Beyond Blue

I found this little reflection at a site called “Disciples Now.” I liked the simple prayer at the end.

I wonder what went through Simon’s mind when he was forced to help you? Did he resent it? Did he think he was considered to be a criminal too? Did he fear for his own life? Was he angry at being singled out from the crowd? He had no option but to help you, and in helping you he carried the cross and stayed close to you, walking in your very footsteps.?
Keep me close to you, Lord,?
so that I do not lose sight of you in the crowd.?
Give me courage to come right up to you?
and to ask you?to help me to carry my cross.?
Help me to master my fear and anger?
which often keep me from you,?
so that I may be at peace with you?- and myself.

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