Beyond Blue

I need your input!
Several members of Group Beyond Blue (on Beliefnet’s Community, or social networking site) have asked me to make Group Beyond Blue private, meaning that you need to be a member of the group to view and comment on discussion threads.
I threw out the question for discussion a day or so ago, and so far 16 people have commented: 7 for making the group private, and 9 for keeping Group Beyond Blue public.
I really can understand both sides of the argument. The private group would lend itself to more intimacy between members; a public group might serve as an outreach to those not ready to register to the group.
I would like to have as many of you Beyond Blue readers offer your opinion as possible. If we get over 50 responses, I’ll have a better idea of what decision would best serve the group. Please comment either in this combox or as part of the “Private or Public?” thread at Group Beyond Blue.
As always, thanks for contributing your time and heart to such a supportive community. Beyond Blue is the success it is because of all of you.

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