Beyond Blue

Tonight at 7 PM EST Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet’s Community site will attempt (repeat: WILL ATTEMPT) to hold a self-esteem forum, in which Beyond Blue members are assigned a person for whom to write an affirmation letter. I really don’t know how this will fly, but I’m willing to experiment since so many people have created their own self-esteem files and said it made a huge difference in their self-esteem.
If you want to be a guinea pig, go to Group Beyond Blue by clicking here. Then click “discussions” on the menu on the left side. You will see “self-esteem forum” as one of the threads. Simply let us know you’re there around 7 PM, and we’ll assign someone to write you a letter, and give you a name of a member that you need to get to know and for whom you’ll write a letter.
See you then! Therese

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