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On Mindful Monday, my readers and I practice the art of pausing, TRYING to be still, or considering, ever so briefly, the big picture. We’re hoping this soul time will provide enough peace of mind to get us through the […]

I guess because it’s the start of a new school year I want to shake things up a little and add some new features. So we have “Mindful Monday” when we get to navel gaze and be all spiritual, Wednesday […]

I loved James Bishop’s suggestions of ways to support someone struggling with depression. You can’t go wrong if you follow his directions on what to say to a friend or relative about this topic no one wants to address.  To […]

Dr. Christine Whelon, author of “Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women” and columnist with wrote an important column recently to address a reader, Susan, who had been dating a man struggling with depression. Following are some excerpts from the […]

Beliefnet just featured an excerpt from O, The Oprah Magazine, about obsessive thoughts, which included several good pointers. You can get to the gallery by clicking here. It begins …. Ruminating regularly often leads to depression. So if you have […]

If you ever have a hard time, um, calming yourself down, take a look at my Beliefnet gallery featured on the main page, “7 Quick Ways to Calm Down.” It begins …. I’m easily overwhelmed. When my kids’ exuberant screams […]

According to NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness): Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day was created by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), originally supported by a grant from Abbott Laboratories, to increase awareness of bipolar disorder, promote early detection and […]

During this hiatus from the online world, I realized that all the information I force feed myself during a normal workday is as unhealthy for me as fast food. Now that I’m back to my desk, I don’t want to […]

I just found a great article on clearing e-mail clutter on a blog called “Think Simple Now.” She offers a few suggestions on how to tweak your preferences so to avoid the land of clutter anxiety. And don’t fool yourself […]

Thanks to Group Beyond Blue member Deep Within for starting the discussion thread on Group Beyond Blue called “YOU did that!” She’s absolutely right in that we are quick to congratulate children on their small and big accomplishments throughout the […]