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Video: Meditation and the Bird’s Nest

I have admitted this before: I’m a meditation moron.

I swear I try. Thought, don’t land. Thought, don’t land. Keep on flying, thought. Keep on flying. I’m trying to meditate.

This goes on usually for the entire 15 minutes I have designated for prayer and meditation.

So, instead of fighting the thoughts, I have (with the advice of my therapist) decided to invite them. You want a piece of me, thought? Go ahead. Land. Make a fort. Build a nest. I don’t care.

And my meditation goes much better.

To view the YouTube video, click here.


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  • Anonymous

    Cheers! I love your videos, this one was so creative! Words and props made it fun and memorable. This also reminds me of the old saying, when you have lemons, make lemonade.
    Therese, have a great day! MERCI, GRAZIE, DANKE!

  • Melzoom

    Oh, Therese! I had to laugh–what a delightful idea, to physically act out the process of visualization during meditation.
    I had a hard time when I first started meditation, I couldn’t sit still. So I did walking meditations. Swimming laps is also a good ‘active’ mediation for me…after a warm up, it turned into my breath, the water (or the walk), and my form becoming one entity. Once I could identify that feeling, it made it easier to do sitting meditations.
    ….Imperfect prayer. I like that.
    Bright blessings!

  • Kevin

    Holy Mother of Christ ! I am still lmao. You could do stand up comedy.
    Okay, a suggestion re something you can do that may keep the birds from not even flying by much less landing in the nest…make a ‘zombie face’. When we relax all facial muscles with lips parted a bit so we can make the duhhhhhhhhhhh sound of a zombie, it greatly reduces the ability to even generate thoughts. No joke, it works. Problem is most people are afraid of how they look when making zombie face so are reluctant to do it even when I turn my back to them and promise not to look. I’ve even had people not want to do it on the phone… I’d be able to see them through the damn phone.
    So, I dare you to practice ‘zombie face’ meditation a few times and then do a video to demonstrate for everyone (No, I won’t do it because I wouldn’t be embarrassed to look like a dofus….besides, this is your gig). Please make a ‘zombie face meditation’ instructional video !

  • Anonymous

    I like Kevin’s idea of using “duh” as your mantra even w/o the zombie face! (Though I wouldn’t be adverse to watching a zombie meditation video either.
    The guilt one was the one that really spoke to me, though, and I’m not now nor ever hace been a Catholic. In my case it’s prob. because it was my father’s number one motivation technique i.e,”Do you have ANY idea how much stress you’re causing your mother? or “Balteats don’t DOsuch things; we simply DON’T. Never have unril you came along. how many years of us NOT doing that do you think you have wipwd out by your behavior? ten? twenrt? A hundred, maybe? Do you really think it’s fair for you to undo what your ancestors worked so hard to build? or, these: “If your mother has another heart attack, what do you think will have brought it on? How embarassed do you think you’ve made your sisters, not to mention me? “How can you call yourself a Christian after pulling a stunt lie that? One truly memorable one after he’d been smoke free for several montys. “Okay, give me one of those. I guess I might just as well start smoking again too, if you’re going to Is THIS what we spent all that college tuition money for? “wHY DON’T YOU JUST BURN ALL MY wwii MEDALS SINCE YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WALK IN A PEACE PROTEST IN wASHINGTON? wHY NOT? It’s my fighting that gives you and your generation the RIGHT to protest! Think about THAT the next time you want to protest your government. I spent FOUR YEARS on the front lines sleeping in fox holes ad eating C-rations ffor you and your hippy friends! “I know I kicked you out of the house, but your younger sister has the lead in Brigadoon this weekend, and for some reason she wants you to come home for the weekend to be there. I’ll treat you just as well as I would ANY guest in my home.

  • Mary Anne

    Ok, I admit to being completely lost by the previous comment, not sure what that has to do with meditation. Anyway, I responded to your previous article on Meditation and would like to repeat some of what I posted for those who may not have seen it.
    Simply put: Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening.
    We do not have to get carried away with sitting in a Lotus position, using any particular face or thought. Keep it simple! I have always heard to chant the Ommmmmmmmmm until you run out of breath and repeat. It clears your mind and also helps you release your breath.
    Now on the lighter side. How do cows Meditate? Moooooooooo
    ha ha
    blessings to you Therese! Mary Anne

  • Anonymous

    I really felt myself relaxing as I listened and watched this video. I think the mere fact that I relaxed a bit was pleasing to God. My bird’s nest is blessed! I have two major meetings today in my office – with people who each have there own bird nest. I’m going to try to see their nests and remind myself that if they appear distracted and unfocused it’s OK and we can still have some fun and invite God to have a seat at the conference room table.
    Kind thoughts and prayers for many blessings and many happy trails.

  • joanna

    How did you know I was having trouble meditating. I tried meditating for 2 hours one night, could not stop the thoughts. My paster suggested meditating, and I am trying my best. I shouldn’t be trying, as yoda says “don’t try, do.” Your suggestions have really helped. My thanks to you. joanna

  • Anonymous

    (((Therese))) … you’re priceless.
    I know women complain all the time about their hair looking like a bird’s nest, but I mean, COME ON!! 😛

  • Larry Parker

    That was me above, Therese :-)

  • Carol

    I think one of the things that keeps people from meditating is judging all the thoughts that come through. We feel we are doing it wrong if they can’t stop the thoughts. It helped me greatly when I adopted a similar view to the bird’s nest that even time spent quietly watching those thoughts race round with the intention of quieting them was worthwhile. Even when the thoughts didn’t quiet–I was developing a different relationship with those thoughts when I just noticed what they were and didn’t try to push them away like unwanted children.

  • LIberty

    Haven’t ever postsd before, but cannot tell you how much I love your v-logs!
    You putting yourself out there in an imperfect and funny way – has given my a lot of enthusiasm for doing the same.
    One day at a time I am getting over my perfectionistic tendencies and you help more that you know!
    Blessings –

  • Kim

    I find that being patient and loving with whatever happens with oneself is freeing. Your effort will be rewarded. When we become negative in not being perfect(in our minds) or doing things right(in our mind) that brings in the element of destruction (negativity). Give up the notion of I have to get it right. Whatever happens is great indeed…as the video said bring God in the midst of the mess and you have eliminated the negative energy. Try no to judge what is going on…bring in God. He will then resolve the situation.

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