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Thanks once more to Beliefnet’s Lilit Marcus for finding this celebrity gossip on Perez Hilton’s blog: Gwyneth Paltrow reveals in the May issue of Vogue that she battled post-partum depression after the birth of baby #2, Moses. “I felt really […]

There is a reason why smokers who want to quit should never diet as they come down off the nicotine addiction. For one, they will lose friends and family. Because it’s hard enough hanging out with a grumpy ex-smoker. But […]

One more interesting article about addiction and self-control and then I’ll let you be to all your vices (as long as you don’t bug me about mine). A recent New York Times/AP story (that you can get to by clicking […]

When you are a recovering drunk, you don’t have a ton of options at parties. I used to be an avid Diet Coke drinker. But last summer my sister scared the well you know out of me when she started […]

I need your input! Several members of Group Beyond Blue (on Beliefnet’s Community, or social networking site) have asked me to make Group Beyond Blue private, meaning that you need to be a member of the group to view and […]

All the comments from my Monday post, “Dear God: My Peace I Give You,” have got me thinking more about just how we might go about getting acquiring “peace.” I also talked about this with Gus Lloyd, host of “Seize […]

I loved this comment by Beyond Blue reader Margaret, because I so related. I get my fears and troubles to God alright–they go via FedEx. It’s RELEASING them that’s the tough part. And I also love what she says about […]

I also love this response by Frank, who used to beat himself up over his brother’s suicide, and how he has come to understand a few lines of scripture to save him from “stinking thinking” (as we like to say […]

Gus Lloyd, host of “Seize the Day” on Sirius Radio, the Catholic Channel, posts a 60-second reflection on his personal website everyday. Here is the one that we talked about on the air yesterday: Troubled Hearts Today in the first […]

Okay. This is going to sound bad, really bad, coming from a person who is trying to lessen the stigma attached to mental disorders, but when I learned about former NFL star Herschel Walker’s dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known […]