Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Video: Meet Guardian Angel, Ann!

I’ve told you about my guardian angel, but does she really exist????? I can prove it in this video. Here she is, taped live!, to tell you about her second calling, which is reaching out to fellow depressives as she has done with me. But I’ll let her tell you that herself.

  • Valerie

    wow! Thanks Therese for sharing Ann with us. Everyone should have such a wonderful guardian angel. And thank you to you, too, Ann, for sharing of yourself with all of us.
    Being authentic is not usually difficult for me to do. It’s just difficult for others (family, friends) to “take” or understand or accept my authenticness. And THAT is hard for me to take because then I’m not validated and I feel like I’m some kind of a weirdo or whackjob.
    But you know, this week for my CBT group, I had to make a sign with the letters A B on it and a circle around the letters with a slash through them. In other words, I am NOT A-B-Normal. I have pictures of Gene Wilder (the actor) all over it from his “Young Frankstein” movie which is where the “A-B-Normal” came from in the first place. I’m supposed to wear the sign all week. Well, I’m not actually wearing it but it is prominently displayed in my home.
    And you know what? THe more I look at Gene Wilder and the character he played (Dr. Fhronk-en-schteen), I realize he looks absolutely nutty–in a wonderful way; in a way that I want to be. Well, I actually AM that way. So, I guess what I’m saying is that I AM A-B-normal but I’m finding that that is a good thing. I love being zany and unique and different and “crazy” (in a goofy sort of way) and totally creative. That is the authentic me. The authentic me can also be very dark and deep and intense. Ying and yang. Good and bad. Light and dark. I guess I need to accept ALL of me and not just the parts that I like. God made me a complete package–depression and all. I need to embrace that and love that person as well and even more so actually because she needs it soo much more than the other side of me.
    Love Valerie

  • Annie Turner

    Thanx to you Thesea for sharing your pyhical guardian angel. I’ve got a couple of them too. But I also have a Spiritual guardian angel named Longfellow. He helps me along with the physical ones. I don’t think I could get along without either one. They keep from going off the deep end more then I am. I believe that guardian angel are a God sent both physical & Spiritual.

  • Elaine

    Thank you Therese for sharing your Guardian Angel here on earth. Thanks to Ann for speaking to us. I do have a spirtual Guardian Angel, but not a physical one. Mental Illness runs rampant in my Father’s side of the family. My Father suffered quite a bit from it; never could get it under control. He eventually took his own life. Even tho some of my own 8 siblings take anti-depressants, they do not acknowledge that they have a mental illness. Odd…and this is a well educated family. In my late 40’s my mild depression changed into major depression. I would never guessed 10 yrs ago, that I would one day try to take my life. But, about 2-1/2 yrs ago I tried & came close. Partially due to a life changing event that has left me in chronic pain & also physically disabled. Only 1 of my siblings has been supportive. Alhough my brother doesn’t even understand depression, his love for me is why he has been so supportive. I have been ostracized by most of my other siblings, even my my oldest child. It has been shocking & heartbreaking for me. Of course that has added to the depression. How I wish I had an earthly Guardian Angel! Those who do, are most lucky. Beyond Blue written by Therese is the closest thing I have to an earthly Guardian Angel. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry I wrote so much. I felt the need to get it out. Thank you for reading.

  • bridgetconnor

    i never got to see the vidio can you send it to me again

  • Joanie

    Thanks so much for your wonderful video Ann and Therese! I think you said it well, that feeling of finding just one person who understands what we go through, can make a world of difference. We depressives need to support each other and try to help others understand. We also need friends and angels like Ann to help deal with people who will never get it. (Reminds me of when my sister in law looked at me and said “what’s wrong with you!?”) I thank God for my friends and angels in my life who helped me deal with these kind of comments and more. Now that I am feeling better, I get great happiness in helping others who are dealing with similar issues. Life is a circle. Thank God for our Angels and the opportunity to be an angel to another!

  • Anonymous

    Elaine, I wish nothing but the best for you! My father must have also been a depressive, he took his life when I was about five or six. I don’t remember him at all. All I can say is I’m glad I was born in December, under the sign of the Sagitaurius horescope. I am very optimistic and up beat most of the time. I think the earth is responible in part for our moods. Ever notice when there is a full moon? Nothing wrong with taking medication for the mood swings also.
    I think it’s when people deny their ups and downs there is trouble in the camp. Please take care and also remember there is a loving God that wants the best for you.

