Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Dear God: Come, Holy Spirit

Dear God,
I guess you would say there are no such things as coincidences. Only mini-miracles. Today, the 14th anniversary of my father’s death, I read these words in the Gospel of Matthew (15-17):

After Jesus was baptized, he came up from the water and behold, the heavens were opened for him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming upon him.

That’s what it was like the evening my dad died.
Standing there over his hospital bed was much like witnessing a birth, when a soul emerges from the womb with a brand new body. As I felt his warm hand turn cold, his spirit detached from his body, leaving it behind as a shell. As my dad’s pulse gradually stopped, I knew for certain that the corpse around which my sisters and I gathered was not the end of the story—just a transition to something or somewhere I don’t yet understand. And although there was no dove flying around the windows of the ICU, I’ve never been so sure that You were there with us; I’ve never felt the presence of Your Advocate, the Holy Spirit so strongly as that night.
It was very much like the experience that Mr. Guardian Angel, Ann’s husband, told Eric and me about during the weekend of our reunion. And I doubt either of us would have believed him had he not showed us a photograph of a white dove sitting peacefully on his arm.


In his words:

Two days after Ann’s mother died, the family gathered in the garden outside the house. It was a time much like the Pentecost, when the disciples met in the upper room to discuss the game plan after Jesus’ death. Like the apostles, Ann’s family was scared and confused.
When a white dove appeared on the dormer of Ann’s mother’s bedroom, Ann and I realized the significance of the Holy Spirit! It was a great comfort to see the dove, and then to our great surprise if flew down and landed on my brother-in-law’s head!
My brother-in-law is six years younger than Ann, and as a child had several bantams (small chickens) as pets. They lived in a big chicken coop in her back yard. The bantams would roost on Danny’s head when he went to see them, which was unusual, a sign of the Holy Spirit’s sense of humor. How would the dove have chosen my brother-in-law out of the seven people present, and then happily sit on his head as though He belonged there. God knew it would bring back happier days and acknowledgement of His presence and loving understanding of the family’s great loss.
Ann and I were moved, the others greatly amused, and then I held out my hand in acknowledgement and said “Come Holy Spirit.” The dove immediately flew to me, walked along my arm toward my face, and gently peck me on the cheek–even as my sister-in-law held out crackers for the dove to eat. I don’t think the others paid any attention to these words, but Ann and I experienced this as Christians would, and were greatly moved by the Dove sitting on my arm. A photo was taken, which we treasure and have given to many, as we share the miracle.
Ann and I went back to the church in the autumn, which was several months later, to present the church with a check in honor of Ann’s mother, to be used to maintain the lovely cemetery on Shelter Island, N. Y. at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. The priest, who knew my mother well, and guided her through the year preceding her death, told us that all week, there had been a white dove hanging out at the church and the graveyard. He first saw it on the peak of the church entrance, flying and resting in the area of my parent’s graves. The priest was very moved and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.


God, as my creator, you know me. Right? You know that I’m always asking you for signs–that this job was the right one to take, that Annapolis was the right place to move, that giving up booze was the right thing to do—or for evidence that you do really care about us, Your children. I’m a doubting Thomas that needs to see the risen Jesus and touch his wounds in order to believe in the resurrection.
That’s why these stories and signs—a white dove pecking the cheek of Mr. Guardian Angel after his mother-in-law’s death, or reading the passage about the dove, the Spirit of God, descending on Jesus on the anniversary of my dad’s death—hold so much weight.
They provide me with small ounces of hope that all of the stupid stuff in life has meaning, that all of our suffering and pain has a purpose, and that there really is some divine order in the madness down here, that the big picture makes sense in the end.

  • Anonymous

    This was an especially powerful set of thoughts and experiences to read this morning.
    We do need assurance and it comes in the ways that God directs/allows/encourages to reach and touch us. Personally, I like the miracles and the mysteries. They don’t give me goose bumps nor do I slap my forehead and say, “I could’ve had a V8!” But they get to me, spiritually and draw me closer. I try to find those moments as often as possible and will relate my experience – don’t know if it’s common or unique to my experience – but that shouldn’t keep me from sharing.
    When I was doing a study authored by a Canadian missionary, he had an innate sense of right to everything he said. I didn’t wrestle with its applicability or appropriateness for my life – it was as if he was teaching me, personally – rather than me reading his study guide and watching his video. And it stuck with me – even today. I think that’s the way we experience the assurances of God’s will – the Holy Spirit ensures that we have a peace about us that makes it clear – this is it. The anxiety melts away and we sigh deeply as we snuggle into God’s lap. That assurance or reassurance or comfort (whatever we want to call it) comes at the end of a time prayer, where we ask, “Show me and teach me.” and then we listen and wait for His answer. It might take a retreat or a bit of time in our prayer closet to find the stillness and quietness we need. . .because He says, “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s like the the other half of our prayer – when He answers and shows us His will.
    Blessings . . .

  • Larry Parker

    My prayers are with you today.
    Interestingly, I’ve had two Beliefnet friends lose their fathers to Alzheimer’s in just the last few weeks. They are both in agony — particularly the one (who I think checks in here but doesn’t post) with depression.
    And my sister’s mother-in-law is within weeks of losing her battle with cancer. (My brother-in-law, who makes Mr. Spock look emotional, is in complete denial, of course, although I can’t blame the poor lug one bit.) She’s a very sweet-hearted but also tart (some tough life experiences) lady — overall a good life, but it will be too short by anyone’s standards.
    But grief is our (understandable) missing of our loved ones. I have a different question today:
    What about our loved ones’ experiences?
    Virtually everyone dies either in pain or (if in hospice) in comfort but after a brutally painful illness. That’s reality.
    Death, therefore, is a release — one that older people by and large accept — and one that can be dangerously tempting to those of us, the young and middle-aged, in the worst of our depression.
    I think suicidality (though entirely understandable) is different from acceptance, though. It’s really an attempt at defiance — defying this disease, defying the world that discriminates against us, defying relatives and friends who may have rejected us (revenge fantasy), defying our pain. And, again, though we pray people don’t succumb, it is understandable. (Particularly because, medically and perhaps spiritually, we are quite literally not in our right minds at that point.)
    The problem is, defiance means, no matter the physical method, we die with the pain we have lived with because of this diagnosis. (And for senior citizens, I also reject Dr. Kevorkian and assisted suicide, even though I am a huge believer in hospice.)
    And where does acceptance bring us? Acceptance brings us to peace. Acceptance brings us (if one is a Christian) to the Prince of Peace — the man (G-d) who the Jews of the time thought was going to overthrow the Romans to create peace, but the “peace” He stood for was so much more.
    I was so comforted to hear Therese say she has no idea what Heaven (or Hell, or Limbo) is like. I don’t either. And that troubles me deeply.
    Yet when people read my heterodoxical religious and spiritual views, they must understand … I BELIEVE THERE IS A SOUL. I believe it lives on after death. I am in awe of the Divine Comedy, but I have a few different ideas after that (interestingly, that comport with Eastern traditions, though I have never been attracted to those traditions as a whole). Yet I ultimately know I have no clue about the details.
    What I have a clue about, though, is that Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris are wrong. WE DO GO ON. (And I think if you ask an “atheist in a foxhole” — or one at a funeral — they might secretly agree.)
    And I hope that is of some comfort to Therese, her guardian angel, my Beliefnet friends, and (soon, tragically) my brother-in-law today.

