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Podcast: Kevin Keough Interviews Dr. Edward Shorter

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Tune into this North Star Guardian podcast of Dr. Edward Shorter discussing his book, “Before Prozac” with my fellow blogger friend, Kevin Keough.

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  • Larry Parker

    Dr. Shorter is far too supportive of ECT and certain medications such as Effexor for my perspective, but he gives a lot to think about.
    What is “non-melancholic depression” in the DSM but, it would seem, bipolar type II? Does that mean I’d do better just sticking to my Desyrel and Klonopin and getting rid of my mood stabilizers?

  • Priscilla King

    I think too many people are being encouraged to think of “depression” as the primary disease, and focus efforts on “treating” it. Among people I know, if there is any mood disorder that’s not completely curable by improving their overall health habits, “depression” has always been a symptom of something else that needs to be treated first. There may be people who do have depression as a primary disease but I’ve never known one.

  • Jamesm

    the Bible tells us that ‘merchants of pharmcology’ will be the leaders of the last army standing against Jesus at the end of time!
    (REV 18:23 compare with Isaiah 47:12-13)
    If this comment gets posted, I dont’ suppose it will stay here for very long
    From the bewilderness–thanks for coming!

  • Teresa

    Well I just looked that up and I don’t know where you got that comment.

  • Jamesm

    Hi teresa:
    ok sorcery means witchcraft which is the greek for ‘pharmakeia’ Rev 18:23 (Pharmakeia can also refer to ‘poison’)
    “keep up your spells and your many sorceries” Isaiah 47:12-13
    ask a Bible Scholar if you don’t understand

  • sandra weisz

    the side effects of the ssri’s are very very bad. and it’s not worth it. they have some benefit but mostly they cause much more suffering, they rot your teeth, they cause suicide ideation, and rage. also anxiety. and a whole lot more. it’s big pharma making money off ppls suffering. depression is a symtom of other things. you have to get to the root cause.

  • Barb P

    Having retired after 35+ years as an RN from psychiatric nursing, I can tell that folks need to understand the difference between CLINICAL depression and SITUATIONAL depression. Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, and is more difficult to overcome without chemical intervention. I have seen too many deaths from suicide when people have clinical depression which goes untreated or goes inadequately treated. I have seen people helped by other forms of therapy, too, like psychotherapy-along with the medication, and even shock treatments. I have seen it save many lives: persons who were starving themselves to death, people who had seriously attempted suicide and survived by the grace of God and modern treatment. Situational depression is caused by things such as loss of job, divorce, deaths,etc.–it can lead to the chemical, clinical, depression sometimes.

  • Paula Collette

    Prozac has saved my life. I first went on Prozac in 1989 after the birth of my second child. I used to describe it as helping me when: “I amgoing 100 miles an hour inside yet not getting anywhere.” Prozac slowed me down to where I was able to comprehend and understand what I was doing. I went off of Prozac in 1998 after the death of my son, because everyone was saying it was not good for me. After 10 years I have just went back on Prozac a month ago after the death of my Father. I became to emtional to the point I had no ambition. Am so much better now and feel back to normal. How long will I be on Prozac? For as long as I need to be. The root cause of my depression? I am sure it stems from my drug addiciton in earlier years, the physical, and mental abuse I suffered in my formative years, the abandonment etc. The physical beatings and mental abuse from two realationships, lving with schitzophrenia in my family. I have been attending counselling for over 15 years.
    Today, I chose not to suffer in my past anymore. I am able to function as to what society accepts and what is also acceptable to me.

