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There are so many excellent mommy blogs out there, but Christine Kraft really captures the emotions of a mother’s heart with her writing, like in this blog called “The Soul of a Child.” Click here to get to her blog. Here’s an excerpt:


I recently experienced being interconnected with my son when he had a tough year in school (last year). It wasn’t tough in a traditional way; there were no bad grades, no attention issues, bullying or behavior problems dogging him. His grades were excellent, his teachers liked him, and his behavior was just fine. The trouble was, his heart and soul weren’t present. He wasn’t engaged in what he was doing in the least. He was drifting. He was sad. He didn’t want to go to school.

This is the kind of disconnect that makes a mother crazy. I mean, when your kid needs help, I for one prefer to have a clear failure to point to, not a murky, uneasy, sinking feeling that something unnamed is amiss when we go to the school admin and ask for help. And yet, the soul of my child (which is how I framed the problem we had) was whispering in a quiet voice and moving to its own rhythm. You can imagine the challenge I had bringing this to the table in a traditional school environment.

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