage to Robert Lange, “a very deep, dark slump,” and how she forced herself back into life again. “I had to force myself back out into life, back into experiencing things,” the country music star recently said.


Like many of us, she experienced a kind of apathy to the world. “There were moments when I really just thought, I don’t need anything and I don’t need anyone. I just want to go away and disappear.”

Her words are simple, and yet profound. She had to force herself back into life.

I remember feeling that way as I came out of my most severe depression in early 2006, and I’m experiencing shades of it today as I wrestle with my brain to move toward recovery, away from the Black Hole of sadness.

Like Shania, I have had to do what’s counterintuitive: say yes to every invitation I get, literally forcing myself back into the world. She’s right in that, as you’re climbing to the surface of the Black Hole, you want nothing more than to isolate and disappear. But there is great healing in connecting with friends and neighbors, fellow moms and family.


The other thing I do when I’m crawling back to life is to repeat this mantra to myself as many times as I need to: “I will get better.” My great aunt, Gigi, who also experienced a nervous breakdown at the age of 35, told me to keep on repeating that until I began to believe it.

I talk more about it in this video.


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  • Mary Anne

    This is like a follow up to my last post about “recovery” and how we can adapt the things we learn in the 12 step programs such as the slogans “One Day At A Time” “Keep It Simple” “Let Go and Let God” “Think Think Think” or the Serenity Prayer but we STILL need our med’s and the realization that this is NOT an addiction we are fighting but an ILLNESS!
    You WILL get better is right! I am so impressed with all the things u have accomplished this past yr. When I was at my WORST you were doing so well. Now that I am doing so much better you are in a bad place. I guess that is GOD’s way of always having one of us up to hold the other when we are too weak…..
    Know that I love you, I enjoyed what u shared on the Video, I see u are getting outside, getting exercise. I pray you are eating and sleeping good too. You already have all the tools it is up to YOU to use them. Hang in there and know I am with u in thought and spirit.
    All my love, Mary Anne

  • Peter

    Great article – I have found people love to hear about celebrity brushes with depression so they do not feel as ‘alone’ or unique.

  • Tricia Mercier

    I am glad Shania Twain opened up to people about her feelings. She is human and everyone goes through certain things. It is important for everyone to realize that. We all learn when information is shared. God Bless her. I will pray that positive things continue to happen in her life from now on.

  • Jennifer

    I think it’s great how you talked about using positive mental tracks in the journey towards happiness…
    in so many ways, the way we think changes our physical and emotional reality. I, too, have things that I say to myself every day to keep myself in a positive, forward moving paradigm –
    1. Create space
    2. Like attracts like
    3. … grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference (the serenity prayer)

  • Maggie Beth

    I have always loved Shania! I was heartbroken when I heard about the end of her marriage. I have always heard such positive things about her ~ she (seems) very real, down-to-earth and sincere.
    I would not wish a true depression on my worst enemy ~ I hate she had to endure ‘that darkness'; I have no doubt (as she grows stronger) she will one day use it for amazing things.
    I (accidently) saw her first public appearance since the divorce, etc. She was a presenter at an awards show. She looked completely beautiful and gracious ~ but also overwhelmed ~ the depression explains a lot. Only good thoughts for Shania ~ and you Therese! Yes, you will get better ~ we all will. Maggie Beth

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  • Your Name

    When one can afford to say she/he will et better in te middle of the depression,i bet she truly will.Time is very essential for the healing to take place,but things will change people wil change too.We ust need to belng to the right church too to bring completeness to our healing.We do have our heavely Father and Mother waiting for us to
    call them when we need their comfort,and sometimes,the Black Hole is
    where Mother and Father standing to meet them.They miss us too.
    thanks and my prayers to you Shania

  • S

    Shania is gorgeous & super talented. I want her to know she has fans from all over the world rooting for her to get through her personal problems. Maybe she should start working. I miss her. Love you Shania.
    Thank you Therese for the video…I bought the book Mindlfull Stress reduction work book and really liking it. I will next read Beyond blue. Love you.

  • jackie

    Thank you for this video. That was beautiful, and encouraging. We need to say it as often as needed, and believe it.

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  • shania twain karaoke

    This was a great video. I found it to be a very good resource for those suffering from stress.

  • Josh

    Wow- this is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing. This mantra of saying I’m going to get better is so helpful. I’m starting a blog similar to yours (that hasn’t launched yet)and the working title is called, “Winning the War on Depression.” I am going to share Shania Twain’s story as well.
    All my best,

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