  • sandra

    I did not get to see the guardian Angel video, how can I see it.

  • Muriel

    It is beautiful when the precious guardian angles come into our lives. I truely believe that they are sent from heaven. They teach us so much about our self, strengths, weakness, how to laugh, and to accept our self, what I call the good, the bad and the ugly, and they loves us unconditionally.
    I beleive that our guardian angel is always around us, we just have to open ourself up to be willing to accept and receive the blessings.
    Always pass the love and understanding forward,you never know where the person next to you is coming from and where they are going physically or mentally.
    Peace and love to all,

  • Patricia Adams

    I am 68 yrs old and have been on cymbalta for approximately nine months. My diabetes and heart condition had gotten the best of me. I had a hard time moving and shoes were intolerable. After a couple of weeks on cymbalta, my feet, body and mind changed to a better place. I am so thankful for my doctors ability to order this medication for me. I have lost 40lbs and need to lose another 40. Depression is more common when you think your life is over….I now have a new lease on my own life and body.

  • mary

    Thank you so much for being a guardian angel to so many.In my mind I have a picture of what my angel looks like.And, thank you for not being afraid to speak of your love and compassion for others. We all need each other, and often times are afraid to express that.

  • lyndon

    I can’t get the immage

  • Sandi

    Where can I get a guardian angel? I sure need one.

  • Lynn Launius

    Depression is so common to so many, but there are so many that will not admit that they are depressed or have occasional morbid thoughts of death or not being around. The medical society have done so much to try to educate others about depression but there is still that stigma associated with the word. If only we could get those to realize they will be so much better and happier in their lives if they will only get some help with their problems that are plaguing them. Alcoholism, among many other behaviors, is a prime example of what can happen when someone doesn’t get help. I just know that this website alone is doing much to help remedy some of the problem, and if the people that need to hear the news just stop to read about others, then maybe they will have the courage to think about helping themselves. Good Luck with the future.

  • Toni

    Everyone help! People have a hard time one way or the other. We all need to be a good person,be kind and thoughtful.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll trade my picture for anyone who has the sound.

  • royceann

    I always feel so alone I hide my true feelings and put on a happy face for everyone. thanks for this site.

  • Johanna Irizarry

    I feel so happy that we have people like you in this world helping others. I’ts so important because when you help others you become a better person and the most important thing you be blessed by our father (GOD). If people think like you; this world would be excelent.
    GOD bless you and continue with your mission changing lives…

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Therese: Thanks for allowing us to “meet” Ann; we’ve heard so much about her tht it’s nice to have a face to put with the identity. You’re so generous in that way; we’ve met Eric, Caherine, David, Father Mike, your running inspiration whose name escapes me at the momet, and now Ann, Try not to be TOO jealous that you have to “share” her; think of it as yet another branch of your ministry. True ministries are like that, I think, they grow like old oak trees whose branches reach wide enough to shelter several different animals! To me this actuall only authenticates you more! And what a blessing for ann to have you as a resource she can reccomend to others she comes across who are in need. Full circle, no?
    Ann: Thank YOU for nurturing Therese. Most of us regular BB members see her as a God-given friend in times of need and have grown to love her dearly, yet as long-distance friends we’re unable to support her in some of the ways that you can. Depression is indeed a crippling disease that isolates us from family and friends who can’t relate and it’s unbelieveably renewing to feel accepted and free to “vent” I’m not QUITE your age, but closer to yours than Therese’s, and it gives me hope to hear from one who has made it as long as you have in spite of our mutual illness. Lately I’ve been fighting sliding into the “black hole; this was EXACTLY what I needed today, especially since computer problems have kept me away from BB for a few days.

  • yvonne

    I’m glad to rejoin your website again! Therese I enjoyed meeting your guardian angel!
    Royceann – I hid my true feelings once too and was even called “smiley.” My best Doc (psych doc) told me I was the first she had ever told to stop smiling so much — it was a mask. It was hard at first but I realized I felt better being open, sharing my true thoughts and feelings — I did not have to be a people pleaser which had just come naturally. Now I advise people to be themselves — really communicate and be happy!

