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No joke. More suicides occur the month of April than any other month of the year. That doesn’t seem right, I know. Peach and azure tulips begin to open, the cherry blossoms, stunning with their pale pink flowers, perfume the […]

A depressive doesn’t always know how her illness affects those around her. Or if she does, she might try not to think about it too much. Watching this video of Eric was both painful and illuminating for me. I saw, […]

“In my experience, a diagnosis is an opinion and not a prediction.” How can you make your illness separate from your identity?

I suppose one of the perks of low self-esteem is that you are always flabbergasted when professional people read your stuff, and comment, and then BLOG about it. As my therapist aptly pointed out, my problem is not conceit. On […]

Thanks so much to all those who expressed interested in the depression documentary being made by a large website. I didn’t know this piece of information when I learned of it, but they are looking for folks in the NY/NJ/Connecticut […]

My friend Michelle just sent me a greeting card that says, “Things people say to cheer you up: 1. Look on the bright side. 2. Things could be worse. 3. Hey, it’s not so bad! Things that you can say […]

A large website just contacted me and asked if I knew of any interesting people suffering from depression who would be willing to talk to a journalist about coping skills, daily life, and so forth. A camera crew would need […]

New York Times reporter Benedict Carey referred to tears in a recent piece as “emotional perspiration.” Given that I sweat a lot and hate deodorant, I suppose it makes sense that I weep often. But I’m not going to apologize […]

Today’s guest post is written by Michelle Rapkin, author of “Any Day with Hair Is a Good Hair Day: How to Get Through Cancer and Get On with Your Life.” Yesterday I received a very funny chain e-mail that’s making […]

One of the most helpful steps for me when I started going to twelve-step meetings was to conduct a moral inventory of myself. Never before had I forced myself to be  accountable for some of the destructive events in my […]