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I learned one more technique to deal obsessions from Group Beyond Blue member Belleo, who started a discussion called “Bulletin Board” at Group Beyond Blue (which you can get to by clicking here) at Beliefnet Community. Here’s what she said:

I haven’t used it in a while, but a bulletin board did serve a good purpose . On a day when it is difficult to talk about feelings you write a note with a little drawing that explains your state of mind. This way I don’t have to bother the ones I love with my baggage or agenda whatever one wants to call it . 

So today I wrote, “I am sinking.” And I pasted a little boat to the note. It didn’t actually get rave reviews but did get across to family members that I am feeling low.

What would you write on your bulletin board today?

I think this idea is brilliant, really, in terms of family dynamics. By posting our moods on the family bulletin board, we wouldn’t have to do all the detective work regarding what’s going on inside the other. We wouldn’t have to obsess about everyone else’s feelings.

What other ideas do you have to conquer obsession and to communicate effectively?

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