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Fellow blogger and friend Ryan Howes graciously interviewed me for his “In Therapy” blog on Psychology Today. To check out the interview, you can click here. He asked me this: Spirituality clearly plays a major role in your life. How […]

What are the rules on humor? Can comedy heal? I explore the topic of humor in an interview with John McManamy.

Susan Schechter who writes the blog, “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going,” is one of the most compassionate people I know, which is why she is trying to raise awareness on how we can help Haiti with recovery. Click […]

Image by Ted McGrath   A radio talk host recently asked me this question: “If you could have had your way and never deal with a mood disorder in your life, would you do that. Or has the depression, somehow, […]

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I wanted to republish this video today because it’s the anniversary of my father’s death, and close to the one-year anniversary of the death that I witnessed last year when I went home to visit my high school alma mater.

Here are a few therapeutic activities that can help you grieve a loss of a loved one.

I’m new to this webcast stuff. Today will be my first one. I will be answering questions on today’s “Digest This” webcast, a weekly hour-long online discussion hosted by WHYY’s Health and Science team. It will be held today from […]

My New Year’s resolution? To be less of a people-pleaser

I’ve been through the pub date cycle before. For a day–sometimes two–you’ve got your publicist’s undivided attention, you check your Amazon rating a dozen or so times throughout the day, and you pray to the patron saint of the Today […]