  • yvonne

    I worked for 15 years in a Psych Unit and only while there learned I had depression (when going thru divorce). I learned some depression is genetic and while maybe one generation had it, maybe another had skipped it. Just depending on the situation or environment, it can be brought out. When you really understand it, you have signs of going down to that dark place. By just realizing I need contact with others and need to get out and talk I can begin to pull myself up. But it does help to have those friends and family who keep in touch and we keep in touch with. It seems to be only those close people who make a major difference along with prescribed medicine as necessary. Good luck to us all!

  • sandra weisz

    wow. i watched some of these videos. they are very enlightening. i am not bi polar, but i am very very depressed. a reactive depression. as i have no where to live, and am very very angry at what people and society have done to me. eniviroment sometimes does cause things. esp. when there is no room for me. i have to live in motels, because nobody will rent me an apt. and having a friend, let alone a spouse, hah, this is southern ca. where you have to be perfect. perfectly evil that is. i have to take it to God from the first. and pray for my survival everyday. it’s strange but there is a Brochard rd. off the ventura fwy tht i drive every day and i think of you. thank you for help
    ing people. sandy weisz

  • Dawn Andrea

    I haven’t been able to post for quite a while, it’s amazing what life throws at you sometime’s, but Therese, I hope that you know how much you mean to me as does Beyond Blue and the friends that I have met because of you. Your guardian angel is amazing and I know that you are blessed to have her in your life. Thanks so much for sharing and God bless all of you who suffer from depression/bi-polar and other such “conditions”. Thanks for everything Therese and I love you all!!!

  • Elizabeth A. Williams

    Hello ladies. I have suffered from clinical depression all my life. I just happened to come onto this video about Ann the guardian angel and
    everyone understanding how debilitating depression can be at times, and
    how imprtant it is for us to have friends/guardian angels to talk to.
    I live in Waukegan Il. and I was wondering. Are there any group meetings there? I sure hope so. My sister is depressed also.

  • Anastasia

    I was diagnosed as being severly depressed when I lost my job after 12 years (laid off) and loosing my sister at 33 years of age. I swear I had an angel of a doctor. I visited her for only 3 appointments, she helped me update my resume and said I was able to do anything in an office as high as an Office Manager. Which at that time (13 years ago) I managed to get a job as an Office Manager. I have tried many times to find her and visit her with a THANK YOU, with no success!
    As time goes on as single parenthood also, my beautiful daughter advanced to a young lady moving out of state with friends and attending college. Being here in a house alone after 19 years..brought on alot of anxiety and depression. I prayed alot, trusted my guardian angels, and had faith & hope. It still is hard. I found your site and read it daily. It helps me make it thru the weeks. Thank you.

  • MS Maury Rainbird

    I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and amoungst other things suffer from chronic depression. I also have post traumatic stress disorder and simple partial seizures. My family has become estranged from me and refuses to offer any form of support, so I turned to God and my Angels. Through this I was lead to learn how to meditate and pray again, which has helped me through so much pain and anger at the loss of contact with my son and grand daughter, who I adored. I live on disability, which doesn’t even come up to the poverty line here in Canada. However, I am fortunate enough to have my own subsidized apartment that I keep spotless. When I pray and meditate on goes the candles and incense then soft music which sets the tone for relaxation and a feeling of safety. Belief net is a website and this site have been a great help to me, even in my lowest moments when life doesn’t seem worth living. My angels have always come through tome at those times to bring forth self knowledge and a will to survive. God Bless You All, Maury

  • M.J.B.

    Wow, its so wonderful to come here and see so many others that feel the same things, think the same thoughts and suffer the same way I do. This blog and Therese have been my salvation and each and everyone in this blog is someone’s guardian angel. A guardian angel can be someone simply opening a door when you feel so overwhelmed to even do that simple task. Never take for granted or underestimate what affect even the simplest of gestures or smallest of looks can do for a person.I cannot tell you how uplifted i feel from just dropping in and reading the wonderful comments you all leave. Ann, you truly are an angel..bless you and everyone.

  • Lauri

    (I’ve got to get new speakers, or pump up the ones I have.)
    Therese, thank you for introducing Guardian Angel Ann to me and the rest of the group.
    Ann, thank you for taking Therese & Kelsey under your wing and sharing your story.
    I’d write more, but what I would say has already been said by other members. I can’t improve on it. There is a belief I want to convey. Make of it what you wish. I believe God, in his wisdom and great love for us sends people into our lives to act as His messengers.

