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This is one of the more popular pieces from my archives. The sad truth is that I haven’t gotten any better. Look at these photos I took the other day. Now I not only hoard books. I hoard nuts as […]

I’m going to do a little name dropping here and say that my FRIEND Jim Martin has become Stephen Colbert’s chaplain. This is his THIRD appearance on The Colbert Report, and Jim invited me to be part of the audience! […]

I can’t get off this friendship topic. My FRIEND James over at Finding Optimism (by the way, we just clarified our status … as fellow bloggers that are friends, meaning he and Anna get a Christmas card and Eric and […]

Today I published John McManamy’s tribute to Kevin, a friend he lost to suicide. I wanted to link to Susan Schechter’s tribute, as well, because it not only tells us about a lovely soul that was suffering too much to […]

I was moved by fellow bloggers John McManamy’s tribue to his friend, Kevin, who commit suicide just six months ago. John has channelled his grief by producing an important suicide prevention video “The Road to Nowhere.” I urge you to […]

The video post on Monday and other posts on friendship this week have inspired and uncovered lots of topics I hadn’t thought of … like how to continue a friendship after losing a baby. I have heard from my friends […]

I thought I’d include the recent press release about Exhale E-Magazine since my interview with Christina Gombar on the topic of infertility and depression was so popular. To get to the zine, click here. Some more information follows…. Is it […]

This post by John Grohol had me cracking up. I’m including his intro and first three annoying habits, and then you’ll have to visit his site to get the others. I think the only thing I can add to the […]

As I said the other day, I think it’s important to share stories of hope from my readers to give the ones who are stuck in darkness a little glimpse of the light. So here is an e-mail I just […]