  • Jim

    I have read your thoughts and prayers for some time now. I have finaly got the nerve up to post a comment. I pray every day, I have a ring with a cross on it that my father gave me and I turn it after every prayer. I have suffered for many years in severe pain in my back after a fall on the job. I had fusion in 2000, at a time when my 2 daughters where attending college. Both of them went to a Catholic university and it was hard to get through my pain and pay for college without them take notice of what I was going through. I prayed for GOD’S help and he delivered. I have a wife that was a great support and a son who helped also and we found our way through with the Lord. I still suffer alot do to the failed surgery of my back fusion but I do not let on to anyone. Then we were stuck again when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 years ago 2 days before Christ was born. I tried to keep it to myself but I had to have it removed. My family said, how could God do this to us? My answer was he is trying to make us a srtonger family and he will help us get through this. My saying to them is sometimes God throws you a curve ball and he wants you to hit it so you can strenghten your faith in one self and the Lord. I still suffer and will not tell anyone except when I pray because I am now deaf and have a memory problem and walking can be difficult at times. I believe that God has his reason for giving me this but yet I feel lucky that somehow it has made my family closer to God , and to one another. I only wish I can tell someone how much I suffer it is hard to keep things in at times, I know the Lord listens though. God Bless Jim

  • Babs

    Prayers for you and your family today, Therese.

  • Truely Frustrated

    As a sufferer of severe chronic pain, degenerative disc disease and many (up to 8 collapsed discs) I too cannot find an kind of pain relief. The pain medication I take, only slightly takes the edge off the pain, and the sleeping pills only, allow me to sleep a couple hours a night. Since 2004 when I had 3 back surgeries, 2 to my neck( c4-5, c5-6) & 1 to my low back(L5-S1) I experienced relief of pain symptoms for about 13 months, which I am TRUELY greatful. However, about as rapidly as I received the short lived relief, things deteriated and now I have 2 or 3 collapsed discs below the surgery site in my neck, and 2 or 3 collasped discs above the surgery site in my low back. Along with the previous 3 surgeries failing. I am now in so much pain everyday, I too are weighing whether it is worth even continuing the daily struggle to get out of bed and try to obtain work. In my line of work the risk management departments are also making it very difficult for people like me to even continue to obtain gainful emploment. I AM TRUELY CONCIDERING TO TERMINATE MY MISERABLE EXISTANCE, IN THE SAME MANOR AS YOUR FATHER, THERE IS NO VISIBLE BENEFIT for me to continue suffering this way. To me it is an inhumane existance. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND your fathers decision and action. I don’t believe I am depressed, just truely frustrated, and in so mch disconfort I can’t stand it anymore. To me death is a welcome blessing.

  • Rick M

    The Holy Sprite is very powerful and pray it has put me through alot of
    diffcult situation including combat in Vietnam.
    I pray every chance I get.

  • marilyn

    my heart goes out to you therese i lost my father a year ago decenber. i think the holy spirit does work in those situations. i spent many years not close to my dad but started going to church and changed alot of my life and got close to my dad had 2 years befor he got sick and passed away. i was at his bedside the whole time and everyone kept telling him it was ok tolet go that this one and that one was going to be ok but kind of left me out. the after everyone left and iwas there alone with my dad some one from my church came by they told my dad not to worry about me that i would be ok after they left he passed within a few hours i think the holy spirit wanted him to know i was going to be ok. prayers marilyn

  • cathy

    thanks for sharing those story, therese. very moving. sending warmth your way. what a gift that you were there with your father.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Don’t you just LOVE rhomas, guys? even when he was able to SEE the risen Chrisy, he was still courageous enough to share his doubts in the face of everyone else’s (apparently) instant acceptance. even more, wasn’t Christ’s reaction to thmas beautiful? Gives me hope that I won’t be found luke warm on that final day and spewed from His mouth!
    watching both of my parents die were spritual experiences, but particulary my mother’s death was an affirmation of an afterlife. she spent the last week or so of her life slipping back and gorth between this world and the next, talking to her previously deceased brothers,and her own mother. O defy anyone priveliged enough to witness that pgenomenon to remain a nonbeliever! My mother had several stress fractures in her back from th combination of the cancer and her long-time battle with osteoperosis(sp?) It was incredibly painful for her to sit up and required one of us helping(practically lifting ) her into a sitting position. However, in the week prior to her death as I was taking my turn one night sleepinn in the recliner next to her hospital bed, she became obviously distracted. It woke me, and to my great surprise, she sat straight up in bed in the manner a peson doing situps would do. she sat there for a few moments and then began reciting the twenty third Psalm aloud while staring at the foot of her bed (I was on the side) When she finished, this beautiful smile came across her face and she said quite fervently,”Thank you, Nother.” before lying back down. to this day I remain convinced that my grandmother was in the room with us even though I could ot/did not see her. have never forgotten those few moments, and felt/feel blessed to have seen/heard that experience she shared with her mother. It’s one of the reasons I become so disgusted with myself when my own faith falters. what more telling sign should a person need than THAT one? A few days later she became nearly catotonic except for opening her eyes. even when she DID open them, she would look at us as if we weren’t there and didn’t respond to our greetings. It wasn’t until the public health nurse removed her drainage tubewhich caused her deep physical pain that she seemed to be really “there” as soon as she came around, she bwegan looking and calling for her younger brother and his wife, both of whom had neen dead many years. My oldeer sister (theone with the medical training; she’s an RN) began reminding her that my aunt and uncle were gone. Every time K. said something to remind her, she (my mother) would gasp as if hearing it for the first time. she then became quite agitated and insisted that they had just been there singing with her. As it happened, my cousin who was the daughter of said aunt and uncle was there visiting, having flown in from Colorado to see my mother one more time. Each time my mother called out for one of Linda’s parents, my cousin’s tears floed even harder. Once again, all of us in that room were convinced that my aunt and uncle had been with her while she was in that unresponsive state; she was simply too adament not to be believed. When she finally died a few days later, it was another moment of deep symbolism. She had been quite agitated, breathing heavily and flailing her upper body with a “deer-in-the-headlights look on her face. i’ve always HATED hearing people say “S.he looks so peaceful when viewing the body of a loved one, but that was indeed the case when my mother left. The deer-in the-headlights look was gone, and her facial wrinkles seemed to have melted away as well. (At seventy-three, her face had been a veritable road map of laughter and frown lines; but no more! I know how bizzare this all sounds, but all of us who were there saw and heard the same things! If THAT’S not the Holy spirit ministering to us poor humans, i’d like to know what is! thank you, Therese, for sharing YOUR story; it brought my own experieces back which has strengthened my spirits this morning!

