Beyond Blue

On another housekeeping topic, I wanted to let you all know that we are not going to hold the fifth Self-Esteem Forum in May. The first four were very successful. However, there were too many folks who didn’t follow through on the commitment of penning a letter of affirmation. Larry and I split that responsibility for the first two months, and then I bailed and let Larry write all of them the last two months. Now that he has a job and a girlfriend (The nerve! Really! To get a life!) he can’t keep up with that responsibility.
So we are going to brainstorm (and I would very much like any input you have!) about how we might go about this in a better way.
One idea I have is that we have a committee of letter-writers to compose those that slip through the cracks. Or perhaps to pair people off, instead of doing the round robin we had, so that the assignment is to get to know each other and become pen pals of sorts.
I also think monthly might be too often. Perhaps we should hold a quarterly forum, so that people have the chance to really get to know each other in order to write sincere letters. My thinking is that we should take the summer off, and then resume in September with a new format.
Again, your feedback is appreciated!

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