Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

25 Ways to Pamper Yourself

I published this list of ideas on how to be good to yourself back in February when I celebrated “Pamper Your Inner Child Day.” But I thought it was appropriate to revisit some of these ideas that come from Beliefnet’s holistic editor, Valerie Reiss, or to encourage you to make up your own:
1. bathe in fragrant water
2. drink water
3. stretch the upper back
4. call a friend
5. go for a walk
6. list three things you love about yourself
7. list three things you love about the world
8. doodle
9. write three pages in a journal
10. knit something easy
11. bake

12. make soup
13. take 10 slow even breaths
14. meditate or pray for 10 minutes
15. make a list of 3 things you’re looking forward to
16. make a list of 3 reasons why you are needed here
17. give something to someone
18. call a sick/pregnant/overwhelmed friend and offer help
19. make and drink a cup of tea
20. water the plants
21. read a favorite author
22. look through old photos
23. make a collage
24. buy a new outfit
25. get a haircut
To read more Beyond Blue, go to, and to get to Group Beyond Blue, a support group at Beliefnet Community, click here.

  • jeramy

    love it! great ideas….especially the soup one! :-)

  • valerie

    Thanks Therese! These last few blogs have been so HEALTHY! I mean, they’re such healthy reminders for all of us–ways to stay healthy and to love ourselves–laughing and pampering ourselves.
    You are a blessing and I look forward to reading your blog as often as I am able. Love Valerie

  • Larry Parker

    Here is a peculiar combination listing male habits of self-pampering, humor, and fibbing (your last three days’ topics) that I found extremely funny (http://)

  • teensmom

    First of all, I love reading your blogs, and am grateful to you for making time to offer this help and advice for those of us depressives. I am a mom of an anxious/depressed teen who can use all the help I can get. I wanted to tell another one of my ways of always having something funny to watch. Sometimes when I suffer insomnia, I scan thru all of my channels for funny movies that I know I love. Then I put them on the DVR for when I have a moment to watch them. Sometimes it takes a while to get thru the whole movie, but a short time with woody allen, (or some other comic/comedy movies) really does lift the mood. Right now my 14 year old is in juvenile hall serving a short sentence for hitting me, in an anxious anger fueled outburst, so it has been a really down depressing time for me. I have had to keep my other son and my husband together during his absence as we are missing him terribly, and all feeling out of sorts. He is not a criminal, just a teen with a mood disorder, who previously refused to take his meds. As a result, it will be part of his probation to take meds, go to therapy, (Which he has been for 2 years) and just have to follow the law in and out of the house. I pray several times a day that this is Gods will, and he will turn around, rather than go back to jail. Kudos to you for recognizing behavior in David and paying attention, my son had no symptoms until puberty, and with support from his family, our church and friends, he will get thru his life happily with the appropriate treatment, and not have to turn to drugs and distructive behavior before he feels more like himself. Keep doing what you do, you are a generous and spiritual person.
    Deb S

  • Glenn

    Thanks. Something to have always nearby with all the other amunition one needs to fight illness.

  • Youanna

    I would like to share with you my favourites:
    – wash the bathroom sink (I love the squicky-clean sound it makes!)
    – listen to some of my favourite music
    – focus on NOW – be 100% attentive to the PRESENT
    – organise a meeting with my friends / business contacts
    – go to the theatre
    – eat bagels with yoghurt
    – read about Islamic Art & Architecture
    – take photos

  • William Mozee

    I have just started reading a book and have been taking walks to try to ease my mind. I will say that this list is very true. If you havent done any of these things, I suggest you try so. I am going to start doing more of these things to help me out as well. I am so glad that I have found this page! It has provided me with a lot of positive feedback!

  • Vanessa

    I like to go for a walk with a friend.

  • Nechia

    I have 2 girls one who is 2 years old and the other who is 2 months old. I have recently returned back to work and my 2 month old spends time a way from us doing the week with my mother and or mother in law until the daycare where my 2 year olds has an opening in September. The only reason why she stays over night is because my mother and mother in law live an hour away and my hubsband and i have to work. We all miss her very much but it is harder on me. Although i know that she is taken care of i still miss her dearly. I know the messages that come to my email daily are and inspiration and i know that we will get through this.

  • Kathy

    play tennis
    walk in a garden
    pray in a sweet little church
    go for a bike ride
    read a book to kids

  • Linda Bemis

    Have someone that you know, give a back massage. I do it for my friend
    and the muscles need it.
    Stop and think about what you want to say most of the time because it
    can come out harsher than you mean it to be.
    Doing something for you that is different is cheaper than a vacation.
    Find someone to play tennis. Ride in a kyak on the lake. Ride a bike.
    Raid the piggy bank and buy the shoes on sale.
    Daydream about where you want to be. You won’t get a sun burn and no
    bugs that bite. The body will feel it.

  • Linda

    I absolutely love the list. I emailed it to all of my women friends because, as you know, women tend to forget about doing “little things” for themselves. I printed a copy for myself so that I can refer to it often. This website has become a place that I visit regularly. The information gathered here is invaluable. What an inspiration!

  • Lynne

    I was having a “bad” day so I wrote a list of 14 affirmations I believe to be true about myself. I called it my “scream back” list to the nasty little voices in my head. It DID help! I should tape that one to the refrigerator door. (To be consulted as neccessary) I’d invite anyone to try that one.

  • Kristie

    When my older son was little, he would have to stay at my Mom’s for weeks at a time so that I work extra catering events during the busy season without having to pay more for child care, which was a crushing $542 per month before overtime (back in the early 90’s). I think he was probably 4 years old before he ever saw me on Mother’s Day, because I was always working.
    I always worried that he would forget me, or that he would have separation anxiety. I was convinced that his development would be hindered without me being there personally, but as a single parent, I didn’t have a lot of choices. He’s now eleven years old, makes good grades, is active in scouting, and hugs me all the time. He understands the sacrifices that sometimes have ti be made for the greater good.
    You are doing your best and I’ll bet the grandmas are loving getting to spend so much time with your little one. I know it’s probably breaking your heart, but rest assured that your baby is getting the love she needs. It’s a genetic instinct to want your baby close by when they are small, and it’s a shame that our society makes that impossible sometimes. Hang in there.
    Blessings to you!

  • lucy

    get or give a massage

  • radio controlled boats

    wow! i love the list! some of my soothing activities including washing my hand with sweet smelling soap and lotion, making healthy, delicious salads with my favorite chef knife, and, of course, driving my rc boats around on the pond (not very feminine, i know, but a great excuse to be out in nature!) thanks for posting this list!

  • radio controlled boats

    I like this, i emailed it to my friends, family and colleques.I am looking forward to your other posts

  • radio controlled boats

    This is wonderful. But i must confess that i have an obsession with the last one, hair cuts. I do it every Saturday or Sunday. if i am i late for the salon, my son cuts my hair.

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