Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

My Saving Grace Moment

Also fitting for Advent, is the “Saving Grace” moment in my life: that specific point in my past in which I took inventory and made a few changes.
I describe it in a blog post I wrote last year this time, “Gabriel and Directions.” Click here if you want to read it.

  • Frank

    Mornin’ All,
    I just read ‘Gabriel and Directions’ and thought about a Saving Grace moment from my life. It was another angel, named David. He wasn’t the prettiest angel to come down the pike. He was bald like an old timey Friar Tuck and had more hair growing from the tops and insides of his ears than on his head. He had a big belly and a rather brusque manner that made me want to keep my distance. But he ministered to me when I needed it most. I’ve thanked him enough and I’ve told others of the grace I received when I was surely at low ebb.
    Today, I want to reinvent myself. Oh, sure, I want to be hale and hearty and healthy enough to be a poster boy for the ‘Recovered Soul’. But what I really want to be is the guy who takes what David did for me and recycle it and give it away, as many times as I’ve told the story. It will mean putting self a little bit lower in the food chain -which won’t hurt my waistline – and putting others a notch or two higher. It’s not a New Year’s Resolution but it might be an idea whose time has come.
    Thank you, T. I applaud the way your insights keep me thinking.

  • Cully

    Saving Grace Moments – wow, what a wonderful thing to remember.
    When I was 14, my mom and I took the bus from Los Angeles to Detroit. On the bus was this man. His mother had come out to California from New Jersy to travel back home with him. He had been in California in a “rest home” because he had tried to kill himself after his wife left him. Looking back on this I realized that it was pretty unusual for a grown-up to be this candid with a child – a stranger no less. He told me how much his wife leaving him had hurt and how much he still loved her. His mother didn’t want him to talk about his wife and really didn’t want to hear that he still loved her. I remember him smiling and saying, “Mamma, love is love. It’s not a faucet you turn on and off”, which was exactly what I had said when I was younger (younger than 14!! could that have ever been?!) to my Mom about Love in general. My Mom heard him and she and I looked at eachother and smiled. His name was Joe. I’ll never forget him, that trip, or the feeling of being loved by my Mom.

  • Wisdum

    Yeah! I had a bunch of them thar moments. The first was when I was a kid running crazy through the YMCA, screaming and hollering! This angel guy grabs me by the shoulder and stops me dead in my tracks, and says “What do you think your doing?” and bein the smart-a** that I was (even at that age)I replied “I having fun, Why?” … “You could hurt yourself like that! What’s your name?” … “Mat” … “My names is Mat too. All Mat’s are good men !” … (Dam! Why’d he have to tell me that. Screwed up my whole Life!) But wait it gets worse, my son comes up to me one day and asks “Do you know what your name means?”… “Uhhh, No” … “Gift from God!” … “Dam! Why’d you have to tell me that!” … And then, this A.Frenda Meine (who I like to think/hope is the Holy Spirit) tells me “Your job is to lift people up, not put anybody down!” … “Dam! Why’d you have to tell me that !” It’s a b**** being good!
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Anonymous

    PMS -Post Mat Script
    Anybody know how to go about changing your name !
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Cully

    re my comment and remembering Saving Grace moments – each and every time you remember them, it’s another Saving Grace Moment! How very lovely, eh?

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Wisdum: Chabging your name is a different process from state to state, but it’s generally fairly easy. It requires petitioning the court (You needb’t hire a lawyer, but you can. There are generally forms from your state government availble on line that are easy to follow) There’s a nominal filing fee,($25.00 here in michigan) a brief court appearance where the jusge rules (usualy granting unless you’ve chosen an offensive or famous new name and then the HARD part–getting all of your I.D.s, bank accounts etc. transferred into your new name. Wallah! You have a new name and the headache of convincing all of the buereaucrats in your life that you really ARE entitled to that savings account/creditcard/driver’s license’college diploma and the like. Sure hope you don’t plan to change your nickname; i’ve grown kind of fond of it!

  • Anonymous

    Re – Margaret Balyeat | December 4, 2007 7:25 PM
    That’s sounds Way too complicated for a simpleton like me! Besides, too many people know who I am and what I believe, even if I am a pain in the asp, and I got all these business cards with my name on them. I guess I’ll stick with all my nicknames too…I really like “The Toothless Old Fool On The Hill” (soon to be “The Bald Toothless Old Fool On The Hill”, oh well, nobody’s perfect!)
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Larry Parker

    You are blessed more than you know.
    No matter that you know nothing of earthly road maps. You seem to recognize the most important ones.
    Now, I have always been a geographic whiz. I literally started getting National Geographic when I was 5 and have continued it for the last 33 (!!!) years. I was the navigator when my mother, my sister and I drove from Florida to New Jersey — at age 7.
    But those maps that G-d is providing … I can’t even find the map, let alone how to navigate it :-(

  • Anonymous

    Re -Larry Parker | December 4, 2007 10:36 PM
    But those maps that G-d is providing … I can’t even find the map, let alone how to navigate it :-(
    ** It easy, actually, just walk in Yeshuah’s shoes (but be careful, we ALL know where that path that led too … dam! … maybe that’s the problem … we ALL need to walk in our own shoes … His path was not our path! … Thanks for the directions Pops!)
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Margaret Balyeat

    We All know why adolexecent (and older boys subscribe to NG; you aren’t fooling anyone but yourself (though perhaps five was a bit early to start) B I have always, like, t (biG, SURPRISE… been geographically challanged.” My late father used to say (And on THIS subject he was 100% correct despite his tendancy to put me down) that if you blindfolded me, put me in front of our house, turned me around three times and then removed the blindfold I wouldn’t be able to find my way home! One of my younger sisters is able to easily determine cardinal directions wherever she may be; I know only that Lake Michigan is to my west, so must figure it from there and if I can’t visualize where the Lake is in relation to my present location, all is lost! I’m a LITTLE btter than I used to be thanks to the necessirty of teaching map skills to my students (the surest way to determine if you know something is to try to teach it to someone else)over the years, but I still wouldn’t dare be a contestent on the reality show about racing from location to location to find the treasure! I CAN follow a map or written directions, but only if I’m told to turn right or left as opposed to east, west, north or south. For me spiritual maps are clearer. If my action will glorify God, it’s the cottect way to go; if it will hurt the cause or a fellow human being, turn arund FAST!
    wISDUM: It honestlt isn’t hard to change your namr, the HARD part is getting it recognized nt various bureauacracies which have some influence over our lives. And sorry, i’ve read too many of your posts to accept the “simpleton or “fool on the hill” business; “Wisdum” is MUCH more apt as I believe i’ve mentioned before. And like it or not, your wise words HAVE been a “gift from God” to many of us here on B.B. and, I suspect, in your other interactions with others in your life, so don’t fight it!

  • Larry Parker

    Hey, my parents subscribed for me, Margaret.
    And besides, NG only does topless, not full frontal ;-P

  • Linda

    Could someone please tell me where someone with liver damage that
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    insurance? Someone dear to me is in this situation and has agreed
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    not have insurance. Without the help of detox he will die! People
    who wish to change should not be thrown away because they do not
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    that can help him? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    May your life be filled with peace! Lin

  • Thelma Malone

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