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Alicia Sparks’s post “Treating Depression and Folate Deficiency with Medical Foods” on PsychCentral discusses a fascinating topic. I was supposed to be part of the media briefing she participated in, but couldn’t be there, so I wanted to feature her […]

And 5 clues you should be changing something instead of giving up.

They made another prayer just for us!

Social attachment tips for new moms from a psychologist, and ways to compensate when you didn’t experience that as a baby.

Glenn Close and her family speak out on mental illness.

Glenn Close is honored for her advocacy for mental health, and stripping the stigma of mental illness.

Mother Teresa and Henri Nouwen both experienced dark nights of the soul.

One of my favorite meditations by Henri Nouwen.

Marriage tips from an expert in stepfamilies.

Tips for handling depression from my support group, Beyond Blue