  • Jim

    Dear Therese,I feel for you and the loss of your Father and I believe he is looking over you as is my father and mother. You might say this is to odd but my father was a Deacon in the church and my mother had cancer for years and was within her last few days. I told my Dad that mom will not be coming home and we need to prepare, well my father told me he was going to prepare for my mother’s coming to eternal life with God. I did not understand as did any of my brothers. He went into the critical care unit in the same hospital the next day. No doctor could tell us what was wrong with him. His internal organs where just shutting down with no reason behind it. They did all kind of test to no avail. My Father died 4 days before my mother and all he said to us the day he died was mom will have a home with him in Heaven. I know this sounds unbelievable but it is true and I know your father is with God watching over you and your family. I am suffering and have suffered but I am a strong person and I rather myself then anyone in my family. I would like to let Bab know I will pray for her. Bab the one way to try to overcome pain is try to think of the good things in life. The ability to see things that are around you that others can”t. when you pray talk to God and that helps relieve some of the stress which will help the pain. God gave you life and your suffering is terrible and I pray for you Jim

  • Babs

    Jim —
    Thank you.

  • Yvette Picaso

    My heart goes out to those who have loss a loved one. I believe this is one of the toughest challenges us humans have to endure. The loss of a love one is very difficult to cope with – especially when it is someone close to us such as your parents/children/and,or spouse. I loss my best friend ….my father, three years ago this September. I was a Daddy’s girl and even though he is gone in flesh I know I will always still be his girl. Had it not been for me knowing God in such an intimate manner, I know this loss could have caused me my sanity. You see I believe God prepares us all because he knows us all so well. He truly does take care of his children. You see my father was terminally ill and was diagnosed with only 6 months to live back in 1987. However, my mothers faith was greater than any physicians diagnosis. I am so grateful that God waited on dad and that he gave everyone who knew him more precious memories to enjoy with him. During his final days as his body began to really deteriorate I just prayed for God to have mercy on us all. In many attempts to help dad with his heart condition a defibrillator was implanted in him. This little piece of technology was to jump start his heart when it would stop beating. Dad would describe it as a mule’s kick to his heart. The objective of this device was to shock the heart back into beating when it would stop. Well, just at it was the one thing that was keeping him alive it also would be the one thing that would keep trying to shock him or his heart when he was deceased. The doctors did discuss this with us that this machine would not when to stop shocking him and that they would have to possibly surgically remove it when he passed on or should I say transitioned into the Eternal. This is the one thing I talked to God about. I did not want my mother or any other family member of mine to have to witness my father endure this possible shocking to his heart. Thus I really prayed to God that He would not allow this to happen. I prayed that He would also allow me to be the last person dad would see before he left us all. I was so thankful that my Heavenly Father did grant me this. I know also that love ones are reunited with their deceased loved ones when they transition into the spiritual dimension that separates us from the physical world. My father in his last moments also called and was speaking to his deceased mother as he began his journey back home into the afterlife. I sang “Amazing Grace” to him as he began his journey home and know that God finally healed his ailing body for he truly set him free from all his pain and suffering that he had to endure in his final days on this earth. May the Good Lord’s grace and mercy be with all those who grieve the loss of a love one. But may you find some comfort in knowing that although death is the one guarantee we all have in life, their is also a greater guarantee in the precious blood of Jesus Christ as we too take our journey here on earth. Peace and Love to all.


    my heart also knows what it’s like to lose a father,i’m the oldest of 12,9 brothers & 3of us girls, i’m the oldest and i’m taking care of my brother(disabled) and my mother, she has diabetes and going blind, but even though it’s hard to do some days, i feel that the holy sprit speakes to me everyday to help me, i’m also a caregiver and take care of a 94year old lady.i’m devorced and when i was married i had everything (i thought) i needed never worried about how the bills will get paid, but the lord had another plan for me it’s hard but there is a peace everyday, i never was able to morn my dad becouse i felt i needed to be strong for my family, not knowing that the lord was in control,i have a son that is hiv pos.and is a little sick right now his a blessing to me, i know that alot of people focus on the stigma and not on the person well he prays, he belives in the lord, but please put him on your prayer list with all of gods blessings thank you.

  • Nancy

    What a wonderful way for God to show his presence.
    My parents died in 1986 and 1988. When I finally took over the old family home in 1992 for over 6 months my bedroom door would rattle at exactly 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Once a b/f had a dream of my mother (whom he had never met)and woke me up to tell me at exactly 3:00 a.m. in the morning. I knew it was my mother for when I was a child she would always open my bedroom to look in on me.
    During the years I lived in the old family home I also had a cat that would wake from a sound sleep on this huge scratching post. She would glance around the post..meow at something…look more…meow more..then start running around on the post as if she was playing with someone. You have to understand this cat had NEVER done anything like this before in the 5 years of her life. It became a nightly occurance. I finally realized it was my father playing with her (though they had never met)to let me know he was watching over me.
    The most interesting thing though was when I decided to tear down the old family home and put another one on the same property. Once the house was on location (and just before all the utilities where turned on) I took pictures at night of the home using the flash from the camera and a street light.
    When I finally developed the pictures the strangest thing occured. All the pictures had “something” seeming to fly around the top and front of the house and in the front kitchen window there seemed to be a candle glowing in one window.
    I am able to accept that MAYBE the candle in window had to do with the camera but I have never been able to explain, nor others who have viewed the pictures, how it appears there are 2 ghosts or spirits flying around the new home.
    Without a doubt I believe God permitted the spirits of my parents to appear in those pictures to let me know they approved for during the entire project one of my brothers had several times kept telling me our parents would never had approved and I should have renovated the old home.
    All these occurances I do believe were God’s and my parents way of letting me know they are always with me.
    God Bless,
    Nancy aka sixlittlekitties

  • Ann-Marie

    As sorry as I am about your loss, I am overjoyed that you have seen the miracles that take place when we suffer a loss. It took me many years to recognize and realize the PURPOSE of death….or the reason why there was any REASON in death.
    I was reading something one day on a website and it asked this question “What message did your father leave?” I was so taken back by that statement that I walked around my house muttering for most of the day, “message…what message can an abusive alcoholic leave for me” and constantly repeating “Are you kidding me” as if I was talking to God….and then out of nowhere I felt goosebumps and the words came into my mind….”BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER.” I couldn’t imagine even hearing it at first and then it began to clear. My father told me that one day when I was unhappy about some friendship issues I was having as a teen. You know, when your friends choose cheerleading and you don’t make it…they do…and you are left in the dust to begin again to create new friendships in spite of your low self esteem which just dropped 50 degreees lower. I thought to myself, “Who knew?”. It took me the rest of the day to even allow the message to sink in, let alone forgive my father for the way he raised us. (Corporal punishment was big in those days and silence was the only way to deal with alcohol and abuse.) When my father passed, I suggested to my sister’s and my mother, that we all write in a Father’s day card (it was Father’s Day weekend) how terrible he made us feel, and we did just that and buried it with him. This all came flooding back to me that day but it was also the most blessed day…Imagine…an abusive alcoholic…my father…it was the first time I realized how much he loved me and it was the first time I realized that forgiveness made itself known in my conscious mind. I could finally forgive my father…it was the best message I had ever heard.
    I am so thrilled to hear experiences like yours when a loved one passes, it gives so many, another place to look for what was missing in the life of the person they have lost and to, hopefully, realize the blessing in that loss. There is one in all losses, I believe.
    Although we experience this sadness….the joy of knowing what they have left us, and the way it is delivered….is such a BLESSING! god be with you as you grieve your loss and Thank You for the courage to share it.

