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Of course, for some of us, feeling sick is a chronic condition. I was overwhelmed by all the comments to my post “Chronic Pain and Depression: The Gift of Gab and God.” So many people are in so much pain. […]

A few weeks ago, I started a discussion threat at Group Beyond Blue called “Surviving Winter.” It’s full of a great suggestions! Among them: From Marilyn: I try to keep lots of books and videos around, and try to keep […]

Last January I caught Eric underneath our dry, sagging Christmas tree with a bottle of wine in his hand. “Are you feeding the tree wine?” I asked him. “If it’s as depressed as I am, it could use some,” he […]

Dear God, I take comfort in the words of Isaiah (8:23—9:3) that I read this week: Anguish has taken wing, dispelled is darkness: for there is no gloom where but now there was distress. The people who walked in darkness […]

Beyond Blue reader and group member Marquos (find his homepage here) beautifully expresses this journey of coming to love yourself in his poem, “Butterfly Fields,” which I found on his blog ( He’s a beautiful writer, and I think many […]

I’m proud to announce that Beyond Blue reader and group member Dawn Andrea (get to her homepage by clicking here) has started a new group called “Women Who Hurt Themselves and Those Who Love Them.” She writes about why she […]

You may or may not remember last years “Winter Health Week.” I do. Because I was sick when I was writing my posts. In fact, Winter Health Week 2007 made such an impression on me that I was ready for […]

Awhile back, Beliefnet’s Dena Ross wrote a short piece on how Christian Music superstar Amy Grant deals with holiday depression. Now Dena offers a comprehensive interview with Amy regarding faith, family, and depression. To see the part of her video […]

I was disheartened to read this by one of our Group Beyond Blue members yesterday morning: I’ve been, sporadically, posting at Beyond Blue original, then someone sent me a link for the group. I did a profile and posted and […]

The author I interview today is famous AND one of us!! She co-authored the bestselling book, “The Faith Club” with Ranya Idliby and Suzanne Oliver. You may have heard of it: Ranya (a Muslim), Suzanne (a Christian), and Priscilla (a […]