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Fellow blogger John McManamy runs the most interesting surveys every month on his blog. In August he asked his readers how many of them are psychic … or at least intuitive. Here’s what they said. To get to his post […]

Robert Wicks on resilience

I dance the Macarena whenever I come across an article that argues against healthy living. I cautioned you against too much positive thinking a few days ago. I laughed while reading research about dark chocolate firing up the happy brain. […]

This was sent to me awhile back in one of those emails that circulates the planet. I thought it might give you a much-needed laugh. For the health conscious …. I Love This Doctor Q: Doctor, I’ve heard that cardiovascular […]

How do you bounce back? Tips for resilience

positive thinking can make your thoughts worse, self-help can hurt you

Huffington Post Editor-at-Large Russell Bishop has an interesting take on the positive thinking debate in his post “Why Positive Thinking Just Doesn’t Work.” To get to the article, click here. I have excerpted from it below.   Six weeks ago, […]

Dr. Frank Lipman of the Huffington Post wrote an interesting post about “2 Questions To Ask That Are More Important Than a Diagnosis.” I was intrigued by his piece because he combines Western medicine with some Eastern philosophies, and achieves […]

unplugging from technology and practicing mindfulness

Elisha Goldstein now has a free eBook, called The Mindful Companion, which you can access by clicking here. It is based on his insightful posts, like this one called “Calming Your Distressing Mind”: Sometimes in life it’s helpful to have signposts […]