  • Dianna Lynne

    Thank you, the writer for sharing this GORGEOUS piece of art. This in itself is a true honor and loving gift back to our Creator, our God. You have shown your love for God with this expression of faith and you have really touched me. I can relate. It feels so good in my heart, and I have chills running all over my body right now, just knowing that “I’m not crazy” and this stuff really is REAL. What a warm, loving place this Earth CAN be, if we all learn to listen to the signs and messages that are there for all of us. He longs to show and tell.
    Wow. I absolutely love this piece. This is honor to God in and of itself. I am proud of you for this expression of love.
    God bless you and cover you with His favor.
    Thank you so much for this insight to your soul.

  • Anonymous

    I lost my mother on 10/4/07. My mother was really my best freind. We became really close as I grew up and begin o have children of my own. She raised most of my siblings and I on her own. There are (8) of us. She was a freind to so many. I miss her smile, and laugther, also wisdoem. She died of 4th stage lung cancer, my mother had not smoke in over 5 years.She was a very loving and strong believer in Christ. I miss her, and sometime, it seems really hard to understand. I too love and believe in Christ. I know she is well, and she is with the Lord, yet, I cant help but miss her and wish she had live a little longer. She was diagnosed on 9/4/07 and died shortly after.We would talk almost everyday on the phone, pray together, go shopping, have dinner, etc. I fill such a lost, and I thank God for the hope, to see her once again. I share the pain of a lost love one also, and pray that each and everyone receives his grace and mercy, wherever it is needed.

  • Ife~

    I am truly moved. I woke up this morning doubting the existence of God because I could not see or hear him when I cried out for his presence.
    I thought to myself, I may have to call him/her by a different name. Guess what that name was? “HOLY SPIRIT”. I began to weep uncontrollably. I set about my day with boiling some water for a cup of tea, then checking my email. I saw the topic: Dear God:Come, Holy Spirit.
    As I read your moving story I begn to weep again as each word just poppped off the page assuring me that the Holy Spirit is present and operating. Thank you for sharing this story on the right day, at the right moment for me.

  • deborah

    i feel like i cant find god. i see him in everything but i feel a million miles away.i pray for gods help and wisdm, but i dont think he hears my prayes .what can i do

  • Anonymous

    Some times you can not feel the presence of GOD or the Holy Spirit, but he is there always watching over us. Truely, I must say the we are not alone or forgotten.Jesus came on this earth to show us how to have a relationship with eachother, how to act properly to each of us to have a relationship with OUR loving heavenly father. I pray for you all that have a loss in your lives, pain, sickness, death! Our lord looks down from heaven and blesses us All with his loving kindness. Peace be with you!

  • Paul Brown

    Deborah’s comments are the issue for all of those who read these inspiring words. Theodicy is the topic here. God’s presence during pain and suffering is what Theodicy embraces. Deborah; you are a true child of our creator and you are on the right track. Don’t stop asking or seeking. Please know that God stands with you and will guide you.
    For the author of this vingette; thank you for telling the story. More of us should.

  • Valerie

    What a beautiful experience you had with the dove. Talk about an obvious sign. Valerie

  • Lue Graham

    As I read your story., I too was moved to tears. I believe in Jesus Christ., but right now I am at a pivotal crossroads with Christianity, church going and all the other traditional things that I grew up with., something is missing from my life., but I will continue to search and read evidence like your story that truly makes GOD real.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Maryann

    Yes, it was a beautiful and touching story!
    I know God is with us. It just takes time for him to answer our prayers. Everyone has to hang in there! I know there is alot of prayers out there which need to be answered.
    I have had a sign too. One I will never forget!!

  • Jose Rico

    My sister is a nice person but, I don’t see her seeking God.
    I feel that she is bitter and unhappy. She has two children a son and a daughter they both are married but, her daughter lives with my sister and her husband. I keep after my sister because I feel that her daughter is just using her and is taking advantage of them both my sister and my brother in law. I feel that my niece and hoer husband and their two children should get a place on their and make a life on their own because she hardly helps with chores in the house my sister does almost everything in the house. I see this wrong and to top it off my brother in law has 2 fraction disk and is not working and he is now worried about bills house payment etc. They are a very nice family dont get me wrong but, I feel that if they were to seek god they would be better off. Please help me pray for my sister and her family and financial situation. I want to see them happy.
    Thank you and God Bless you.
    Jose Rico

  • Karla

    Thank you for your eloquent comments regarding faith. I needed to hear those words today!

  • Paula Schweigel

    I so enjoyed reading your story. For years I didn’t go to church, but I continued to pray. My life has been a difficult one with many trials. This year alone I have lost my home to fire and lost my husband to divorce. God felt the need to tear everything down to build me back up. I never knew that life could be so wonderful. My life has been reborn and I feel joyful all the time after thinking I never would again. Just lay all the problems at Jesus feet. It is one of the hardest things to learn to do but there is no better feeling than to know that he will take care of everything. Just pray without ceasing and God bless.

  • Darlene

    Reminds me of the words to the a song: Come, Holy Spirit, I need Thee. Come, Sweet Spirit, I pray. Come in Thy strength and Thy power.
    Come in Thine own gentle way. PTL

  • Leona Ebling

    I read the story “Come, Holy Spirit” and felt I would share with you a true story of one of our “real life” happenings that god is real and does hear us when we ask for help…
    We were stranded in a bad blizzard in the year of 1964 Dec. Sitting in our drownded out old car in the middle of a country road about five miles from our home with four of my five children. The oldest being almost 7 the youngest 6 weeks. My husband had walked to our home through the blinding snow and drfits above his waist to try to get help for us.
    After spending what seemed like eternities (probably three hours) and numerous nursery rhymes and songs of Jesus Loves me and Oh, How I love Jesus my son John who was almost 6 crawled into the front seat beside me and said “Mom, my daddy is going to freeze out there. And we will freeze in here.” I could feel the fear in his words.
    I answered with a calmness I did not feel, “No, Johnnie Daddy will be ok and we will too.” He said “Well, we are not going to freeze and ddaddy will not die out there’ With this he climbed back over the seat and knelt on the floorboard and prayed, “Jesus, you send somebody to get us and take us home and my daddy too.”
    He climbed back into the seat and looking through a very small hole in the back glass where the ice and snow had not covered it he soon exclaimed, “Mommy! Mommy! I told you Jesus would send somebody to get us there is lights coming.” Sure enough there was. I had to kick with all my might to get our car door opened to yell at the man who had had to scoop and drive and scoop again to get around us.
    He said, “Lady, do you have children in there?” I answered Yes! three and a six week ol began throwing his Christmas presents and things into the back of his old pick-up and helped me carry my kids and get into the cab of his truck. Going to my place he would drive awhile and then have to stop and scoop and go again. We met my husnad walking back to us because there was no one who would come to get us until the storm let up.
    Telling us that he had lived out this way all his life yet he had never taken that road to go home ever. That he had always went the other way. He said, “I got to the corner and I fell such a urging to go this way. “I thought why would I travel a strange road in such a bad storm? But I turned” He was taking home Christmas presents for his kids and medication as they were ill. How marvelous the working of our Lord and HIS Holy Spirit. We made it to our door and the man stayed at a neighbors closer to his home and made it home the next morning safely.

