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Fellow blogger Kevin Keough also writes about the benefits of crying in this article postrd on He begins:

Scientific research supports the accuracy of ancient folk wisdom that crying is good for our health. As far as we know, human beings are the only creatures that shed tears. Although crying is a universal human experience that appears in every culture throughout history, we understand very little about this mysterious phenomenon. 

Traumatic events, prolonged stress, loneliness, loss, pain, and simple daily hassles often trigger crying. Yet, most people have also cried tears of happiness, joy, and relief. How often and for what reasons people weep are influenced by many factors including gender, age, perceptions of events, societal attitudes, health, personality characteristics, and so on. Curiously, we have learned more about weeping from poetry, fiction, and movies than from medical and psychological studies. However,these scientific studies provide strong and consistent evidence that crying is linked to significant health benefits.

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