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April 2008 Archives

Here’s an ironic moment: just as I’m off to the Mood Disorder Symposium hosted by Johns Hopkins, I decide to pick up some water and sunflower seeds for the road trip (no, there isn’t a connection between them and sanity). […]

Dear God, I’ve been repeating the words of today’s readings over and over again like a mantra. In the Gospel of John, Jesus said to his disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you” (John 14:27). […]

This message of peace came at a perfect time for me because (SURPRISE!) I’m feeling a tad insecure as of late. Not that I’m feeling any more insecure than usual. Well, yes I am, because I got to taste what […]

Thanks to the blog “We Must Not Think Too Much,” I found the following Baltimore Examiner article by Karl B. Hill about the Johns Hopkins Mood Disorder Symposium that I attended last Tuesday. Again, how thrilling it was for me […]

? Yesterday USA Today’s Marilyn Elias wrote an interesting piece about the status of college campuses today with regard to mental illness awareness this first anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Here are some interesting points of her article: 1. […]

Back in September I participated in a blogger conference call sponsored by Revolution Health with Dr. Val Jone, Dr. Mark Smaller, and Ross Szabo about depression and mental illness among college students today. To listen to a podcast of the […]

A year ago, at the time of the Virginia Tech massacre, I wrote a post about where illness ends and evil begins. The killings raised all kinds of questions for me: theological and philosophical ones along side scientific ones. Here […]

I spent this morning in Washington DC among all the other journalists covering the pope’s visit. My interview on Sirius Radio, the Catholic channel, got pretty heated with the listeners who called in, after I spilled the beans about my […]

There have been many interesting articles on the state of the American Catholic Church, but I found this essay by Dan Barry in the New York Times especially charming and intriguing, probably because I agree with so much of it. […]

April 15 is a symbolic day for me because it was on this afternoon three years ago, I met Ann, my guardian angel on an Amtrak ride from New York to Baltimore. What a perfect day, then, to attend the […]