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Group Beyond Blue: Anti-Depression Measures

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A very helpful discussion thread was started at Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet Community by Group Beyond Blue member Desertsutra called “Anti-Depression Measures,” where people have listed what helps them keep going. Desertsutra begins:

I know there are lots of folks here who deal with this or have in the past, so I’m looking for suggestions. I’m sure that these have been posted elsewhere, so forgive my request for repetition. 


When it gets so bad that every day you’re talking yourself out of it, what do you do to stop yourself? When you’re, say, waiting for your new antidepressant to kick in or, like Therese shared a few weeks ago in her video of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week (month?), you know you just need to wait it out, what tricks do you play on yourself when your brain keeps saying that this will last forever and it’s better just to stop suffering now?

This week, I’ve used guilt (just think how your sister would suffer) and intimidation (just imagine a hugely muscled security angel sitting in that chair between you and the kitchen knives) and responsibility (what will happen to that project that isn’t quite done at work?), not to mention gentler methods of deep breathing, walking in the woods, reading b’net’s daily joke, journaling and just plain staying at work so I’m safe from myself.


But I feel like I’m starting to get a little ridiculous with this . . . Anyone have any less embarrassing prevention methods they can recommend?

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  • Anonymous

    Once again I refer back to the homework assignment that Therese gave us a ways back which was inspired by Jimmy stewart’s character in “It’s A Wonderful Life” We were to start watching the movie,pause it when George Bailry decides to save the man drowning in the river who turns out to be his gaurdian angel Clarence, ansd make a list of as many reasons we could think of that we could NEVER kill ourselves.
    Mine STILL hangs above my computer screen a a visual reminder of the wonderful lesson that movie teaches Even though it’s considered a “Christmas classic”, my guess is that most video stores have it available for renting year round It helps ME to reference it dailyso that the abyss doesn’t swallow me whole, especially the reasons that pertain to the events yt to come that I’d miss, such as my son’s wedding. Good luck to you. It might also help to make a pact with someone to stay alive for AT LEAST a short space of time; for some reason that seems to help even the most suicidal of folks and was recommended by Suicide prevention experts back when one of my son’s best friends DID kill himself in their eight grade year. Somehow breaking a promise seems to create an uncrossable barrier as well. (The pact can be between you and a real person, such as your sister or between you and your Higher Power.I’ve added you to my prayer journal as of this momentand will continue to pray for your needs each time I pray.

  • Edu

    When it gets really bad, I remind myself that although I feel so bad/depressed, anxious or whatever it is – I have been here before and worse and although it is trite I remind myself this too shall pass, it has to because it has before and try to remember when it has been worse I have gotten through it. Our moments of reprieve we need to hang onto. So remember you have come this far and that is a great feat. And while we may still face it we have and can get through it. I hope this little bit helps.

  • Cindy

    When I feel so low that stealing my son’s “Go Paints” won’t help, frankly I find myself here. Reaching out to the people who understand what I’m feeling and have lifted me up so many times before.
    The people in my life now are completely supportive, but I feel even more guilty when I feel that I have let myself get that far down again and I don’t want to burden them anymore. That only feeds my feelings.
    Beyond Blue is my only true source of feeling a part of something and people who know how to say to me that I’ve survived before and I can continue. They remind me why I’m still here. All it takes on my part is logging on and reaching out.

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