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10 Reasons I Quit Smoking

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You’re almost there. You want to quit. In fact, 80 percent of your brain is sure you can. But 20 percent insists that you can’t. How do you make it over to the other side without falling SPLAT on your face?


Do this. Make a list. Of ten reasons you should quit.

Here’s mine.

1. Smoking Made Me Sick

For real. Within a few minutes of inhaling a few cigarettes, my throat would start to tickle and my head would begin hurt. The day after a binge, I’d wake up with a nasty cold that kept me in bed when I had a million things to do.


Smoking shrinks your blood vessels, clogs up your lungs, and wears down your immune system. Your body is less able to fight off bacteria and viruses, so, yes, you get sick. And there’s of course the lung cancer and increased chances of heart attack, stroke, and other serious health conditions.

2. My Husband Told Me I Smelled

He didn’t issue an ultimatum: “It’s either me or the lung rockets.”
But he did, one night right after we had sex, say, “You smell like smoke. And it’s not sexy.” I could have, theoretically, told him to visit a place where there are no lemonade stands. But I knew he was just being honest with me, and that I needed to file that information in the “reasons I should quit” box.


3. I Wanted to Set a Good Example for My Kids

I got tired of hiding it from them. It was getting complicated. I rationalized that smoking in front of 11-month-old Katherine was okay because she would never remember it and she would be unable to tell on me. But three-year-old David could very well process it and file the picture (and definitely debrief the rest of the house on the white candy sticks). It was too much of a risk. One day I finally said to myself, “Self, if it’s so important to hide this habit from my kids, shouldn’t I quit?” And there was silence.

4. I Looked Stupid Lighting Up After a Run

You can picture it, right? Here I was working so hard on my wellness
program: eating lots of greens, loading up on Omega-3 fatty acids, trying to get adequate sleep, meditating, and of course exercising five times a week. So when I’d light up after a good run, you can imagine the stares. The snapshot was like a Sesame Street episode where you have to pick out one thing that doesn’t belong in the picture. That one thing was the white stick.


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  • Eileen

    I quit smoking just over 7 months ago now (April Fool’s Day! Haha!) I did it for a lot of reasons, but the fact that it was affecting my mental health wasn’t even on my radar, at least not in the chemical way (I knew it wasn’t good for my self esteem). I wonder how much of a contribution this has made to my best year in dealing with my depression in as long as I can remember? Interesting!

  • brooklynchick

    but how? I wish I could figure out how to quit -esp as I am down to the last few per day.

  • Alison W.

    Congratulations, Teresa and Eileen. I quit smoking 2 years ago, in spite of the fact that I was convinced I would never enjoy life again without cigarettes. I did it anyway, because I wanted to have a baby. And surprise! Life is so much better now. Mainly because I find so much more enjoyment in other things, now that they’re not overshadowed by cigarettes.
    Brooklynchick, my secret was two-fold:
    1) replace cigarettes with nicotine gum, and learn how to live without cigarettes first – which meant I had to quit nicotine gum after a few months, as well, but by that time, I had stopped reaching for cigarettes.
    2) I realized that, for me, the greatest joy of smoking was anticipation. No matter what – even if a loved one is in the hospital, dying – no matter WHAT, smokers always have something to look forward to: the next cigarette. It may be a measly thing to look forward to, but you have something. So my trick was to replace the anticipation with something else (which sometimes, yes, was food, but not always). It took a while for me to feel like I wasn’t faking the anticipation, but now I look forward to a cup of tea or a movie or a trip to the beach with the same anticipation that I used to feel only for cigarettes.
    I hope that helps. Best of luck to you.
    p.s. My husband and I are expecting a child next year, and I am doubly relieved I don’t have to worry about quitting smoking now :)

  • http://christy Christy

    I am really starting to want to quit again. I’ve been smoking for over 20 years and am 37 now. I have quit in the past for short periods of time and I know the biggest factor in quitting is your desire to. Please pray for me because this is the hardest part. I am going to try my best not to pick one up today. Thank you with all my heart.

