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The Best and Worst Christmas

Patton Dodd, Beliefnet’s Christianity Editor, is compiling best and worst Christmas stories on a Beliefnet Community page (click here).
It got me thinking about mine …
My best Christmas was the first year that my dad and mom were separated–I was in sixth grade–and my dad came over after Christmas Eve mass and gave my mom a beautiful diamond necklace, which I thought meant that they were getting back together. My worst Christmas was the year after, when I realized they weren’t.
Tell me about your best and worst Christmas. Or post your stories on Patton’s page.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    My best Christmas was my son’r first Christmas. It was so much fun to think of ways to try to establish our own traditions. (Christmas is my favorite holiday.) My worst Christmas was the one which followed my marriage. since my father refused at first to accept my husband because of the difference in his racial makeup, we weren’t invited to the family gathering that year. (Fortunately that changed as years went by.) Although my sisters, my mother and I all plannd a second celebration amongst ourselves, it wasn’t the same and it didn’t keep me from feeling left out on the actual day and I found myself yearning to be a part of my birth family’s traditional Christmasin spte of my love for my husband and our boys.(One his, one mine, no “ours”)

  • Wisdum

    I went by this one a lot of times, and had some problems responding to it. I know there were many happy Merry Christmass gatherings in my Life, but I can’t think of a bad one. That is not to say there wasn’t one, but perhaps I just struck it from my memory banks (which I suspect is very likely, I’m not one for dwelling on crap in my Life!)
    There were many times I got into the whole thing of whether or not there is a Santa Clause, but there has alWays been a logical explanation that satisfied me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that stupid, not to realize that it was friends and family that bought the gifts, but there were a whole world of other gifts, that did not come from and were not bought by anyone.
    I still believe in Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny also! It’s very simple for me, they are spirits! Santa is the Spirit of Giving, and you all know that is true, because every year around this time, the whole world over, people are filled with the Spirit of Giving, and that indeed happens all over the world in just one night!
    The Easter Bunny is the Spirit of New Birth, and you know that spirit is hard at work every Spring! There is stuff sprouting all over the place, and I would bet that there are more babies born then, than at any other time of the year…world wide! You go Bunny !
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Nancy

    My best X-mas was when my father, saving money on his own, gave each of us kids (3 of us) his own special gifts that he picked out.
    I have no memory of what my brothers got but I had wanted this black rabbit fur short coat that cost $50.00. That X-mas I opened a box containing that coat and, thinking my mom picked it out, thanked both of them.
    My mom quickly corrected me and informed me that dad picked it out and it was with his own money he bought it.
    To this day I still own that coat and once a year I put it on even though my father has been gone 21 years this past October.
    May all people have at least one special X-mas memory from their parents.

  • Nancy

    wow – so we obviously have two Nancys posting to you Therese. That’s enough to make you crazy in and of itself. I’m reading the comments, and I see it’s from “Nancy” and I think that’s not me, I didn’t write this.
    Gee – there are more than one Nancys in the world with mental illness? Lucky you Therese, that we found you.
    At least I hope that’s another Nancy and I haven’t hit the lottery on acquiring an additional mental illness of writing different family and life histories to you.
    I guess I’ll sign off from now on as Nancy L. or Nancy from NJ… or Nancy who’s nuts……. something to clarify it, even if just for myself!!

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Re: Nancy from NJ:
    Given the statisticas in terms of the phenomenal number of individuals who have mental illness, i’m sure there are MORE than two Nancy’s who are afflicted. I do appreciate your clarification though, as I was reading the other Nancy’s post assuming it was from you, the Nancy I’ve come to see as a friend here on B.B., the Nancy who’s so generous about sharing her personal experiences and is so giving in her responses to others, the Nancy who more than once has touched mt heart and soul with her words of validation. So, “New Nancy, be advsed that you have a lot to live up ro here if you’re planning on joining us “regulars.” because I’m sure i’mnot the only one with an affinity for her.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    RE:Wisdum’s spirits. Thank you for sharing that insight; it’s the best explanation for Santa that i’ve ever heard! i’ve heard him described as a spirit of course, buy never with such well-explained detail.It’s funny. finding out there was no “real Santa is one of my most poignany childhood memories (Probably less so for the cousin who received a punch in the face for daring to suggest such a thing!) I was both devastated and feeling stupid (How long had EVERYONE ELSE known?) Then I felt quite grown up when I was included in the guardianship of mt younger sisters’ belief.

  • Nancy

    Margaret – your comment is so touching and very sweet. Of course I do not feel as though I live up to the accolades you so kindly send my way.
    Nancy L. who’s nuts from NJ

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