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Suggestions on how to comfort someone who is grieving.

What do you do if your obsessing about relapsing?

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy blogger Elisha Goldstein wrote an important post about ways we can try to prevent a relapse. To get to his blog post, click here. I’ve excerpted the five steps below. 1) Relapse Signatures – Take a moment […]

Sometimes things aren’t as they appear.

Some readers have said, “Clearly you’re not THAT depressed. Maybe you know mild depression, but your upbeat blog posts and videos aren’t for people with serious depression.”In light of that, I thought I’d show you all what a bad depression […]

Spiritual author Henri Nouwen and psychologist John Bradshaw on healing the pain of your inner child.

how to establish better personal boundaries

4 kinds of friends you need to keep you resilient

what do I do with a toxic friendship?

funny stories about motherhood to make you laugh