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Video: 7 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Recently I’ve had to review and really work on my steps to relieve anxiety. I thought you might like a refresher, as well.To view my YouTube video, “Beyond Blue: 7 Ways to Relieve Anxiety,” click here.

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  • l

    you look so pretty in this video therasa.

  • Spirit33

    I like the deep breathing reminder.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you once more, Therese! An ecellent reminderto go back and use some pf the techniquws I’m aware of but have fallen away from because things get sp hectic at times. I will definitely ressurect the deep breathing; I have experience KNOQING THAT CAN HELP. yOU’VE ALSO HELPED ME REALIZE THT JUST BECUSE i’VE LOS THE ABILITY TO PLAUY THE PIANO DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT CAN’T CALM ME STILL i’M GOING TO GET SOME cdSOF CLASSICAL MUSIC WHERE THE PIANO ISTHE INSTRUMENT OF CHOICE. For mt was playing Beethoven’s “oonlight Sonata”and/ “ur Elise” or really oldhyms lik “The Old Rugged Cross” Whenmy sister returns from Kossovo for th summer, One other tecchnique that works for me is writing my way through it in my journal. Often times when i sit down at the keyboard (My journal is hi tech now.)I’ll find feelings pouring out of me that I didn’t eveb realize were there until I began to write. This helps me isolate the reasons behind my anxiety so that I can deal with them more rationally or let them go. Others who enjoy writing might find that helps them as well. I’m glad you’reulling out of the recet flare up of your anxietyI know how good that feels, as I am justcoming out of a major(for ME) bout of depression that literally had me paralyzed for nearly three weeks It played havoc with bot my blood pressure and my glucose levels, since both can be ffected by stress. It was my nurse who pointed out to me that something was very wrong since my readings were so off; I didn’t even realize how anxious and depressed I was! These tips came right on time for me It’s amazing to me how you do tht; your timing seems to be impeccable for t least one of us out here. Thank you again, and Blessed be.

  • Larry Parker

    Your amygdala looks more like a cute anthropomorphic bumblebee than a mean space alien, Therese ;-P
    (Good video as always.)

  • Lawrence C Anderson

    Thankyou so much just writing and telling someone how I am feeling without being scrutinized has helped me.The deep breathing helped alot in calming the everyday stress.It’s bothersome to not be able to do things you took for granted as the MS progresses I find myself just very tired.You are a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

  • Sheena

    Hello there, I like this Video and your strategies. They are all great ways and I use any of them. It is truly wonderful to have people like you who actually suffer from it yourself to be the one coaching everyone. Like, my therapist, she doesn’t suffer from Anxiety so I tend to feel like she doen’t fully understand. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  • francis g.

    I do not really know if I suffer from bi-polar disorder or not but what I do know is that my depression and anxiety attacks are frequent and disturbing almost to the point where I could give up very easily.I read your blogs quite a bit and I would like to thank you for sharing your techniques with us all.Personally,I find prayer a great help in my fight against whatever is bugging me but sometimes even that is not enough ,so that is when I turn to your ideas and I thank you for your help.May St.Therese,St.Pio, St.ANTHONY, and St.Jude bless and take care of you and all who are suffering mental or physical trauma in their lives.Once again thanks.

  • Damon Gitelman

    Very helpful, practical, simple, effective. Thank you, Therese. You’re helping a lot of Beliefnet readers. Please keep up the good and generous work. We need it. — D.

  • khadiga

    remember these 7 advices, dont forget

  • Lorie Hall

    I am new to belief net. I just read everyone’s comments and am glad there is somewhere for people to go. I am suffering from something and don’t know what. I have that “quick fuse” temper, racing thoughts, depression, bursts of energy…..I don’t want to be medicated all my life. But these cause severe depression. So, one is lost at how to handle these things. I will be reading more of your articles to see how they might help me. Thanks!! Lorie

  • Favorite 25 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

    Awesome tips. I’ll be using them everyday to reinforce my serenity.
    Thanks again. It’s always nice to hear anxiety relieving tips as alternatives to conventional medicine. Great job!

  • Jill

    Thanks for that Therese. I used to suffer with massive anxiety along with my depression but luckily found the right combination of medicines to help the anxiety, plus my doctor is AWESOME! I will definitely keep these in mind though, I do listen to music a lot and its amazing what a good shower or soak in the bath will do, I think its because of the negative ions in water that make us feel so good afterward.
    Keep up the awesome work, I would love to see more videos like this!

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