Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

What Is Beyond Blue?

Okay, so my New Year’s resolution lasted all of 15 minutes.
I couldn’t resist publishing this description of Beyond Blue by reader Margaret on the message board of my “Biggest Thrills of 2007″ post, because it nails the mission statement or at least my vision of what we are all about.
I thought it appropriate to lay out who we are as we go into 2008, especially for newbies like Linda Marie.
Thanks, Margaret!

Linda Marie: Hello and WELCOME! By posting your confusion, you HAVE interacted, or at least begun to! INTERACT. As a “newer” family member perhaps it’s not my place to attempt to define us, but since i’ve never been good at “staying in my place”, I am, of course, going to add my two cents worth.
I see us as a place where we can all come, voice our fears and struggles, and receive feedback from others who also are struggling day-to-day to stay out of the throes of deep depression, which we refer to, thanks to Winston Churchill, as “the black hole,” “the abyss,” or “being trapped in the jaws of the black dog!” (All names which to me at least are quite apt and highly descriptive!
There are some “regulars” who always have insights/advice to share, and once in a while a “new” contributor such as yourself brings a fresh infusion of suggestions and sharing (nothing like “new blood”, right?). Since I began to relate to this family, I’ve received immeasurable support and understanding. The people here are “for real” and immensely caring about the struggles of a virtual stranger!
Here’s to your also finding something worth sticking around for! If you return daily, you’ll discover that Therese always manages to prompt a lively, meaningful discussion with her posts, and although we don’t all always agree with one another, there is a mutual acceptance/respect, and, for the most part, a shared faith in a Heavenly Father to whom we all matter!

  • Larry Parker

    Yeah, that hits it, Margaret. That really hits it!
    Wish I had written it :-)

  • Anonymous

    Well Maggie … there ain’t a dam thing, that I can find wrong with that statement ! I might add “Love is the answer !” What exactly that is, is highly debateable, and can only be defined by your experience and God … And if you are with God in that search, you are in the best of company … “I AM, with you all days, even till the end of the world !”
    LUV 2 U /LUV 2 ALL

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Wisdum: may I PLEASE ask you to refrain from the “Maggie”? It’s a nickname I’ve never liked and so therefore never used. Not sure why, I’ve just always abhored it. second only to “CarrotTop” or “Big Red” If you want a diminuative, I’ve gone by Marg” at times and that’s how my sisters all refer to me.(I outgrew the “Margie” years ago, although that was the name by which my niece and nephews referred to me until a year or two ago. (Prefaced by “Aunt” of course!) but know, even to them, it’s become “Aunt Margaret”
    Larry, don’t feel badly; there are often times I feel the same about things YOU write! You truly DO have a gift for the written word, and if you’ll allow me a little prognostication, I predict that 2008 will find you out from behind the blockbuster counter and bacck behind a keyboard where you belong! Thats certainly my prayer, anyway. Your talents are wasted renting movies and video games!

  • Marquos

    Wow Margaret, thanks for saying it so well.

  • Larry Parker

    Just for the record:
    That was Therese’s joke about working for Blockbuster.
    I don’t actually work for Blockbuster — the chain I actually work for is an upscale gift store. (Can’t give the real name — don’t want to get fired, small income stream though it is — although if you read my blog carefully, you’ll figure it out.)
    I have to say, I’ve learned a lot, though! If one’s goal is a public relations job — as mine is — it’s not the end of the world to have the “lemons” of retail to learn some “lemonade” sales techniques from.
    I was just complimented during a job interview today for being “a highly positive person.” If she only knew …

  • Barbara

    I had to laugh at the note Margaret wrote about not being called Maggie. My sister-in-law has been the only one to call me Barbara Ann, a name I hate with a passion (the Ann part). She has undermined me, pulled my brother away from me, and always put me down when around me (she is extremely insecure). When I got a Master’s Degree, the arrows really flew. But I responded always in love, and this Christmas, she sent me an email and a card, both calling me Barbara. What a wonderful gift to never have to hear “Barbara Ann” again. Silly, but that name always meant Mom was abusive/mad at me, and the rejection was triggered every time I heard the name. Yippee, I get to have some peace, finally. At 70, I deserve it, don’t I? :)

  • Margaret Balyeat

    now I feel TRULY obtuse! Not only didn’t I get the joke, that time I didn’t even realize it WAS one!! I’ve “done my time’ in retail and undertstand exactly what you’re saying bout the experience veing an opportunity to perhaps grow From my own experience(s) I’d imagine your supervisor’s comment was predicated on you treating even “difficult ” patrons(And there’s an ntire spectrim of THOSE!) respectfully and making sure they felt positive about your company before they leaft the store; NOT an easy task,

