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March 2008 Archives

I found this little reflection at a site called “Disciples Now.” I liked the simple prayer at the end. I wonder what went through Simon’s mind when he was forced to help you? Did he resent it? Did he think […]

I was reading through “The Gift of Peace: Personal Reflections” by the late Archdiocese of Chicago, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, and I was taken by his description of the visit he had with Henri Nouwen, just weeks before Nouwen’s death, and […]

Several people have referred me to, but I refused to go there until now because I feared that she would say something like your clutter problem is constipating your soul. Now that I have a clean desk, I logged […]

FlyLady has a post especially for newbie’s like me, called “Beginner Baby Steps.” To get there, click here. Dear Precious New Member, I know that you have become overwhelmed by your home and the chaos that you have been living […]

I really like what James of Finding Optimism has to say about clutter: Simplifying is about streamlining your life; removing the distractions that aren’t important to you. By freeing up time, money, and energy, you can give more attention to […]

Twelve years ago I sat next to an Indian man at the wedding reception of Eric’s best friend. He claimed that he was trained in the art of palm reading and asked if he could read my palm. “Ahh. Very […]

Wishing you all a lucky day. Given that today is my sobriety anniversary, I’ve always liked this prayer by St. Patrick: I bind to myself God’s power to guide me,God’s might to uphold me,God’s wisdom to teach me,God’s eye to […]

I knew there was little chance of getting a personal interview with Peter D. Kramer, clinical professor of psychiatry at Brown University, and author of “Listening to Prozac” and “Against Depression,” among other books. So for my interview series, I […]

I’ve been kidding my friend Jim Martin that he has become the Hannah Montana of the religious publishing world. He just spoke to an audience of 8,000 people at a conference in LA. Everywhere I turn around I hear him […]

Speaking of marriage vows, Liza Mundy highlighted an incredible commitment of love in her Washington Post magazine piece about a devoted husband, Dave Kendell, who cares for a disabled wife, Diana, and all that entails: preparing her meals, fixing her […]