  • Diana

    I was so moved by your story, I cried through it all the way to the end. My dad passed away in 2005, he was 95 and there is no question that I had the same exact experience that you did. The spirit was with me at every step of the way, right to his death and I felt the spirt in the room and the spirit took his soul away to God. I just lost my mother on Dec. 15, 2007, she was 94. Her passing was different in that it was over a period of two days, but when the Spirit did arrive, she was off to the Lord. In her case, we believe that she was waiting to see my father and was not going anyplace until she was sure that he would be taking her, along the journey, with the Spirit to God. Thank you so much for your lovely story. The words that you have written quoted below are so very true. God Bless You for sharing.
    “They provide me with small ounces of hope that all of the stupid stuff in life has meaning, that all of our suffering and pain has a purpose, and that there really is some divine order in the madness down here, that the big picture makes sense in the end.”

  • Karen

    This story really hit home!
    Our son has Crohn’s desease and in Sept 10 of 2006, 3 weeks after major surgery on his colon, he was rushed to the hospital with complications.
    Paralyzed with fear, I jumped in the car with my husband and drove to Mt Sinai hospital over an hour away in New York City. On the ride, I composed myself enough to pray a simple prayer over and over again…. “Lord Jesus,surround Michael with Your Holy Spirit”.
    We got to the ten minutes before Michael was wheeled into the operating room. Michael asked me to pray for him and told him I prayed all the way to the hospital.
    By now it was 1:30am in the morning on the 5th anniversay of 9/11.
    Since Michael was the only patient in the holding room we fortunate enough to be allowed to stay with him while the team checked his vitals and prepared for the operation.
    Realizing he was minutes away from another operation, my knees started to buckle and the fear returned. I immediately began my prayer again.
    “Lord Jesus, surround Michael with Your Holy Spirit”.
    At that very instant, my eyes were directed to his hospital gown. I could hardly comprehend what I saw. The standard hoptial gown with the typical geometric pattern we were accustomed to seeing was totally covered with white doves! He indeed was surrounded by the Holy Spirit!
    Michael’s actual operation took 1 hour and went well. The problem was due to adhesions which were starting to cause a blockage.
    When we saw him in recovery, he was wearing the typical hospital gown
    once again. Michael remained in the hospital another week or so.
    Ever the doubting Thomas, I checked the laundry cart every day looking for another hospital gown with those “doves”. Dud I really see them?
    My husband hadn;t noticed them.
    Finally, I shared my story with the nurse in charge. She insisted we visit the main laundry room. A few minutes later we found a gown with “doves” all over it. The nurse told me she had worked in the hospital for 20 yrs and had never seen a gown like it. She thought it probably came into the hospital on a patient who transferred from a Catholic hospital. With that she hugged me and handed it to me saying ” I think this belongs to you”.
    God is good.

  • Cocoa

    This is so awesome it reminds me of 1995 when i was been experiencing so many challenges. While at work a friend of mine came by my work area and told me that God wanted her to pray with me because the devil was attacking me. She said we can pray on your next break or after work. I choose after work she came and we stood and prayed in agreement, after we prayed she said God her to tell me that i would receive peace from this day on. The next day while at work i went to the rest room which was in terminal B. When i came out of the terminal the bus drivers was looking really funny at my feet. When i looked down i seen by my feet a white bird, i reached down to pick it up and it let me. I had never seen a white bird but while holding it i immedialty knew it was a dove and that God had confirmed what she said to me. The white dove do represent the Holy Spirit and the fruit of His spirit is peace. I took the dove home found it a cage and keep it as a pet, he lived for 10 years and died in 2006. His name was mister mercy because God had mercy on me. It hurted me to see him go but it showed me how much God cared about me to send me a gift that symbolizes His peace. Therefore i truely believe your story and no it’s not a coincidence, it was God because He cares and love you very much.

  • tonja martin

    Wow!This story just reassures my faith in my LORD!!!!!HE is real.My father-in law passed away almost 20 years ago.I was dating his son,Jim at the time.I met this sweet man,at the hospital,on his death bed.When Jim introduced me to his father James,he was so weak,from the cancer had taken over his body,but he still looked up at me and patted the bed beside him,for me to sit here beside him.He looked up at me and said,”when I get out of here you&I will rent us a movie to watch&make us some popcorn”.I said,”sir,you have a deal.If Jim doesn,t like it thenhe can stay in the corner,to eat his popcorn!”His face lit up with a big smile and looked at his son&me andjust nodded.After the funeral was over,a few days later,we were all standing outside,probably about 50 or so of us,when all of a sudden a white dove appeared out of nowhere,and started walking the wooded railing on the deck,not being afraid of anything.All of us that was standing on the deck,froze in amazement.The dove walked over to me,like he wanted to show me something.I followed , to the other side of the deck,so close to it I could have touch it,when all of a sudden,the dove flew to the lower level,turned and looked at me and started pecking at the glass window below.Inside of the basement,beside a window,sat James barber chair over in the corner,by the window.I felt this unexplainable peace come over me.The dove once again came toward me,stopped,paused a moment,& flew straight towrad the son.My husbands mother looked upand said,”Jimmy,that was your dads way of telling us all He is fine,he,s just where he needs to be!,turning to me,smiling.I married James son,Jim or should I say,Jimmy? as all of his family calls him.GOD BLESS YOU!! Tonja Martin-Yancey

  • CLeo

    Beautiful, though I’m not religious in the conventional way, I do believe in small miracles and in signs sent to us by our guardians.
    Many years ago a pigeon appeared in an indoor courtyard adjacent to the bedroom where I was born, scarsely 15′ after my birth. This bird stayed with us for a number of years, she was tame but not very friendly, I must have been the only person she didn’t try to peck or chase away.
    I’ve always felt a kinship with animals and with birds. Seems coincidence or wishful thinking but whenever I’m in the depth of some despair over something that’s happened in my life birds suddenly appear nearby. I’ve found myself stopping the car by the side of some roads to stare at the falcons soaring at times when they aren’t usually around, same with owls. One particular night while walking my dogs and talking outloud to God about my misery, I overheard a screech owl. Fine, owls are out at night, but this one practically followed me home, about half mile away, screeching while flying close by. It was dark and I couldn’t see her, but suddenly I felt better, not alone or in despair anymore. One of my neighbors commented on the owl she heard around her house and the fact that, though she’s lived in this area for years, that was the first time she heard a screech owl so close to her home, screeching away for a long time.
    Perhaps all those are coincidences, but whenever something like this happens I feel an intense sense of inner peace.
    I choose to think that animals are guides and angels.

  • Dianne

    Thank you, Therese, for sharing such an uplifting and wonderful witness to the Holy Spirit to remind us he is always with us…I am touched!

  • Vanessa

    I read Dear God Come Holy Spirit and I was really touched by reading this. Although I am blessed to still have my father who is now 74 years old. God has been so good to me and I just can’t tell it all. I pray that God continue to keep him (both my parents) as long as He decides. I am a believer and I believe that God will give us a sign when He moves.

