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An Assignment: Your Life Mission Statement

You guys like these assignments, right? Beyond Blue reader Margaret says she does, so I let her speak for the rest of you. Feel free to ignore these, of course.
However, this one has been really helpful for me. Earlier this year I tutored a student (at the Naval Academy) who had been given an assignment to write his life mission statement. This is a one-sentence personal mission statement that incorporates your passion and talents (do what?), your audience (to whom?), and values (in what way?). You can’t cheat and go over one period. You CAN use lots of “ands” and “buts” and “whiles,” but (see there I go) all your verbs and clauses have to be part of one sentence.
I was moved by my student’s statement, which was this:


My life mission statement is to help the underprivileged and unhappy obtain better lives for themselves and their families by identifying problems and working tirelessly and selflessly to achieve solutions no matter how difficult the task.

Wow. And he’s only like 18 or 19. Think of what he will accomplish in his life with a solid base like that.
Mine was this:

I want to be an instrument of God’s love and peace to everyone I meet in this world, and I wish to provide hope to those weighted down by mental illness.

I think you’ll really get a lot out of this exercise. Because once you know what you truly want and what you are really about, you can move in the right direction. Now I’m starting to sound like a cheesy motivational speaker, SO I think I should stay away from memorial services for awhile AND stop reading the obituaries.

  • Rev. Tracie Voss

    “Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds.” — Buddha
    I could write a much longer mission statement, but if I had to condense it into one sentence, that would be it.

  • Larry Parker

    I want to be the deserving husband of a caring, intelligent, vivacious woman; and a promoter of social causes that are even more deserving of more awareness and support, such as those affected by mental illness.
    (tongue only slightly in cheek …)

  • Annie Turner

    I’d like to become more Spiritually openminded to listening to the Spirits; in how they can help me acheive my goals in this life then preparing me for the hereafter when the time is right.

  • Lisa K

    Gosh, Therese this is as good as the list of 10……let me think…
    My life mission statement is to assist adolescents to see their own potential and help them to strategize ways to meet their goals while showing them unconditional acceptance and God’s love.

  • Glen Hopkins

    My mission in life is to fully utilize my indwelling divine potential to empower myself and others to live and enjoy life to the fullest

  • CherylR

    To free myself from identification with the illusions of physical consciousness, thus liberating my soul to flow freely with the universal spiritual current so as to manifest the divine purpose for which I exist.

  • Candace Ringle

    To bring beauty on earth and in nature through and with people and animals in concepts and smiles in eyes in all I encounter in every realm in all time, shall I bring the reciprocity of love by follwing GOD.

  • Kerrie Jones

    My mission in life is to live each day with no regrets and in the comfort of knowing that my ultimate destination will be forever in eternity with He who is love, God Almighty.

  • Debbie

    My mission in life is to love and care for those around me and to help others as well as myself to develop into the best they can be.To reach my spiritual well being to the fullest.

  • Heather Burch

    My misson statement is provide love support and an empowering spirit to all I come in contact with. I also ask that the lord provide with these tools to help accomplishment this misson.

  • Pam

    My mission is to be competent with offering with love care, comfort and mercy to all I encounter and myself.

  • Mary

    My mission in life is to be a peacemaker: by giving of myself and by living, learning, and loving life, myself and others in a way consistent with truth and happiness, in love and consideration for all mankind and animals – especially those ‘weaker’ or less fortunate.

  • Katziel Kennedy

    Lately, I been reading “The Complete Conversations with God”, by Neale Donald Walsch. On page 155, “God” states that if one proclaims “I want” (I wish, etc.), that all that will be created will be the constant state of “wanting and wishing”. True creation of what you really desire comes with an “I AM _________” statement. I have been using this formula and it really works!
    Now, after reading this article, “I AM in process of creating My Mission Statement”!:)

  • Andrea

    My mission is to create a healthy, loving, God-centered life for my children, my husband, and myself; by focusing on the positive things: love, happiness, peace, contentment, forgiveness, and God; and eliminating the negative things from my life: negativity, disconnection, the effects of mental illness, worry, anger, guilt, and fear.

  • Dolores Swob

    I can honestly say my mission in life would be to find peace, in my daily life. And only then, will I find that it will spill out to others with great happyness and joy thru my being. I pray to have knowdlege and understanding in life with the Holy Spirit to guid me as I go. Thank you

  • Tiffany

    My mission is to allow the will of God to be done in my life, be a disciple for Him, and to pray, serve, and love Him and all others without ceasing.

  • Cully

    My life mission statement is that I am an instrument for and an example of G-d’s love and joy to all creation.
    Sometimes I stumble but Love helps me get back up and learn so that I can go on Joyfully.