  • Sue Emerich

    I’ve known Ann since she was a year old…she is my cousin. Her father was my mother’s sister. Until Ann discovered what depression was, and shared that with me, when I was in my 40’s, I never connected family genetics as having a strong influence on my periods of despair and depression from age 20 , nor was made aware to watch for symptoms in my children as well.
    We have had long talks by phone, and she has sent me several very helpful books to understand depression much better, and to seek out people who could help me get through those periods.
    I’m very happy to see that she has made 2 videos for this site, so she can reach many more people, and hopefully give them the tools to find help themselves. It is possible to get through it, if one has enough supporting people around them.

  • Sue Emerich

    I’ve known Ann since she was a year old…she is my cousin. Her father was my mother’s brother Until Ann discovered what depression was, and shared that with me, when I was in my 40’s, I never connected family genetics as having a strong influence on my periods of despair and depression from age 20 , nor was made aware to watch for symptoms in my children as well.
    We have had long talks by phone, and she has sent me several very helpful books to understand depression much better, and to seek out people who could help me get through those periods.
    I’m very happy to see that she has made 2 videos for this site, so she can reach many more people, and hopefully give them the tools to find help themselves. It is possible to get through it, if one has enough supporting people around them.

  • peggi

    I just started to see sameone my anxiety .It’s been there for many many year abot 5 year old. I use eat and it’s would come right up.I could write book of the reason I have anxiety and depressing .I’m trying lean how to get better. peggi

  • Diana

    I am so glad you are going to get some help for your sweet self. You are wonderful inside and out. I know that once you can start to discover that, you will feel better. Thanks for being a contribution to the world. Diana

  • janet burriss

    thank you ann for sharing
    you guys touch a spot in my heart i felt sad but i felt there is hope for me

  • motherof2

    I have been depressed for years.Hiding it very successfully but my concern now is my daughters are having it.
    Especially my oldest.
    I wish I can help Her…but She listen only what She want.
    Finally I address this to Her Doc.
    Again She will not listen Doc either.What can I do?
    She is in Her 40 and Will be gone one day and there is no one She can turn…

  • wamda

    Hi, I’m so disappointed your videotape is not closed captioned. I was born Deaf. Divorced and living alone. I’ve thought of applying for jobs and feel paralyzed each time I start applying. No confidence in my ability, whatsoever.

  • Maureen E Campbell

    Anne, would you like to be my guardian angel too? I’ve been looking for one, and your video came up on this website I subscribe to. In fact, perfectly timed for a 56 year old woman with 10 siblings, a healthy beautiful Mom, a husband 37 years just separated from, and 7 adult beautiful children who have great lives and only one has recently shown up for me after my 3rd hospital discharge so far this year. Alone again naturally, and at least it’s peaceful. But have To go back to the world. Ness guidance after 13 years in isolation with the spiritual realm in a tiny room with a skylight where I see only the sky. Now I don’t know how to be a human again, but am told I have to find out how. Purpose for why I am still in good health and alive. My Mom says to Eat, drink, sleep. If I don’t do those first, forget anything else

  • http://guardianangel CathyWilliamson

    the last five years have been an excepetaional hell, to put it mildly. Have been depressed on and off 10 years since my dad past who was my angel since birth, he kept me going, always bringing back to what was right. I put myself out as a foster parent and found ourselves taking in the little ones who no body speaks of. We began to run into arguments when we began to speak for these kids who because of their age could be moved here and there and why not just send them home. Our last child I brought home 3 days after he was born and had to go through withdrawal from the drugs and alcohol. He had a horrible first year of life, I lived in the peds ward here. Needless to say we fell inlove with him and just after christtmas his family suddenly said they want him back. They did get him to, I had no time to breath or even turn around when he was lifted from my arms. We were never given the time of day or info on how to inform them we wanted to adopt him. Now he’s gone and the tears still come as easliy as rthat first day. To top it off I have lots of physical problems and now mobility issues. Pills work only so far and now the lady that was my guardian angel is not doing well at all and I think I’m going to have to go really hard to help her see her way back. I’m going to do it. from the first day my 3and a half yr old was taken I was at her house every day, she never once beleived I was anything but a good parent and that my loss was the loss of a child I loved as much as my own.

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