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I think I’ve told you all before that I’m somewhat of a yoga moron. I totally get the concept of yoga, and I know I need to learn some of its basics. But I just get confused when instructors tell me to look out of my third eye. I look around and see what other people are doing–is the third eye on the backside or the front side? Why does no one else seem confused?

My friend Priscilla Warner knew about my difficulty with yoga, so when I came to New York to stay with her, she arranged a private yoga session with a wonderful instructor, Julie. Having trained in India, Julie is the real deal. Walking into her peaceful tent constructed in her backyard, I immediately began to feel my blood pressure drop. By the time she was done with the class, and was anointing my forehead with oil, I was won over.

So I decided to interview her on why she became a yoga instructor, and what it can do for folks who suffer from depression and anxiety. Here she is!

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