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Check out the Exploring Faith Book Club in the Beliefnet Community! They have many interesting discussion threads going on. Here is a description of the group: Have you always had questions about Christianity, Islam, or Judaism that you were too […]

I loved this comment by Beyond Blue reader Leslie because she views “holistic health” as a system using any and all tools that can facilitate growth, recovery, and health of the body, mind, and spirit. Compassionate people like Leslie also […]

I wanted to publish this comment by Jennifer about my post “My Holistic Approach to Depression” because: 1) She’s right about my holistic approach. If fish-oil capsules is all you need to think more clearly and love more deeply, then […]

I want to thank all my Beyond Blue readers for responding with so much compassion and support to my post “My Holistic Approach to Depression.” As you can see, the reader pushed a pretty sensitive button by claiming that I […]

Dear God, In today’s reading (Isaiah 49: 3, 5), it is written: The Lord said to me: You are my servant, Israel, through whom I show my glory. Now the Lord has spoken who formed me as his servant from […]

If I weren’t in such a fowl mood, the following quote would inspire me: Our helper is God, and he is such that no one can withstand him. As long as we continue to look to this strong loving helper, […]

I never thought I’d go to reader Larry Parker for faith and hope part because he has been such an intellectual skeptic (no insult intended, Larry). But his e-mail (below) about his mother came just as I was having my […]

I started a discussion thread at Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet’s Community asking the question: what were you like when you were young? Because I’m curious as to how many others felt very depressed, even suicidal, as a kid.

Thanks to all the Beyond Blue readers who told me to go gentle on myself regarding the mistake I made in my first Heath Ledger post. A few of you mentioned perfectionism, that ever-present battle to expect error-free performances from […]

I really liked this comment by reader Chattering Mind regarding Heath’s Ledger’s death because it brings up a lot of emotions I’ve been feeling lately, and also addresses my fears about my very sensitive boy: There are people on earth […]