  • monica

    ok, just b/c today has been particularly trying for me…
    My mission is to just get through each day, one day at a time, with the ability to crawl back into bed and actually sleep!

  • monica

    To inspire others, to inspire myself, to live life as a good person despite all other reasons to do differently, to find compassion, to love myself, and be free of guilt, anger, depression, & worry for things I cannot change, and to finally at judgement day, be able to stand honestly before my God and say I am a good person and have always done to others what I would have done to myself.

  • Park Nelson

    My purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

  • marion

    Wow! I am adopting Monica’s statement if I may.

  • Jeremy Thompson

    My purpose in life is to have fun no matter what I’m doing, and to help other people see the lighter side of everything.

  • Reesie Thomasson

    I have a strong desire to support people who are going through a grief period in their lives.
    My purpose in life is to stand on the post as a watchman and to make sure that people are guided in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    My purpose in life it to help young people to love one another, put Christ in their life, get an education and build self esteem of those that feel that life has little to offer them and volunteer to help senior citizens to feel that they have a friend and companion.

  • kasey

    my misson stamtement is to follow my path, my heart,my calling, so i can be the best me i can be for myself and others


    this is a really difficult question what is my mission statement? when i ask myself what are the most beautiful things in life ; i find an answer that ANIMALS. I LOVE ANIMALS. so my mission statement got to be related with animals. to create a nurturing environment for the animals. to find them a loving environment. to make people realize that animals are part of the life and they need a loving environment as long as you love them and care them not only the animals benefit from it people benefit from it.

  • queen of hearts

    my mission statement is to help give a hand up to the homeless families that are struggling to get a place to live for their kids and selves and to show them that life holds open many doors and if one door closes then a window will be open by god for us to see out of to see to a better way and that when they get their lives straight,that they too need to pay it forward… “brightest starr on the Island”

  • shubhra

    My life mission would be take care of the people having their relationship ruined and living rejected lives on the mercy of God and Nations.These people might have been separated by their sons and daughtors and their spouse.
    I find these people are deprived of their basic needs and unable to cope up with the stress and suffering. In the last days of their lives when ther is need of physical and mental attention, they are left alone to die.
    Young generations sould be proud of having their parents and treat them better and let them live harmonius and provide them all assistance.

  • rajendra

    My life mission would be to guide and inspire all such people who donot get due care and affection from their counterparts and due to the conflicts in their realtionship. Next generation suffers and their lives are also disturbed thereby making whole family, society, state and nation suffer.

  • Sharon

    To live with an avalanche of financial abundance and share it with others by providing meaningful and well paid work to others.

  • Mollie

    To live right here right now giving as much of myself as possible to as many projects as possible to make my life and the lives of all living beings as happy, harmonious, humane and humorous as possible with the help of a light heart, a light journey, knowing that we are light, that we are one with the universe, that what we believe is what we are, that we are all connected, that we live on a most beautiful planet, that we are as healthy as we are willing to be, that there is great joy and love just waiting for us to take it.

  • Cookie

    To provide natural healing choices and education to everyone who desires them. To make an impact on people’s life by assisting them receive the care they need so they can live a more abundant life

  • Lynne

    My mission statement is to try to make each day a little better than the last for myself, my friends, my family and every life I might touch along the way in this journey towards enlightenment,forgiveness,wisdom and finally inner peace.

  • Valentine

    My Mission Statement is:
    We are all on the same spiritual path; just at different places along the path doing exactly what we know to do at the moment given the conditions of our lives.
    That means we get past the idea of blame and faultfinding and begin to know that just because we are at one place on the path and someone else is at a different place doesn’t make them wrong.
    We are all one.
    Ours is not a better way….
    ours is merely another way.

  • Jack West

    I’m a very selfesh person. I don’t think about helping the world, I think mankind is on its last legs. It doesn’t matter who we elect as president, the country is going the way of the Roman Empire, Al-quida is the new barbaricism. I read your column and others serching for spiritual help. What can a Human being like me do(ps, I’m 62, I feel over the hill as far as accomplishing anything.)

  • Valentine

    Instead of thinking in “Global” terms; think about your personal Circle of Influence.
    How do you want to be remembered by those you come into contact with each and every day?
    Being 62 is not “over the hill”…if you look again you’ll see your “on top of the mountain.” This gives you a clear view of where you’ve come from and where you liked to go next. :-)

  • Marlene

    I agree with Valentine and want to add that there is so much you can do. I am just a year younger than you. I volunteer at our local nursing home. People who are in their 80’s and 90’s who I go to encourage and share large print books with through a program ran by our state library for the blind and visually impaired are so happy that I care about them and talk with them. I learn so much from them and am blessed. There are so many groups who are looking for volunteers from all walks of lives according to your interests. Mine happens to be reading, books and loving seniors who are also an inspiration to others. Check out your local papers. Online volunteer organizations. You are so needed and can do so much with even a little time.