  • Janie Cloer Bossingham

    The stories that you share are so marvelous and I do understand their meaning completely. The Holy Spirit is real and I am so blessed that He is!
    The Holy Spirit is that same force that oftentimes; keeps me quiet when I would rather be saying what I am thinking. The one who never deserts us in our time of sorrow and our pain, is that same being.
    Wouldn’t we be totally lost, without the Spirit of our Lord to remind us in our daily walk, that He is there?
    Our Lord is constant, and He continues to love us even when we are not perfect. Pray for me, I have a story I would like to share, but right now; I have not the strength to tell it.
    Love in Christ,

  • Cheryl landes

    Janie…I am praying for you, and that the strength of Jesus Christ will see you though whatever is going on in your life. I would love to hear your story, I am a good listener. Please pray for me also as I do need to feel the love of Christ and his followers right now.
    Bless you.

  • Scott Smith

    I am at won of the lowest points right now in my life . I didnt understand why i must be suffering so much, what have i done to deserver all the pain , struggeles,and suffering thats happening to me. Then i read this story. I cryied some of releife, some for hope,I cant see how I’m going to make it out of this finacial situation that I’m in. I think I may be homeless soon, very soon, in days possibly , But I cant see what Gods plan is, This story gave me hope,and strenth to trust in God, he knows what im going through and some how some way it will workout for his good. I’m scared, and I have know one to talk to about it. So I’ll turn to Him, talk with Him, O how I wish I could hear him reply to me. Who ever may read this , Please pray for me, pray that God will increase my Faith, and learn to trust in Him, your brother in Christ Jesus, Scott E, Smith

  • Meghan

    That was a moving article. This is absolutely true: there are no coincidences. There is a synchronization to the order of the universe, and this comes to fruition in faith. I am grateful to God for His mysteries.

  • jeanette

    i know about financil burdens.Praise the LORD and GOD will see us THROUGH.

  • Mary Noll

    Please pray for me Im very very depressed and dont want to live anymore , im in great pain My husband left me in august 2007 we have only been married for 4 years im 48 he is 53 he tells me he is numb and i really think he is going through a mid life crisis, I have prayed and prayed for our marriage, What do i do Now ? leave him alone completely ? I just got a job i hate (retail) not enough money to live on. I dont feel important to anyone i dont have the money to go to college, I have twin boys in college and cant even help them. I feel so betrayed and rejected, I really trusted this man with my heart and now its broke, he is depressed , I dont even know him anymore, Please any advise and all prayers, thanks

  • J.P

    Wow of wow!!! As a prior Navy ICU corpsman whose been in a war where I saw many pass, survive, linger, and suffer to a civilian healthcare provider where I saw the same but under some wavering interpretation of HIS TRUTH. Going from this to working on Wall Street at the Bull, all my soul is allowed to hold so to give is……
    Ask and you shall recieve.
    Having not been risen in an enmeshed legalistic performance family, I have more of a passionate, direct and improvise schedule(thank God my wife is not). In light of that make-up, I was tricked to think my HOLY Spirit experiences were just my chemical/character composition. NOT….
    Ask and you shall recieve.
    I dare you all to nominalize, marginalize or deny the HOLY SPIRIT. In you downtrodden pages of your season, I happily support you to be alone(as Christ was) and pray(talk), worship(make up your own from you heart), read Matthew/Acts/proverbs..whatever NIV,KJV,NASB..heck kid’s bible and await/meditate for the HOLY SPIRIT to slip an answer which will make you a public testimony.
    I dare you to ask and you shall recieve. Fear the LORD is not fear of being unloved.
    Where was the first place the HOLY SPIRIT convicted JESUS to go? WHY?
    Love you all……….keep of journal of all the miracle or else your flame will flutter.

  • Daniel Murphy

    I just now read this story and I am going through one of the worst times in my life. This story has given me hope that God will take care of all the problems and turmoil in my life at this time. We are all his flock and he watches over us and will see us through the bad times and lead us to better times Amen

  • Mary Ann F. Burgess

    This article is like a Light to those people who are in darkness;Guidance to set an example to those who are loosen thier faith….and this article is “Awaking” like a balls of fire to every individual’s heart to make it burns back to life.As pain and sorrow tragedy in life,it was the “calls” for us to open our eyes and hearts see and fell,That he needs our attention, so that we can realize that were still alive…..and needs to attach to our Heavenly Father and give thanks for all the beautiful things he made for us….Only we can communicate to him with all our hearts and mind;Sad but true is in the Moment when were down and very low,and it’s hard to find “LIGHT” then His there and fell us His never ending Love and my brothers and sisters in Christ Always look the Sunrise and Sunset His there for Us……and the Dove is His Holy Spirit and this person who touch and shared to us his encounter he was felt the Glory of the Lord.And his a Lucky one….so we are too…God Bless and More Power to this site and people who made this so that God will known to our hearts and mind not in our downs,but also in our high-ups and success.

  • Dawn ~ Peaster, Texas

    Thank You so much for sharing this … It is always amazing how things come right when they are needed ! Isn’t our God AWESOME ?!?!?! I certainly hope and pray that things as this will begin to take place in my life too as I am also sometimes doubtful … of course, I can only attribute this to the enemy who tries to convince me to doubt, but thankfully, I have awesome church friends/family that help me to understand how to defeat the enemy when he sidetracks me … even for a moment !
    Again … Thank You … and may your life continue to be blessed as well as a blessing to others !

  • Rhonda

    It is a true blessing to see the way God works in our lives!

  • Kathy

    For Mary Noll….please be good to yourself. You are unique, you are important. Consider how special you are. You are God’s creation. Imagine him/her hugging you; lean your head on God’s shoulder. I ache for you because of my own trials; I don’t want to go into detail, because right now I am thinking only of you. You are in my prayers. The prayer that got me through some of my ‘moments’ is known as the Jesus Prayer. I must’ve uttered it thousands of times:
    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. Make haste to help me. Rescue me and save me. Do your will in my life.
    God bless!

  • Bobbi

    I received your email this morning, right after I finished praying asking God to guide me through the rough terrain. It’s amazing that just when I thought things were just going to go in circles until I understood what He was showing me…here is the email.
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story at a time I really needed. God is so good, that I share His word every chance I get.

  • Bill

    Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful testimony..THe experience is “real”..and “life changing”..May you continue to enoy your “flight” with “the Dove of Peace and Love…”

  • Erani

    Your story made me feel stronger. Thank you.
    I believe that our GOD is Cool, right!
    The story reminded me for the Words of God:
    “And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
    I hope we, as believers, can spread God’s love to everywhere we go, especially for those who not believe in God yet.
    God always bless you and your family!!

  • Brandy Miller

    I know this may seem strange, but every ounce of suffering that you are going through now is a blessing. It’s a sign of God’s favor and a true grace to be allowed to carry this small burden, this small cross, through this life so that you will not have to carry the burden which otherwise would have been your due in eternity. It is those He loves most who suffer most in this life – just think of Christ, Job, and Jacob. Remember: when we became Christian we agreed to pick up our crosses and carry them, and Christ does expect us to do just that. We are being allowed to carry just a small fragment of Christ’s tremendous burden when we suffer, and for our obedience we will be rewarded.