  • Anonymous

    Re -Margaret Balyeat | January 2, 2008 3:17 AM
    Wisdum: may I PLEASE ask you to refrain from the “Maggie”? It’s a nickname I’ve never liked and so therefore never used.
    ** Sorry Margaret, I have a few friends, named Margaret also, that I Love very much, and the use that nick-name. Most people never use their full names, and that is because the only time their full name was used was when they were in deep doo-doo, as it was being screamed across the mountain tops (if you catch my drift !)… “Mathew Robert Albano! You get in here right this minute !” (and often some other very choice words also !)
    Not sure why, I’ve just always abhored it. second only to “CarrotTop” or “Big Red”
    ** Wouldn’t have anything to do with that Rod Stewart song…would it? You think “Carrot Top” is bad, I had a red beard, and they called me “Carrot Bottom !”, My beard is white now, so they just call me old !
    If you want a diminuative, I’ve gone by Marg” at times and that’s how my sisters all refer to me.(I outgrew the “Margie” years ago, although that was the name by which my niece and nephews referred to me until a year or two ago. (Prefaced by “Aunt” of course!) but know, even to them, it’s become “Aunt Margaret”
    ** Don’t you hate that when it all becomes so formal with you family children … I hate it when my daughters friends call me Mr. … I guess I’m just not into artificial meaningless signs of respect. Don’t it make you feel better when some kid says “Wow Margie! That was cool!” (or whatever the hip trendy expression it is that day !)
    LUV 2 U / LUV 2 ALL

  • Nancy

    Larry – It’s so great to hear you (or read you) on your perspective about your current employment. I think it is great that your attitude is one of taking this as an opportunity of learning and growth in whatever way will be incorporated to your advantage in the future for your employment.
    I hope that did not come across as meaning that someone would need to learn how to get a product or a number of products, ring them up, run the charges through. That’s not my intent. I’m referring to dealing with people (ugh) throughout your business hours. I LOVE the part about the “highly positive person”. I’m chuckling here as though it’s our own little group joke about ourselves, and then your comment that they should only know.
    You know what, they were lucky to know you today. I know that we are responsible to take care of our illnesses and so forth, but within that framework we are trying so hard to live life with these sometimes unpredictable patterns of our body/mind chemistry that we just can’t wish away.
    There’s so much I want to write about, but I’m really tired. I had an awful day. My husband thought that I was genuinely going to have a heart attack at one point today. Honestly (oh – please no one reply to this next line) – at that point (and yes, I do know better and value life) – my head and body were exploding that bad fireworks that it would have been a reprieve.
    I don’t want a heart attack and die. I don’t want anything like that. In fact, I don’t want all of the illnesses that I have. I was overwhelmed today in the office, then exhausted and frustrated, then beating myself up, then crying because this is all too much.
    It’s done. It’s over. I won’t say that I’m fine (by the way – does anyone in the group know what FINE stands for?) but I’m not where I was this afternoon. I know I will not be truly ok until I get my work in order, and I have a job that feeds on my defect of “it’s never good enough or done enough” as the volume is huge. I am having my husband help me some, and I’m still drowning. It’s due to 2 things; my brother and my illness. Both of which I’m pretty powerless over.
    Ok – so -goodnight all – if anyone figures out fine – let me know!!
    I do love this group!!
    Nancy L.
    and p.s. – it’s Barbara and Margaret only !!
    no nicknames unless otherwise approved!

  • Larry Parker

    Oh (((Nancy)))
    I’m glad you wrote, though. (Given the circumstances, we would have been OK if it had been briefer — I know Mark Twain’s old joke about making it shorter if he had more time, though!).
    It is a needed reminder that some of us are fighting multiple battles — yours with chronic physical illness, some with dual diagnosis of addiction, still others with PTSD from childhood abuse.
    I can afford to say “one step at a time, one day at a time.” I have to remember you and so many other BB members (and so many others, period) aren’t so lucky.
    No wonder you overwork yourself :-(

  • Larry Parker

    PS —
    Speaking of Mat’s and Margaret’s friendly tiff about names …
    Do all BBers know that “Larry” is not a nickname but my real name — no “Lawrence,” no “Laurence”? Furthermore, it’s not my first name, but my middle name?
    And boy, did I used to HATE being called by my first name. Because I’m a junior, and everyone knows about my daddy issues.
    I’ve gained some, well, grace about it over the years. (Signing thousands of checks with said “hated” name will do that.) My boss at the gift store likes to goose me by calling me by my first name, but I take it in good fun these days.
    Easier, though, Barbara, when there are few popular songs about your first name (or even my middle/given name — “Hats Off to Larry” by Del Shannon is about it) compared to having a mega-Beach Boys hit that was further made famous on “Welcome Back Kotter” for everyone wanting to tease you to riff off of …

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