  • Morgan896

    Two things to consider about being 62. Grandma Moses had not yet started to paint…And I have just begun to live. I will be 62 in May, and I work as a social worker counseling those addicted to alcohol and drugs. By September, God willing, I will complete a two year internship for advanced hypnotherapy. At the end of this week, I am forming an LLC, based on helping the needs of others overwhelmed with stress and chronic pain. There is SO much suffering in the world; let me be a bringer of internal peace for those who need comfort in such a selfish existence that all they can see is their own needs due to pain and stress.
    Thank you for giving me the mission statement idea! Always glad to hear from others on the peaceful path.

  • Odessa

    Great idea, I am working on mine and hope to have something together by the end of the month. I think if one has goals in life it makes life interesting. And to have a mission statement for your life is really important. All the energy you use up everyday can be more focused. Thanks for the idea!! Good Luck along your journey! and maybe our paths will meet someday!

  • Alicia

    I think sometimes that I have done the unforgivable and made the biggest mistakes in the world ,even though at the time that I did this I didnot see anything wrong with it now I know better. So how do I get other people to forget about it and how do I forget about it myself?

  • phyllis

    Dear Alicia we all do things in our lives we regret later GOD does not keep score know that he forgives us of our wrong doing and ask us to try to do better the next time FORGIVE yourself and try to not make the same mistake again and you will become a more caring and loving person because of your maturity. Not one person is perfect I hope you can achieve the ability to hold your head high even when others look down Look at your condemers and ask before they say anything I am so sorry for my wrong doing Please forgive me or maybe you might want to say to them God has forgiven me I hope you will be able to also!!!!…..My mission statement is I want to be able to look back on my life and say I tried to do the best I was able to do for the most and maybe when all is said and done people will know I tried my best as impurfected as it was I TRIED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Lewis


  • theresa miller

    do tou christian it would help me pay my credit cards i would like to get out of debt.

  • Anonymous

    Super!!! I am telling my Pastor about this. Maybe we can do this at church and make something happen in our lives and others. C>F>

  • Barbara Martinazzi

    Since I am retired and have three episodes of mental breakdowns requiring shock therapy treatment at three different occasions, I feel our Lord has given me another chance in my life. Of course, I had my family support and prayers, pluse I wanted to get back to my original happy self. My goal is to make one person happy a day. Now this doesn’t always work for me because I’m misunderstood at times; however I try. My other goal is when I get to heaven, I may hear from my Lord and Savior. Well done, good and faithful servant, welcome to my kingdom forever.

  • Deserlynn Ard

    My mission in life is to create a central location to review and explore all creative talents or ideas for new businesses. Too many people are quite talented, but are unaware of how to nurture it and allow it to become lucrative. I say, “do what you love and the money will come”. But actually God said this first in His word at Proverbs 22:29. So my mission is to help individuals (who want to) to focus and channel their strengths as they deepen their faith and learn about our God. To empower a person’s creativity is like unlocking the secret to their happiness. God is the Great Creator, so when we create we are imitating Him and using a wonderful gift…imagination!

  • JoJo

    This assignment was so enriching. It helped me to get focused and on track and stop yeilding to distractions. My life mission is to live out my purpose in God’s Will and minister to God’s people all over the world and help them to mature and become emotionally whole and stable.
    So now that I know that statement was given to me by God I can allow God’s grace to set the pace and move upon my heart and led in the path of righteouness.

  • Anonymous

    my lifes mission is to communciate to the world of thier problems and the tell them a new world is the solution

  • Angelbeliever

    This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for this opportunity.
    My mission statement is: I will be an encourager to others by lifting them up, thus bringing them God’s love, peace and joy though my actions.

  • Marge Lyles

    A young person up the line said: “My life mission is to live out my purpose in God’s Will and minister to God’s people all over the world and help them to mature and become emotionally whole and stable. ”
    That is the mission to which I, too, am called. I am blessed by being given the gift of healing through Reiki so that in my last years on earth I have a platform upon which to stand and achieve that mission. I am greatful. Margaret Lee, LMT, Reiki Master

  • nursekacey

    My life’s mission is to be a servant. I want to serve my husband, my family, my patient/members, my friends, strangers. Essebtially, I want to live my life serving the Lord. Also, I want to live my life without regrets, worries, judgement, prejudice, isolation, or fears. My life’s mission is to live my life outside of the box society may have me in.

  • 1ness4all

    My life’s mission is to LAST, Love, Allow, Surrender to the Source and Trust in the Universe to help bring about a peaceful, harmonious global transformation, by 12/21/2012.

  • Jack

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