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According to NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness):

Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day was created by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), originally supported by a grant from Abbott Laboratories, to increase awareness of bipolar disorder, promote early detection and accurate diagnosis, reduce stigma, and minimize the devastating impact on the nearly 6 million Americans presently affected by the illness. Part of NAMI’s Mental Illness Awareness Week, Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day takes place in 2008 on Thursday, October 9.

NAMI encourages people to join the Bipolar Disorder Awareness effort. You can play a part in the event by:

* Learning more about the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

* Participating in a free mental health screening.

* Reaching out to individuals who have bipolar disorder.

* Encouraging individuals with bipolar disorder to seek treatment.

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