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Beyond Blue

Alternative Medicine Day!

I realize that I don’t write enough about alternative therapies. That’s because, as I mentioned in “My Holistic Approach to Depression” post I am overcoming some resentment issues with those Tom Cruise-ish persons in my life that preached alternative medicine to REPLACE traditional medicine. While that works well for some people, and I’m by no means against it if it works for you, it didn’t work for me. HOWEVER, I do use several alternative therapies in my recovery program, in addition to my meds. I discuss some of them today.

  • Larry Parker

    All these ideas are wonderful, along the theory of “sound body, sound mind.” I practice a few, and anyone who gets comfort from other similar activities gets my hearty two thumbs up.
    But yes, Mr. Top Gun, we still need to take our pills.

  • Steve C.

    The World is a mess. Humanity is a mess.
    I get it. I get it. I REALLY GET IT.
    What is a keenly aware, highly sensitive person to do?
    I must be strong, I must be strong, I must be strong
    I listen to positive affirmations on CDs every day
    It’s the best news and the best help I get every day
    I put the positive thoughts in
    I force the negative thoughts out
    Good thoughts, good food, good books, good music
    Good Friends, Fill my cup until it runneth over
    I can be strong, I can be strong, I can be strong
    Take care of yourself,
    –If you’re not well, see a doctor
    –If you can’t tell, see a doctor
    Take care of yourself,
    –Find a good support group, on-line or local
    Take care of yourself
    –Build strength, hope, and resilience every day
    Don’t let the judgmental people of this world defeat you
    There is help, there is hope, there is a better tomorrow
    Not everyone can be cured of any disease
    Not everyone can be returned to perfect health
    The majority of us must help ourselves
    A brand new outlook brings a brand new day
    It works for me and it’s worth the effort
    “A life-threatening disease does not mean giving up. It means starting a new path to recovery and discovering within yourself the ability to fight back and win.”
    –Bob Perks

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Steve C: Thank you for sharing the mantra accredited to Bob Perks. I too believe in affirming ourselves, and always taught my grade school students to do so daily as well. and amen to “…the majority of us must help ourselves, A brand new outlook brings a brand new day.” true words, but not always easy to create that brand new outlook!(but hwy! whoever said life would be EASY,huh? As much as I miss and loved my late mother, I do wish she hadn’t taught me that life was fair; “Do the right things and everything will work out.” At least she didn’t compound that fallicy with saying life would also be easy!

  • Dee

    Hi- I didn’t see the details on which alternative medicines you’ve used…did I miss it?

  • Lynne

    Life ain’t fair…Life ain’t easy…Life sometimes makes me queezy. TV Preachers can be cheesy…Who’s to blame? Something’s wrong with this picture…Same old song…when it kicks yer where you live…What a shame! ( sorry a bit of self indulgence here)

  • Eileen

    Therese, I am whole heartedly in agreement with you in using meds. that are needed and also incorporating alternative therapies as well. I am hoping that after my Docs. visit tomorrow on my depression that I will have gained a new perspective or outlook on life (atleast discussing my options with her) after having been to hell and back not wanting to live as each day passes! However! I am pleased that I can see her tomorrow and know that with each passing day that I will be here on God’s green earth as I feel the need strongly to celebrate my good ol nationality of Irish! Which means come St.Pattys Day I hope to be dancing the jig if all goes well….. Thanks to the ones who write on this site that TRULY TRULY UNDERSTAND DEPRESSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Greeneyez (Eileen)

  • Lynne

    How about this as a word of advice…Thou Shalt Leave No Stone Unturned. Over the top? Maybe, but as a good friend once told me “Sometimes you have to be willing to look in the most unlikely places too.” Trust me I DO understand depression. If it were’nt for my sense of humour I’d run screaming into traffic! That has been God’s most valuable gift to me. Though I must admit somedays I find myself screaming ” If you never put more on me than I can take…why don’t you prove it!?!?”

  • Eileen

    Yes, Lynne, I hear you… I too before my surgery ( total abdominal hysterectomy with a large Tumor also) was always thriving on laughter and ppl that I either made laugh or they made me laugh,,, but since that d…. surgery that was not elective by choice…. I fell to pieces becoming a totally different person… a recluse, anti social, and couldnt look past each day… I know YOU know what I am going through and Thank God for ppl like you and the others that shed some light on this subject… Its a feeling of not being alone anymore…My partner of 3 years is quite supportive in any help thats given to me, whether it be advice, a caring comment or simple laugh that I can tell her someone made me laugh about…I was brought up Irish Catholic, although I must confess I am not a practicing Catholic, meaning I dont go to church, My partner and I are looking to go to a Unitarian Church or a UCC church where they welcome all lifestyles. Keep your Humor Lynne,, it helps me…. ALOT!!
    Greeneyez (Eileen)

  • sam8124

    I am hoping that after my Docs. visit tomorrow on my depression that I will have gained a new perspective or outlook on life (at least discussing my options with her) after having been to hell and back not wanting to live as each day passes.
    Holistic Rehab

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  • reviews

    Pretty well said..


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