  • Jessica Michelle

    This battle seems to be divided btw ppl for/against pharmaceuticals. I’ve witnessed this in the live community, as well. There are ppl who have never suffered an episode of clinical depression who are judging. Persons who have wonderful results from SSRIs are made to feel ‘less than’ not only by the mere fact that they are depressed, but also because they are taking medication & haven’t ‘overcome it by sheer will.’
    As a technologically advanced society, we wouldn’t expect someone to ‘will’ their burst appendix well or to consume a curative tea for it, but we still accept/promote outdated stigmas for mental illnesses. I’m so glad the nurse pointed out the differences in clinical vs situational depression. Many times the depressed individual has tried everything else (i.e. lifestyle changes, supplements, talk therapy) before ‘resorting’ to medications. If the medication were begun earlier, feeling better would have occurred earlier.
    In 20 years I’ve seen cycles of depression in dozens of ppl. I’ve even experienced it myself. Those who are against meds will claim all kinds of terrible side effects are caused by them. However, I’ve not witnessed any of those listed in these comments, nor have I experienced them myself. People are suicidal before meds, not after. The comment about SSRIs rotting one’s teeth is laughable. I have never had a cavity and have perfect dental health. Perhaps the person who has such terrible oral health neglected hygiene during his/her depression thus causing the problems.
    The scientists I know are involved in medical research to help ppl. We can observe the virtual eradication of smallpox, tuberculosis, polio, etc. to show research is beneficial to health and longevity. When will mental illness & its treatments lose the stigma? Any physical/mental illness can benefit from a healthier lifestyle, but medical treatment is necessary. Suggesting a person neglect their mental health by treating it only w/natural substances is telling the person to continue in their illness. It is also akin to illness=demon theory from centuries ago. Not treating depression is the problem. If SSRIs work-fabulous. Do not condemn the patient or the physician for a treatment that works (& has for millions of ppl).
    Prozac has made life livable again for millions of ppl.

  • Terri Morse

    In 2004, I noticed I was having dizzy spells in the shower and around the house mostly in the late morning. Then at bedtime, I would have these awful things happen when I was almost asleep, like a loud noise, etc. that would make me immediately wide awake. I then got to the point where I would be driving down town to pick up work from the office, and I would get that tingling sensation going through my entire body, sweats, and the feeling that I was in a daze or something. I got to where I could not leave town driving to visit my family. They would have to come and get me. I finally went to my doctor, and she told me I was having panic attacks. I was so relieved to know this was something well-known to my doctor. She gave me and Prozac. I’ve been able to maintain a normal feeling with only 10 mg daily of Prozac. I think I’ll try going off of one of these days, but for now I like not having those panic attacks.

  • Ana Oliva

    I am so glad I came to this site. I have been on clonazepam for panic attacks for three years, I tried to get off of it and feel terrible. I can not take the dizzy spells, the trebling and shaking. but my worse situation is that I am afraid to take prozac and die from the side effects. I hate to be labeled as a depended on drugs. I assist to a Christian Church and is still kind of taboo to say I am on this type of medication. Seen somemany doctors and dont find nothing else wrong had so many test done, feels like dying when this monster comes over me. feels guilty because i have been told i dont have enough faith. DOES FAITH HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHEMICAL IMBALANCE OF THE BRAIN? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? SOMEMANY PEOPLE PRAY FOR ME AND IT DOESNT GO AWAY. I HAVE EVEN GO TO DELIVERANCE SESSIONS WITH PASTORS.

  • Imee

    After the death of my mother I have experienced many panic attacks. They were to the point that I could not be alone, could not drive myself any where. Feeling like I was going to die. This went on for some time. I finally gave in and listened to my treating nurse practitioner(and friend) and began taking prozac. It has saved my life. I would like to stop taking it someday; but right now I can’t live without it.

  • Lisa

    I have been on both sides of this fence. You could say.
    I now know the DANGERS OF THESE DRUGS.. with the discovery of what really happened to my sister in 1981.
    And I know I myself being placed on a similar drug in 1997 for “other Use” as they say.. and still on it today. weaning off with the help of a dear friend.
    I am outraged about the dangers concealed on these drugs.
    the history is long but has been well documented now that we have the age of computers.
    When my sister died..we had to deal with it.

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