  • Myra

    My dear niece sent me this realizing how I would get lots of reinforcement from my faith filled reinforcement efforts that have been taking place for the last year.
    I too need to see those mini-signs to keep me grounded. But I feel very often that they may not be visible they are in my life through “gut feelings”. Our extended family seems to be going thru lots and lots of aging and health issues as of late and are praying for some White Doves in our lives to let us know that our attempts at intervention to help each other through these trials are the Godly things to do.
    Thanks for sharing this with your Auntie, Ife.
    Love you,
    Aunt Myra

  • blogman

    Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and know him. Faith isn’t some abstract quality we have to make the absurdity of believing in God somehow not so absurd. Faith is a willingness to simply believe that God is and He rewards those who seek him, at least that is what the writer of Hebrews said. I believe it.
    If you want to experience more of God, then step out to do things that require faith. Step out at work and do something for someone that communicates the truth that God loves them. The more you communicate God’s love to others, the more real God will become to you. If God becomes more real then so does Jesus and so does the Holy Spirit. The three are one.

  • Vera

    Thanks for sharing your miracle of the presence of The Holy Spirit when you needed comfort and affirmation. I am reading you letter on a day when I am struggling with the care of my elderly grandmother and aunt. I was feeling at my wits end so tired and overwelmed. You message reminded me that I need to stand steadfast in the Lord and do the work he has for me down on this earth with grace and thanksgiving. You reminded me to count my blessing and to know that God is always near and when you most need to hear from him you do. Just as I did today through you. Thank You and may God continue to Bless and keep you

  • Albert Gonzales

    I believe that this was a sign of comfort . Or maybe to strenthen
    the faith. Only God and Son Jesus knows the truth if I am wrong.
    This is really a touching story,that I beleave really happened.
    I know the great feeling of the Holy Spirit. It is the greated
    feeling that I have ever encountered. I thank God in Jesus name
    for everything. In the Holy Bible I red that some People wanted
    signs from above by God. It stated in the Holy Bible that no signs
    would be shown to Mankind. But now I too have seen signs that I
    believe to be from God Our creator. God can do whatever He wants.
    I do not ask Him why. I just thank Him. I believe that the Holy
    Spirit is also Our comforter . Jesus told the apostoles that He
    Had to leave them and Us and that He would leave Us something.
    He left Us His salvation and the Holy Spirit.
    We are more than conquerors thru Jesus Christ. Amen
    Thank You for Shareing this great true story.
    But above all I thank God and Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God Bless.
    Sincerely,Albert R.Gonzales

  • Mary Lynn Hayes

    I, too, believe in miracles! I enjoyed your note and your accompanying picture with the white dove!
    The dove is a Peaceful symbol, bar none!
    ~~ Mary Lynn Hayes

  • Wayne Haskett

    Dear children of the most high God, if you search for rainbows in the
    dark, then shadows of night will appear so stark; So search by day,
    in the the master’s way, He will lead you through your roughest days,
    and so we always give Him praise!!! These words of mine however won’t
    do anything but put a smile on your face, but if you read the words
    of Jesus, the Son of the Living God, ancient of of days, then you will
    have life eternal, if you do your best to live by His, (JESUS’) WORDS.
    bY a friend who cares, wayne.

  • Darvella

    Thank you for your story I can really relate to the part where you say you ask GOD for signs and wounders because I do the same thing and he always delivers. May GOD Bless you & your family Peace be with you.

  • Kathy Albin

    My father passed peacefully in his sleep ( only 7 months ago) the day after attending his 50 year class reunion…which ironically was only seven miles where he was born and raised and experienced tremendous grief and abuse.
    I had been experiencing some incredible hardships in my life just prior to his sudden death, yet after a “spiritual awakening” only 1 day after his death, I felt this intense urge to travel 600 miles to the place of his birth and his death.
    I left my two young children with my husband and drove to the destination where I walked in the exact places my Dad had been only 3 weeks prior. After 2 days (and a feeling of “why did I think I needed to do this again? feeling was setting in,)I decided to make one “last trip” through the local cemetary where many of his family members were laid to rest and which, by the way, was the most tranquil place I had ever been after my recent renewal of faith…maybe ever, I began praying out loud for the first time in my life. I begged for understanding and a continued strength to go on. As I spoke,I suddenly heard a noise. I looked up to see 2 bucks standing 20 feet from me…startled they ran. I called everyone in my immediate family to share this miracle, for deer and wildlife in general were my fathers favorite! My family said “there was your sign you were hoping for!” I began talking out loud again, thanking the Holy Spirit for providing me with yet another awesome example of why I needed to continue to believe… only to look up and see that one of the bucks returned, stood and stared at me for several minutes while I was able to take its picture and again give praise!! Thank you for the reminder today, as once again I am struggling to have faith and continue on in my journey!

  • kathleen

    Wow incredable stories of faith and just what I need to read. I am speachless and need lots of kleenex

  • Patriese

    I had a similar experience. I had just read an email sent to me from beliefnet about a woman asking for a sign from got and it was presented in a rose.
    That very moment I asked God for a sign that he had heard my prayer and that the answer was on it’s way.
    I left home to go to the pharmacy and lo and behold in the middle of the busy roadway was a bouquet of flowers, which some one had thrown out and had been driven over by vehicles and the only thing left untouched was a beautiful rose which I took home and placed in a vase.

  • Diane O’Hara

    Wow, that was an awesome story. I have been through so much in my life I feel like doubting Thomas also. Both of my parents have passed, my daughter is a homosexual and there is family toil (siblings). I wish I could get a sign that things would be fine for me.
    God bless you.

  • Robert Johnson

    The power of the Holy Spirit is incredible; he will heal you in your time of strife. God Bless Sarah Higdon, my deceased daughter.

  • Emerald

    Thank you for sharing. I believe what you have written. It has never been my experience to have a dove as we know in this life ascend upon my forehead. However, a husband-wife ministry team once visited a church I attended. When they approached the podium, the husband said the words: “Holy Ghost”. When he did, I saw a white dove leave his mouth and land on my forehead. It had to be a spiritual thing, because no one seemed to notice except myself. At that point, I sat down for reasons unknown by me, because there was no pressure. After standing up, the angels began to tell me about an ailment the lady next to me had. As I looked at this woman, she was praying very sincerely. The angels told me exactly where the problem was. They kept telling me until I leaned over and asked the lady if she had the problem, I never told her what had been communicated to me. Then, I was instructed to pray for her. Thank you for sharing, and giving me the opportunity to relate what happened to me. May your love for God continue to comfort you.

  • Wanda Washington

    Prior to my recommitment to Christ,which was 9 years ago,my father
    being very ill at the time.I would go outside to grieve as not to cause amymore pain than he was already experincing.While grieving for him or maybe for myself.I was under a pecan tree in our front yard, a group of about 18 to 20 squirrels gather in the tree above my head. The squirrels began pulling the pecans for the tree and throwing them at me. As if to say don’t cry he is on his way to a better place.A place of no more pain or sorrow, no more tears or sickness.
    You see my father was a man who had also changed his life. I loved my father dearly he was my best friend at a time when I seemed unlovable my father never gave up on me. So much more had Jesus not given up on me or him. Recently I lost my 21 year old daughter. We had prayed for her in church that Sunday morning,little did I imagine she would be dead that night. At 5am Monday morning the Holy Spirit,let it be known “the devil had been defeated”. I quess now I have even more of a reason to keep on fighting. God,Jesus,the Holy Spirit and family.

