Beyond Blue

Okay, so my New Year’s resolution lasted all of 15 minutes.
I couldn’t resist publishing this description of Beyond Blue by reader Margaret on the message board of my “Biggest Thrills of 2007” post, because it nails the mission statement or at least my vision of what we are all about.
I thought it appropriate to lay out who we are as we go into 2008, especially for newbies like Linda Marie.
Thanks, Margaret!

Linda Marie: Hello and WELCOME! By posting your confusion, you HAVE interacted, or at least begun to! INTERACT. As a “newer” family member perhaps it’s not my place to attempt to define us, but since i’ve never been good at “staying in my place”, I am, of course, going to add my two cents worth.
I see us as a place where we can all come, voice our fears and struggles, and receive feedback from others who also are struggling day-to-day to stay out of the throes of deep depression, which we refer to, thanks to Winston Churchill, as “the black hole,” “the abyss,” or “being trapped in the jaws of the black dog!” (All names which to me at least are quite apt and highly descriptive!
There are some “regulars” who always have insights/advice to share, and once in a while a “new” contributor such as yourself brings a fresh infusion of suggestions and sharing (nothing like “new blood”, right?). Since I began to relate to this family, I’ve received immeasurable support and understanding. The people here are “for real” and immensely caring about the struggles of a virtual stranger!
Here’s to your also finding something worth sticking around for! If you return daily, you’ll discover that Therese always manages to prompt a lively, meaningful discussion with her posts, and although we don’t all always agree with one another, there is a mutual acceptance/respect, and, for the most part, a shared faith in a Heavenly Father to whom we all matter!

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