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Beyond Blue

6 Ways to Stop Dwelling on It

Beliefnet just featured an excerpt from O, The Oprah Magazine, about obsessive thoughts, which included several good pointers. You can get to the gallery by clicking here.

It begins ….

Ruminating regularly often leads to depression. So if you have trouble letting things go or find yourself tossing and turning at all hours of the night because you can’t stop stressing, then try these six ways to save yourself today! 

It’s 5 p.m., the deadline for an important work project is at 6, and all you can think about is the fight you had with the next-door neighbor this morning. You’re dwelling, says Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD, a professor of psychology at Yale and author of Women Who Think Too Much. “It’s natural to look inward,” she says, “but while most people pull out when they’ve done it enough, an overthinker will stay in the loop.”


Ruminating regularly often leads to depression. So if you’re prone to obsessing (and you know who you are), try these tactics to head off the next full-tilt mental spin cycle…

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  • Harris

    I have this problem of blaming myself for my son behaviour or outcome.
    He was brought up in a christian home,faith in God,go to school,get a
    good education and you will be find. Instead, he became a college drop out,drug user and a don’t care attitude and went to prison for five yrs. How can i put this situation behind me? by the way he is now 46yrs old

  • Diane

    I just have been terminated from the job I have had for 17 yrs. To make matters worse I am still recoverying from rotator cuff & shoulder blade surgery due to being hit at work by a swinging service door being pushed open by a fork lift threw me to the floor.–that was 8 yrs ago. It was diagnosis as nothing,but I was told by my Orthopacdic Doctor to keep my shoulder taped up an 10 months past & I was able to move my arm again after much Physical Therapy. I was than told to have an Arthurgram done ( dye injected thru the shoulder into the blade) It showed spider web rips thru my whole left shoulder blade. I only missed work ONE day for that test. I opted not to have surgery,just keep it taped up when it started hurtng.I worked nearly 8 yrs like that . Untill this last Fall it started really paining me . I went to a different Orth Doctor . He said I had tennditis in it , but my shoulder blade was too far away from my cuff–my rotatorcuff was ripped in back of my shoulder & my shoulder blade was letting loose of the cuff . So I had surgery this past April.Now after all those yrs of dealing with an accident at work . The surgery prevented me from coming back to work. They wanted me back after 9 days of surgery! NO WAY ! Finally after much harassment & stress put on me I returned 3 months later. Not beng able to do much of anything . I go to Physical Therapy 3 x’s a week & that is work enough ! It is 6 months into recovery & I am just lifting 2 lb weights with help . I got the news on Sept 2nd over the phone yet THAT I WAS BEING TERMINATED! Thrown out with the trash! At least nowI can heal , but the stress of not having any Health Ins & NO money after I am well enough & WMC is done IS MORE STRESS! I feel better just writting this , but I feel VERY rejected by those I have serviced faithfully all those years. My c0-workers say I should fight it ! I don’t know if I am strong enough! Or if I would want to go back to an employer that I am sure will just give me more stress.

  • Janet

    Its natural for us mothers to ask ourselves..”What did we do wrong, or where did we go wrong?”..and then there is that saying “Bring up the child in right way and he cant go wrong”..or something to that effect. Thats just idiocy. Sometimes you can do all the right things, say the right things, and your kid will still mess up. Its not your fault. When we become adults, we are capable of making our own decisions, right or wrong. With my 3 adult kids, I have learned that you have to let them live their lives, and let them make their own mistakes and learn from them. Be there for them whether they are doing good or messing up. I know it easier said than done, I still stress over things and sometimes get way too involved in their lives. I just want you to know that what you are feeling is normal, all parents stress over their kids. But try sitting back and saying “Ive done all I can, now its up to him”.


    Sir, I feel your pain. I had a similar issue, however I had worked for a large Telecommunications company for 26 years, and had become ill on the job. I went out ill, and they refused modified duty. My suggestion to you is contact a labor lawyer, knowing your rights is very important. Contact the labor board thru the unemnployment. Remember “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE”, this is how companies beat us out of what due you!! You can alwasy email me, I will walk you thru the process. I, was a sitting duck and don’t want anyone else to feel the pain i felt emotionally. I lost all my benefits medical and monetarily. PLS CONTACT A LABOR ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol

    I know that after 17 years it may seem unfair. and probably is. Let me tell you that you can look at is as an opportunity your CHANCE to do something else. Did you ever stop to think that GOD may be trying to tell you he wants you to do some thing else better than working yourself to death he doesnt want you to ruin your arms he wants you to do something easier!!! and you just are not listening.

  • Anonymous

    I, too have a similiar situation. My spouse & I have talked alot of it. Is it genetics, environment, etc. It occurred to me that Cain & Abel were 2 brothers who were raised the same, 1 “good” 1 “not so good”. Was it simply Gods will from the start? Do you suppose Adam & Eve had the same questions?

  • Anonymous

    your job wasn’t at a vaneer mill was it,i’m like you,1996 my glove got hung around a belt on a roller, i had no stop button on my side,all i could get out oh god oh god,the girl at the other end finally saw me and hurried and shut the machine off,if she hadn’t seen me when she did my arm would have been compleatly ripped out,it crushed my wrist bone,broke two bones in my fore arm.they called my mother in law and told her i bruised my thumb,she didn’t know wheather to contact my husband or not.he beat us to the hospital he ask the ambulance driver if it is bad enough to have brought me in an ambulance,they said yes sir, she has a massive brakage here.i was in surgy for 12 you after 3mo. off they told me i was to come back,i said come back doin what,i was not trained touse my left hand,well lucky enough i only had to pull labels,i ended up havin four surgies then all at once this girl gets three fingers cut off, they bought her to do my job,they put me doing her job,i have no feelin in my rt hand and if i got it to close to the blade i would have cut my fingers off,we had some very wide,13 ft wet,maple,the ones withboth hands couln’t do it i had to quit, that”s what they wanted,i wored for that co.15 years people don’t care,take care of your self if it is bad enough sign up on dissability,my prayers are with you

  • Kathy

    Thank you for sharing your parenting wisdom. Your encouragement
    is very much appreciated.

  • jeremiahst

    conclude home inc reduced deep

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