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Beyond Blue

Video: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Brain!

Sharon Begley, author of “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” explains how training your thoughts actually changes the hard matter of your brain. She writes, “Something as seemingly insubstantial as a thought can affect the very stuff of the brain, altering neuronal connections in a way that can treat mental illness, or perhaps, lead to a greater capacity for empathy and compassion. It may even dial up the supposedly immovable happiness set point.”

In this video I demonstrate, as usual.


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  •, Coppermoon

    I liked the video and think it is a good idea.. it is along the same lines as what I use to stop negative thoughts or critical judgments on people.. you know those thoughts of.. geez.. what is wrong with you!
    Prayer beads or Rosaries are used by various religions such as Islam, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu Brahmanists, Sikhs, Bahá’ís and Greek to count the repetitions of prayers, for repetition of the same devotion a number of times, for meditation, protection from negative energy and to relieve stress.
    Using Prayer Beads as a tool of meditation is as old as human history. It is not a coincidence that Prayer Beads are present in almost every religion.
    Prayer beads have physical, metaphysical and psychological affects on their users.The beads absorb the negative energies.
    Thus using it to turn your thought from the old track to the new and to reinforce it.. repetition works wonders.. I do it all the time.. works great.1

  • tracy

    wow. i do find this interesting but I am sure it will take practice.
    i am taking meditation classes soon .. and i have a hormone imbalance which puts off bad moodiness and bad thoughts on and off daily so i am hoping that as time goes on that this will go away but will try this regimen for sure.. thankyou .. awesome.

  • lisa

    Can you direct your readers to the change process? I have s/s of Obsessive compulsive disorder about my weight. I am so afraid of gaining weight that I take diet pills every day even thought I am at my operfect weight. Every day I tell myself I’m not going to take the pills anymore but I do. It pushes me along so I exercise. I agree I need to change my thoughts but I guess I need more help on this because of the fear.

  • Annette

    Love it! Going to try it. I gotta say though, at the end of the video I was staring at the plant behind you! LOL I had one just like it. With the dead parts and all!! LOL
    I love reading Beyond Blue! You’re honest and funny at the same time.

  • Suzanne Staud

    I love the example you gave in the viddie. I try to think of that “I want to die” thought as a temptation, and just keep on with my day.
    I discovered something else this morning… I don’t have to take anyone’s verbal vomit as a personal attack. As I gave Communion to the hospital patients (which ALWAYS lifts me up) a man, who was listed as a Catholic patient, insulted the Church, Catholic Charities and me. I walked out praying for him, but still felt offended. I realized later in the day that I took it as a personal attack. This is a HUGE breakthrough for me. I’m forever allowing other people’s anger to soak me up.
    Anyway, I’m going to use your idea of training my thoughts to something more healthy for my brain.
    Thank You,

  • Vicki

    In thinking this way, it would be said that mind over matter does help. Positive thinking can help cure a bad mood, change an attitude and help heal you. No one can hurt you without your permission nor do you have to be a victim. You have to take charge of your life no one can change you but yourself.

  • SuzanneWA

    You can think yourself “happy” as well as get in the “rut” of suicidal thoughts. I began to wonder if this “training of the brain” would/could work with addiction. I take a pain med – sometimes BECAUSE I have the pain, and sometimes just because – and would like to leave the addiction behind. I can give your “thought police action” a try…thanks for the suggestion, Therese. Perhaps this message is what I needed after all!!
    Your sister in Christ,

  • Lazy_E

    I AM WORKING WITH MY THERAPIST ON THIS EXACT THING…NEGATIVE THINKING. This is a really hard thing to do because we don’t realize we are being negative becaue it’s so natural to us, or to me anyway!
    Loving myself…well that is a far piece down the road, but at least at age 61 I am working on it.
    And please, take tht Dragon Plant behind you, cut if off about 6″ from the dirt and it’ll start all over again. Maybe do some higher and some at medium height for variety. Each will come out with a double ‘Y’ shoot with new leaves. Oh, and use gloves, it gives me the itches really bad. Throw the cuttings away. It is pretty amazing in the video..I was staring at it thinking that poor thing! LOL.
    Bless you for your sincerity,
    Lazy_E (Elaine)

  • camilynn

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