Beyond Blue

I was touched by Beyond Blue reader Franco’s comment on the combox of my post, “12 Ways to Handle Jealousy and Envy,” in which he wrote:

I think that three little words, I love you, always work magic at some level – but I think that four little words are perhaps even more magical – I believe in you. So, I try to say the first three words with my actions and the second four words with my voice. They create a resonance, some sort of harmonic vibration that rings true in the soul. It won’t replace good counsel and the pharmaceuticals that bring RELIEF, but it’s always nice to have a little spiritual high with a little help from our friends and loved ones. 

P.S. Kenny Rogers sang a song once, “She Believes In Me”. I can hear it even now in my mind and feel a sense of peace and comfort. Wow.

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