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Be sure to tune into Group Beyond Blue, which hosts several interesting discussion threads. I especially liked the one called “Frustrated!” started by a Group Beyond Blue member, who wrote:

I’ve been charting my moods this week on a 1-10 scale (1 being very depressed, 10 is when I’ve felt really happy). Most of the week I’ve given it a 9. I felt great. Today I said a 1. It came on for what seems like no reason. I can’t keep having days that feel like a 1 or I don’t know how much more I can keep fighting. It’s so discouraging to know that it’ll come back no matter what I’m doing. I wake up some days and I just feel terrible. I’m not sure what to do- I don’t want my life to be like this. It hurts so bad that I can hardly stand it. I’m just sitting here feeling really sad…..and I have to get up tomorrow and do it all again.

To tune into that discussion thread, click here. Or to visit Group Beyond Blue, click here.

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