  • Kathryn

    I have had “signs” of things before and after they happened. The events that took place after my mom’s death are mysterious, but spiritual to me and my family. My mom was a lover of birds. She’d feed by hand all the birds in her yard every day. Within days after her funeral, we had a group of birds that congregated on the ledge of our family room’s large window. Some were pecking the glass as if they wanted in. Mother died in September, and that Christmas we experienced a bird entering the room along with my son. We watched as the bird circled the tree and sat atop on the angel. When we opened the door to entice it to leave, it immediately headed for the door and out. To this day, I believe the significance of the birds is related to my mom. Also, every night when I’d go to bed, in my prayers, I asked God to show me that my mom was ok(Heaven-bound). I had to know, and struggled with this for months, faithfully petitioning the Lord nightly to give me some sign. Then, one night, I witnessed a miracle. There were and will be naysayers about this wonderful but scary happening. This one night my answer was delivered. I remember that I sensed I was traveling in darkness, and then like I was taken so fast around bends that upon awakening reminded me of cosmetic counters in a large department store. I remember coming fast around a bend, and there was my mother’s face. I only saw her face for a split second. Then suddenly, I was back in bed. The next thing I saw was an icy, bright white figure at the foot of my feet. It was glimmering and so bright. I watched as it moved around my bed to exit through the window. Then I awoke. It was early morning. To this day, I can’t explain what took place. I do know that it was God’s way of showing me that all was well with my mother. I’ve never asked the Lord about my mother again. I just know that this experience was real and I was left peaceful and satisfied. If anyone can tell me your interpretation of this miracle, please post your comments here.

  • dena

    Those are both awesome stories, and I was recently at the bedside of a friend who was dying of complications related to his alcohol/drug addictions. He was not very old, only fifty, and had been suffering a great deal for many years. My 7 year old daughter was with me, and I told her how neat it was that Dan was about to see God! We both felt in awe of that … I also told her a band of angels would come and take him to Heaven. Sure enough, Dan’s brother told me the day Dan died he said his room was filled with friends that only he could see! Only then did he agree to move on spiritually, at long last…
    I work in a Catholic homeless shelter twice a week, and every morning before we begin our work, we read the weekly gospel and reflect as a group on our feelings and thoughts. I felt very quiet this time, after again hearing the story of Jesus’ baptism. Yet,I kept thinking that Jesus and St. John the Baptist were cousins, and most likely very close. They had greeted one another as infants in the womb. Therefore, the image of these two men doing their Divine work together, in cooperation with one another, soothing and healing one another, is powerful to say the least.
    Sitting there with my awesome group of Catholic workers I fell into silence. I honestly couldn’t speak, experiencing the incredible beauty of that moment. I kept saying, though, “God, I want to share my thoughts.” And God kept saying, you will have a chance to later. So, here they are..
    love to all, Dena

  • Betty Johnson

    I’m here in the SaintLouis mo needing afriend idont have enough time to chat

  • Sylvia Arousa

    Hello at there;
    my name is sylvia
    i need help with my life its so confussed right now!
    i beliebe in god . and i am try to live is life but its not easy
    i feel like i a misfits to life

  • Deanne

    Hi to all that might read this,
    Praise to God, my heavenly father!!!!! I am heading to the St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton Calif. to see a very special friend of mine who recently (Sun. 1-13-08)at 1:00 in the morning had a stroke right in front of my eyes. He was only 40 years old and joking with me about going camping in the spring, when he awoke from a short nap in my room and was paralyzed on his right side. I was frozen with fear and didn’t know how to react because he had been at a friend’s house drinking beer before coming to see me. My mind was racing with various scenirios of what would be causing my perfectly normal friend to be acting in such a weird manner.
    Was I so naive, that I didn’t know he was a drug addict who was actually overdosing in front of me, or had he just taken too many advil cold pills and was now having a seizure??? I didn’t know, but I knew he needed medical attention…. I called 911 and got him to the hospital. He was “out of it” for 3 days and is now in a regular hospital room. Praise God he knows me and doesn’t want me to leave when visiting hours are over. He is still very paralyzed on his whole right side, but we can help him recover from that. I’m so glad God has given him a second chance in life, even if he and I had to go through something like this to make us realize we need to change our “old” habits and become like “HIM” if we truly want to be happpy in this life. I am more scared in my life right now than I have ever been, but I know God is with me each and every day and I know he has a plan for both of our lives if we just trust in him and seek his guidance in every part of our lives. I’m waiting for a sign of peace, but I already know God is with us every moment of every day, if we just believe!!!!! Thank-you God for your everlasting love.

  • tisa

    Hey Sylvia, I too sometimes get confused, I think we all do.I may not have all of the answers but I know someone who does if you don’t know him his name is Jesus. All you have to do is invite him in to your heart. Just say the foolwing: Juesus I believe that you are the son of God and thsat you died on the cross for my sins, come into my heart right now, save me and I give my life to you right now.Amen. If you sya this prayer and truely belive it youy are saved. Some say feel different right then and there. I cansay that evevn if you can’t see an immediate change,beleve me you have been.You can go to God with all of your problems, just pour your heart out like you’re talkingnto your best friend and ask him for help and he’ll do it.
    I’ll pray for you as well.

  • Lauri

    Sylvia, You’re not the only one that gets confused. I was raised in a Christian family. I went to Sunday school. Heck, my maternal grandfather was a minister. I’ve asked Jesus to come into my heart and life many, many times. I still get worried and frightened and have doubts about my faith. Not all the time, just sometimes. Maybe it’s childish, but I have to believe there is someone out there that is bigger…greater than us. Jesus loves me when I can’t love myself. He has picked me up when my strength failed. Jesus loves you too. He also has really long arms. Reach out, He will reach back.

  • MS.G

    People remember that God son Jesus died for all of our sins. We need to remember that we are here for so long and that he has the last word on any of our lives! You have to constantly pray and read the Bible to truly stay connected with our Lord Jesus. Please read, 1Timothy:Chapter4:1-16 God Bless You All

  • Bernadette

    Dear God, please come Holy Spirit to my house and heal my mind.
    For I’ve had not-to-Holy thoughts lately. And you already know what they’ve been. Ever since the economy went down in the dumps and “Pres.” Bush was on television this past Monday–all I could think of was this to make money: to bake several paper mache’ doll heads of bush, glue them on a stick body w/a pin cushion for the stomach and sell them on ebay, “Buy your Bush Voodoo doll today” and also sell a “ju-ju” charm figures for people to win luck on this draining economy, which what I and WE all must do is actually literally PRAY. Not only rejoice in the Holy Spirit for all the good that IS here today, but be grateful for what we each have in our lives, and pray for those who have it worse, pray for improvements on all levels in each persons life that is.
    Please God forgive me for any and all unholy or angry thoughts from this past week. sigh. Things’ll get better :0)

  • Anonymous

    If you really read your bible you will find that the churches now are being run my Satan,God used the churched to get out the gospel but even then there were those who were not saved in the church,just read rev. chap 7 and read about themm.M

  • Your Name

    Should a woman stay in a marriage where she is emotionally abused and where there are threats of physical violence? Is this acceptable to God?What should she do?

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