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Fresh Living blogger Holly Lebowitz Rossi, compiled a beautiful gallery on the healing power of tea. She did a good job of convincing me to try to the stuff. And as a coffee addict, that was a difficult task. To get to her informative and pretty gallery, click here. It begins …

Tea isn’t a casual drink; it requires the careful choice of the best leaves, the patience to wait for water to come to the right temperature, the knowledge of how long to steep, and the time to let the wisps of steam warm your face as you savor every sip. In places from Buddhist monasteries to English parlors, tea has also long been recognized for its healing properties, from the antioxidants in green and white tea to the restorative properties of various herbal blends.

Click through this gallery to learn about the healing properties of different types of tea, and to read inspiring ways in which tea imitates life.

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