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  • Larry Parker

    Yeah, and where’s that “old tophat they found”?!

  • Nancy

    T – that’s one of my favorites. I’m glad you posted it.
    Nancy L.

  • Patricia B.

    And where’s the corn cob pipe?…..and what’s in it anyways??

  • Cully

    You know, this is one of the healthiest places on the internet I’ve been around in years! I used to go to another Bnet blog that is supposed to be spiritual and all love and light (blah blah blah) and well… on Thursday it hit me that it was a very angry, judgmental, and disdainful place – not healthy at all and I was done with it and the people on it (I will miss a lovely sweet woman named Michelle but…).
    I slept like a baby since Thursday night (rather than waking up every 2 or 3 hours worried about what was/is going on, on that blog). Everyday when I come to BB or the BB Group I know that I will see and share in love and compassion and support…
    i have no idea why a snow man picking his nose should prompt me to write about this but i am going to accept that it is part of a larger plan (oh brother!!)

  • Wisdum

    That was hysterical (and as quick as I think I am, that took a little while for me to catch !) A lot of the other posts, reminds me of Arlo Guthrie’s “Pause For Mr. Clause” (see
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Nancy

    Cully – I know, isn’t it great here!! It’s like meeting up with really good friends. There are times to be serious and times to be silly; however, the most important aspect is that this place of “Beyond Blue” remain a sacred, safe place; where we can all come as we are, be who we are, where we are and know that it is a place of kindness, warmth and love.
    Why not write about the snowman picking his nose! I had fun forwarding it to Therese, and then when she told me that she was going to use it, I couldn’t stop smiliing.
    This is a site to treasure.
    Nancy L.

  • Larry Parker

    Patricia B.:
    Cully and Nancy L.:
    Yes, the emotional SAFETY and security is so important.
    Therese may set the tone, but you both make your own contributions as well :-)
    Happy New Year, all!

  • Margaret Balyeat

    And just where ELSE would frosty pick(as in select) his nose but the produce department? took me a while to get it, but at least I’m not asking for an explanation for dummies this time!

  • Margaret Balyeat

    i’m still embarrassed that I ( violated that safety shield with Nancy(fnjw.c) last weekalbeitunintentionally) I’m truly trying to make that my second resolution for 2008; to choose my words carefully and not project my own feelings onto someone else.(No.One isstill learning to love myself so that I can “love my neighbors as myself! i’ve already started working on that one by posting things around my apartment to catch my eye and remind myself as I go about my day and urilizing one of Jack cambell’s suggestions(yes, I found my tapes) to look myself in the mirror every night and tell myself ‘I love you” then list some of the reasons why. It’s hard to do; I feel sort of silly, but if it will help, i’ll put myself through it religiously.

  • Nancy

    Margaret –
    2 things –
    #1 – you had me laughing with “explanation for dummies” – only because I identify and sometimes have to read things on these posts several times to “get it”
    and more importantly……..
    #2 – Please, please, please do not beat yourself up about that post. We worked through it really well. I thought about it yesterday and read everything to my husband to show him how well we worked through it all. He was impressed with our dialogue, and I believe that we both learned from the process in our own areas, and we did it without the help of a therapist to walk us through. I really think it turned out to be a win/win situation.
    Loving ourselves – isn’t that a tough one. My husband tells me that I would never (any longer) allow people to treat me the way I treat myself at times; particularly since I’ve been so ill. It’s a hard habit to break, but it’s self-destructive. So, Margaret, I too am “working” at more self care, which we know is totally different from selfishness.
    Let’s say that we’re ending 2007 on a wonderful note of peace and the belief that the best is yet to come.
    Love, Nancy

  • Cully

    Let’s say that we’re ending 2007 on a wonderful note of peace and the belief that the best is yet to come.
    Posted by: Nancy | December 31, 2007 12:26 PM
    AMEN!! (said with a BIG smile)
    love, hugz, and Blessings!!

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Once again your graciousness overwhelmsme. You evidently picked up the fact that “beating up on myself” is one of the things I do best! (If it was a sport, i’d be professional; probably named MVP! I truly lke your ending the year thought; i’m going ri print it and post it in aouple of places along with y “learning to love me” affirmations!)

  • Larry Parker

    When I talked about Nancy L. believing in “emotional security,” I didn’t mean to exclude you.
    I think you both did a great job to settle your recent dispute so quickly. As you probably know, when I’ve gotten into rows on BB (not so much recently, fortunately), I haven’t always settled them quickly …
    Must be the testosterone ;-P
    Happy New Year!

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