Beyond Blue

I also appreciated Beyond Blue Barbara’s comment on the same post, “12 Ways to Overcome Jealousy and Envy,” because it reminded the wisdom in the flick “Babe,” when the farmer says to the pig, “That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.” If only I stopped at that … when I have done enough, not necessarily an exceptional job, but enough. Barbara writes:

Just a thought, but is there anyone (who isn’t driven,) who *always* does their best? From my own perspective, doing my best is never enough to assuage feelings of inadequecy or that old bugaboo of depressives: feeling that if people really knew you, they would see what a phony you are. I have had to learn to see my efforts as *good enough.* Not perfect, or even necessarily my best, but good enough for what is called for. 

Feelings of envy and jealousy come from comparing ourselves with others – knowing all our faults and foibles – and none of the person we are using as a yardstick. In that case, we will never measure up. Rather than focusing on the other person, we have to work at seeing ourselves as God sees us: as loveable, flawed children. As we become more able to do that, the need to compare ourselves with others fades. It is something I am working on myself, and is a life-long project. I may not always do my best at it, but I will strive to do it good enough.

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