  • Larry

    What a time for me to read this! I have been and is struggeling with smoking right now as I type this. There is absolutely no excuse for my smoking and I know it! GOD has delivered me so many times and I know it! But I still smoke! My urges are so small but I still smoke! I have quit for months several times but I still smoke! I have pain and discomfort in my chest but I still smoke! I have prayed to GOD so many times about smoking until I feel as if he does not want to hear from me any more!
    I feel in so many ways in my life I am loosing and the adversary is winning! Because of my smoking and I mean chain smoking especially with beer; I think of death and dying but I still smoke!!!!
    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with Me? I love life and want to live a long and healthy life! I do know that greater is He that is in Me then he that is in the world but I still smoke! What do I do?

  • Diane

    It’s been a week and 1/2 that I finally have decided to quit forever. Have quit so many times but never made a committment to myself to never go back. Get Allen Carr’s Book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It’s fabulous and works. My husband quit 3 days after me and we both smoked “forever”.

  • marlene k

    i decided to give me back my smoke free life, just as i gave ME the cigarettes. All is that I ask for one day at a time,or 24 hours at a time,so far after asking for 24 hours,ive got 240 hours.hang on in there,and remember,one day at a time.

  • ugochukwu

    I enjoy smoking, i don’t disagree with anyone’s opinion about smoking. I choose to enjoy smoking, I wont Die from smoking, I thank God i can smoke. some people would like to smoke but they cant. I enjoy what i do…:)

  • Your Name

    I have never smoked nor do I ever intend to smoke. However, I have been exposed to the effects of smoking most of my life. I lost my mother recently to cigarettes. She was my best friend. I miss her every day. I am really proud and excited when I hear that people want to quit. I am now on a mission to enlighten people on the devastating effects of smoking and help them to attain freedom from the addiction of smoking. I believe that anyone can quit. I commend you all for doing it. Don’t leave someone you love alone when you don’t have to. Good luck to all of you. God Bless, KimberlyAnn

  • david

    I am a 58 year lod male, am a dietabetic and have severe back problems, plus other medical issuses. I tryed to quit but it is real hard for me. I am a recoverying drug addictt and alocholic, so trying to quit smoking will make it harder for me to move on. I am under a lot of astress, have two boys 120 and 12 who are growinging up too fast for me. I do belioeve i am doing ok with what I have done, so quitting smoking is going to have to come ata later time.

  • Your Name

    I am about to become a security guard and I know I won’t tolerate anyone smoking in my zones even if outside. They had better be smoking on the cancer sticks in the designated smoking zone. I don’t want to come across as harsh, but I DON”T SMOKE. It is the number one cause of fire, at work, in the home, outdoors, etc. I’d better not encounter your smoldring butts anywhere near my post, on my shift, in my workplace or you will be written up. So there! When security says “Put the Cigarette Out! We mean it. Or maybe you’d prefer I get out the fire extinguisher and test it on you. Please try to quit, I hate to attend co-worker funerals for people younger than me. Breathe Clean Air, OK?

  • poetry

    I wasn’t trying to quit but someone made it so attractive as we were singing together. It was magical and I realized then I didn’t want anything getting in the way of me feeling that good again. He said what helped him quit was the self realization to want to not be selfish in that way any more. He found info online regarding how fast your body recovers after quitting smoking. It’s in my heart still to quit but I’m finding it hard. I wish to nurture what I want to see grow. All the orders of the universe tell me so… that it’s time to quit! The power of choice is mine to know. A tip he told me was to tell yourself you can have a cigarette, that’s not the question. The choice is just not right now. He also said if you’re 4:20 friendly you might consider getting the cigarette style one hitter to keep the edge off of you. Keep your reasons written down and with you. I am worth it. All this want and desire for more of what you know to be good; all that and more! See yourself as a non smoker. Picture it! Wow! Love.

  • Your Name

    I’ve been smoking since I was 13, at 39 I had my first heart attack – tried quiting, at 42 second heart attack (also found out I was diabetic) tried quiting again (but didn’t) at 45 had quadruple heart by-pass was determined to quit this time (still didn’t happen) at age 50 had my left leg amputated (there went my golf game) 2 months ago had another heart attack and another stint (still smoking) What an idiot am I and how many more chances will I get?
    I live alone and will admit to being extremely lonely, actually I’ve had my heart broken soooo many times I can’t count that high. My first heart attack I weighted 275lbs, now I’m 183 (the leg only weighed about 5-6 lbs). I wish I had someone in my life to give me the support (not the nagging) and love I need so very badly. Who knows maybe someday I’ll quit before they kill me.

