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This is from John McManamy. You have to check out his April Fool’s Day specials, as he has got this humor thing down perfectly!

The Darwin Awards Committee has announced that its top prize for 2009 goes to prominent antipsychiatry spokesperson, Clovis Bullright. 

The Darwin Awards honor people who “do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool.”

The 55-year-old Mr Bullright has specialized in taking himself out of the gene pool his entire adult life through behavior seemingly designed to repel the opposite sex. A new psychiatric diagnosis in his honor is scheduled to appear in the next edition of the DSM in 2012.

Nevertheless, Mr Bullright refuses to acknowledge anything out of the ordinary about his Guinness World Record list of symptoms, much less take medications or enter therapy. “People who value individuality,” he once wrote from jail, “don’t complain when you leave a turd on the table.”

Mr Bullright found his niche in the antipsychiatry movement, where thinking is not a requirement. Over the years, he has built up a following of people who subscribe to his beliefs that Big Pharma is responsible for the future assassination of JFK.

“It’s simple,” he explained. “Lee Harvey Oswald spelled backwards is Zyprexa.”

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