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Joan Wester Anderson: Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

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It was great timing to find in my mailbox a copy of Joan Wester Anderson’s new book, “Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread: Adventures in Motherhood,” because, as I told her, I’ve been getting a little fed up lately with all the unsolicited advice I’ve received from well-intentioned, by annoying folks on what I could be doing better with my offspring.



Eric and I have decided to listen to only those parenting suggestions from people who have offered to take our kids for the weekend or who would be willing to spend over 50 consecutive hours with them. Because, come on, all kids are different. The rules that benefit one could damage the other. And it’s a whole lot easier doling out advice when you aren’t the person who has to execute it.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I read these words from Joan: “From my experience, if you rely on God’s help and second on your own good instincts, you’ll be happier for it.” And, “As out of synch as our lives can feel, we should never underestimate our own strength. God does send you what you need. And if an angel isn’t available, Mom will go in and get the job done.”


Joan’s collection of stories are hilarious and give moms a much-needed laugh, which, in turn, releases the endorphins, which helps stress, which, of course, makes you less depressed. Thanks, Joan!

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  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    It sounds like that is some very good advice if you ask me. God has the last word in LOVE anyway’s. If you live in God’s love and everything else just follow’s suit. I have found that the best advice is the advice that you live and learn with, I have 4 son’s and 1 daughter. They have all turned out great, and other people say how did you do this. I said they know what’s expected of them, and that’s what we live by. Thanks for your wonderful Angels everywhere, none other than all the mothers in this world!

  • Your Name

    As i have meditated the word from the Bible,”if God be for us,who can be against us?”,so there’s nothing to fear in our journey of this life.As a mom,i only think what is right for my children,when theres only love in your heart,my family and love ones will surely and always stay happy,live peaceful and quiet life.To have peace and quietness doen’t require much material things,all we need is a good condition of our hearts and evrything else follows.NO FEAR.

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