  • Ifeelgreat

    I was a smoker for 25+ years smoking 2 packs a day and also smoke lots of weed, then about 3 months ago i decide to quite cold turkey with no withdraw and did not use any patch or gum of any kind. Here is how i did it, something i learn from Tony Robbins. I use to link smoking was a pleasure to me now i link smoking is painful to me. All you need to do is sit down and spent about 10 minutes and visualize yourself dieing,not able to see your kids or friends anymore, the feeling was so painful to see in my mind that after 10 minutes my brain link up that smoking was to painful for me to continue and that it was more pleasure to quit. Try it it really works!!

  • Your Name

    I had a heart attack earlier this year at the age of 45. Women be careful because I went to the hospital thinking that I was having a heart attack only to find that while I wasn’t having one then, I’d had one three months earlier. I’ve since found that a lot of women have heart attacks and don’t know it.
    I was a 30 year smoker, and I did not quit initially. I felt like a complete idiot, because you couldn’t have told me before it actually happened that I wouldn’t have quit smoking on the spot after having a heart attack. I didn’t.
    I did quit on August 26, 2009 and I have been clean and smober (not a typo; that’s what we smokers call it)for 71 days now (2 months, 11 days, and 13 hours). This journey has not been easy, as I did it ‘cold turkey’, however it’s been worth it. Stopping has done wonders for my self-esteem and self-confidence. This was something that I just could not get a handle on over the years, and I finally conquered it.
    Understand, though that the cravings don’t just disappear; I crave cigarettes just about everyday. I just remind myself that I don’t smoke, and that just makes them go away.
    Also, the smoking dream is the worst! It feels SO real, and I always think I’ve smoked before I come to full consciousness. That helps though, because the bad, awful feeling I have when I believe I’ve smoked keeps me from wanting that feeling in real life.
    To all my fellow smokers, keep persevering, praying and striving. It WILL happen. If I did it, BELIEVE me, anybody can.

  • carelee

    I have been taking chantix for 11 weeks. I started this quest for those around me, bec. I couldn’t take their b—— anymore. I know all the things it causes. But I’m like the ghost in “Ghost”, when the cig machine gets broken” Oh, what I wouldn’t give for just one more puff!” I can’t stand people who go around and talk about smokers , maybe if we stopped the booze, card playing, WWF, race cars, what ever. eevery one would get a taste of how hard it is to quit smoking. To each his own.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve tried just about every method there is out there and there is only one I can recommend – NLP! It eliminates the cravings.
    Gum patches and all the other just did not cut it for me, not to mention cold turkey which was the hardest, I even tried the electric cig and it is just no match to the real thing.
    Check out this article:
    it’s the one that got me off the cigs and smoke free for GOOD even without gaining weight! :)
    Good luck kicking the habit!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rose Kelly

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    I do not mind paying for the help you give me. I know that what I pay for will always be from the truth. I know you have overheads and in the grander scheme of things it’s a small price to pay for happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind. THANK YOU Dr gbojoro for your powerful spells and you. visit him on email:

  • fred

    Hey guys,

    I saw this blog post and just wanted to reach out to you.

    I struggled with same issue for quitting marijuana some time ago.
    Tried everything of course (don’t we all).

    However, I was lucky to have a friend who provided me with
    a lot of support. I’m sure that alone saved my life.

    Now I try to do the same for others. I want to help
    others get out of the situation I was in. It meant
    so much for me to have them there so I’d like to do
    the same for you.

    Feel free to add me as a friend on your journey and let me
    know when times get tough, I’m here for you.

    It was extremely difficult for me to quit smoking weed.
    I still have nightmares. It’s tough but you can do it.

    It really sucks, but there was one thing aside from my
    friend that helped me out. There’s a great course
    called “How to quit weed” that was one of the easier ones to follow.

    Yea, it was still tough but it did help me manage and
    I was finally able to quit smoking weed.

    You might want to check it out yourself:

    I do wish you the best and again please hit me back
    and let me know how you are doing and how I can help.


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Selina

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