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Depression Busters for EVERYONE!

depression busters banner.jpegBrilliant editor Holly Rossi has compiled of all my Depression Busters pieces into one cool resource page. Divorced? Unemployed? Caregiver? New mom? I got ya covered. Take a look and share with your friends if you think they would, you know, benefit from some of the advice.



Oh, and let me know what you want the next Depression Busters to be. I’m working on Depression Busters for Men right now. Then Depression Busters for Chronic Illness. After that it’s your choice.

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  • marytexas

    I think you did an excellent job and agree with everything you wrote. in my experience the one thing must be at the top of the list is medicine only gets you well enough to work on changing yourself into happy. for years i looked for a magic pill. it took me years to figure out to get happy i had to do the legwork. I did the legwork and am totally reborn. I speak from my heart when i say this. My sister kept chasing the right pill right doctor….. I buried her ashes at the beach two weeks ago. getting happy is not a job for the faint hearted

  • Elizabeth

    How about depression busters for overweight people with compulsive overeating/ binge eating disorder who get so depressed about their weight that they look to food for comfort and can’t seem to break that cycle and lose weight?

  • Weeble75

    Therese, first I agree with Elizabeth about depression busters for overweight people with compulsive overeating issues. I have them myself.
    I’d like to see “depression busters for lethargy”. For various reasons, the lethargy of depression continues to be a ball-and-chain for just getting around to do stuff, even when my moods are pretty decent. It helps immensely if I have a friend who is with me–better yet, pitches in with me, and I have a couple of friends who come over for an afternoon a week (sometimes together, sometimes separately), but most of the time if I can’t self-start, I don’t start. It’s the most frustrating part of my illness at this phase.

  • PaulPfaff

    How about Depression Busters for Introverts. The social isolation hits introverts particularly hard, and reading “go call a friend” or “show up uninvited at a party” just ain’t gonna happen. A gentler, more realistic, Therese flavored list might make it better.

  • Brian

    How about depression busters for Americans?
    Depressed about the job market.
    Depressed about I am going to have to buy my own health insurance when Obamacare goes into effect.
    Depressed about the price of gasoline rising by leaps and bounds.
    Depressed about grocery bills.
    Depressed about rising energy cost… and our governments desire to double our cost with so called GREEN ENERGY.
    Depressed about loss of are freedoms.
    Depressed about rising deficits.
    Depressed about Obama’s plan to devastate NASA.
    Depressed about Obama’s desire to weaken Americans position globally by devastating our nuclear arsenal.
    Depressed about illegal immigrants pouring over our border and commiting horrible crimes including murders.
    Depressed about loss of free speech. what what you say now… you don’t want to be labeled a racist or accused of a hate crime.
    Depressed about lawmakers that ignore thier constituants.
    Depressed about greed and bribery of Congress.
    Depressed about the defeat of Russia’s communism actually resulting in the Communism of America.
    Depressed about police in our schools. Children indoctinated by the government. They are learning to let the government control thier every move.
    Well okay I am depressed enough now. I could go on till I crash this server but I think I will stop now and have a cocktail and chase it with a strong pain killer. Ahhh. now thats what I call freedom.

  • arlbelief

    How about depression busters for those who live alone? it can be really hard to reach out, over and over again, to the same people. but the silence or the blaring TV can be awful companions, too. thank you T, for ALL you do.

  • Kakesie

    I have a suggestion for “arlbelief” and anyone else who lives alone. I suffer from depression and my suggestion is adopt a pet from your local humane society. I would be a wreck without the loving support of my two dogs. They are always glad to see me, they don’t care how I’m dressed or what my hair looks like, they love me unconditionally. A dog (or other pet) is a wonderful companion. They always listen, never argue or tell you what you should do. If I’m depressed they lick my tears away.
    I have a fenced in back yard, but if you don’t, a dog is an excellent reason to get out and walk in the fresh air, too, which can really help your mood a lot. Just knowing you saved a creature’s life can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself, too. There are so many loving pets who are put to sleep every minute in the USA that if you possibly can, please consider adopting one. You’ll never be sorry and you’ll have a companion who loves you completely.
    Karen :)

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